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Why Does Britain Want An Empire Homework

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An Empire is a group of countries that are all controlled by one country. Britain started forming an Empire in 1743 in the Renaissance period. Britain decided they wanted an empire so they could rule for four sub-reasons; these are Exploration, Economic, Social, and of course Power. During the time of the empire countries such as Australia, India, South America and America.

The first reason why Britain wanted an empire is Exploration. James Cook claimed Australia in the name of the British government. This source tells us that sailors like James Cook were sent on voyages to claim land. Therefore this makes me link it to power because if Britain claimed more countries they would be able to expand the economy, trade and gain lots of extra power for the Empire. Christian missionaries wanted to educate people who didn’t know anything about the Christian god. This suggests that the British wanted to explain and teach the people in the new worlds about god. This links to social as if the British are expanding the Christian religion then the British are ultimately changing a social factor of an Empire. This means Exploration is a benefactor of Britain wanting to become an Empire because it would lead to a more advanced, safer environment and help with power, economical, and social control.

The second reason why Britain wanted an empire is Economical. Wool and gold were successfully exported from Australia. This tells us that during the British Empire trade was very successful which would have resulted in more power from trade and connections around the globe. This would have contributed to why Britain ruled over ÂĽ of the globe.

This source links to social and power because the trade would affect dominance and people’s lives. The east India Trade Company (EITC as I may write) was formed. This tells us Britain wanted to expand the economic value of their country and Empire. Also if you trade with lots of countries you have more contacts in case of a war or uprising. This links to social because this would affect lots of lives in India, power because people would need strength to run the EITC because of the amount of people that would be working for them. This links to economic further because if you trade you expand the economy.

The Third reason why Britain wanted an empire is social.
Britain’s prisons were so full the government needed somewhere for criminals. This implies that the crime rate has increased and if the crime rate increases then more people will be in need of financial support. This links to exploration because the British government would have a place to ship criminals too and free up space in British prisons for more serious criminals. Christian missionaries wanted to educate people who didn’t know anything about the Christian god and they sponsored the sailors on the voyages to the new lands. This implies that the Christians had strong perseverance for finding places that they could spread Christianity to. This links with power because if the Cristian religion is spreading Britain can take over certain countries easily.

The last reason why Britain wanted and Empire is power.
Britain took over areas of India using force. This tells us the British were willing to use brute strength to conquer India into their Empire. This links to social because it affected lots of lives not only in India. Britain defeated lands in Canada after a series of wars. This tells us Britain was consistent as it didn’t give up. This links to social as it would’ve affected the people in Canada.

Personally, I think exploration and power were the most important reasons why Britain wanted an Empire. This is because if it wasn’t for power the British wouldn’t be able to send out scouts for new countries therefore able take them over by force. Also if it wasn’t for exploration places like Australia and India there wouldn’t be an area for Britain to rule over. Britain wanted an Empire because they wanted to be able to exploit, take control of their resources, the natural resources of a less developed country and have a source of cheap labour.

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