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Women on the American Frontier

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            Throughout the centuries, the social niche of women has changed drastically. Along with the continuous changes in the different aspects of the society, the changing and significant role of women could also be gleaned equally important. Contrary to the meek and inferior stereotype of women, the women have played a very crucial and important part toward the achievement of social change—revolution, that is.

            American history would prove that the social roles of women could not be belittled. In the book, Women on the American Frontier, written by William Fowler, the highlights and milestones that the women contributed in the social development of America were related. The author basically featured the “unnamed heroines” who took part during the earlier battles. The author presented historical accounts to provide a bigger picture of what happened during battles and the participation of women in claiming victories. The author presented his points through a string of narratives, descriptions, and also, interpretations. The book appears to be intended to be read by women for them to be further empowered.

            The author was effective in presenting the different roles that the American women of the 19th century played during battles that are deemed important in the history of America. The book also featured true-to-life stories of those women who participated in battles and experienced the hardships of claiming revolution.

            The main thesis of the book was that women were one of the greatest assets of the American history given their role and participation during the earlier wars that America was involved.

            I would like to agree with the author’s claim that the American women of the 19th century should be heeded and applauded for they were active participants in the different battles that spelled either success or failure on the side of the America. Those women did not fear to bet their own lives just to help achieve a victory that the America deserved.

            The book explored the multi-faceted abilities of women—from being the warriors themselves, they also served as the “nurses” of the army men who got hurt during battles and wars. The words of the author were carefully chosen to effectively convey the message that he was trying to send to his intended readers.

            Although the topic seemed to be a cliché, I would like to applaud the author for presenting another perspective or aspect of the role of women in the American history. The work was an additional means towards the empowerment of American women. It is worth noting that author had an effort to present anecdotes for further explanation of his points. The book would actually serve as an eye-opener on how much we owe our freedom to the women of our land. More than a self-congratulation, the work was actually a form of gratitude to the women who have played an enormous role in the American history.

            The book is of great importance in the exploration of the American history. Given that the most number of available literature on American history usually focus on the roles of men in the battles and wars that the America was involve, the book could actually play as an excellent supplement in studying the American history—because it gives herstory—a different point of view.


Fowler, William. Women on the American Frontier. Hartford: S.S. Scranton and Company, 2004.

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