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Who’s Responsible for the Death of Romeo?

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Some people are reckless in decision making therefore causing their actions to do harm to others. Friar Laurence is responsible for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet because he secretly married the two without their parent consent, this is one of the reasons however there are more. Friar Laurence is a good hearted guy; he just wants to help out others by doing what he thinks are good for them. Friar Laurence because of his kindness and foolishness weds Romeo and Juliet. He thinks what he’s doing is the right thing to do. He cannot say no to Romeo because he is too nice. “Bid her devise some means to come shrift this afternoon; and there she shall at Friar Laurence’ cell be shrived and married. Here is for thy pains Page. “Because of Friar Laurence being overly nice and weds Romeo and Juliet without the consent of their parents. Juliets father, Lord Capulet orders Juliet to marry a man named County Paris. And since Juliet is married to Romeo she does not want to cheat on Romeo because it is a sin and in her eyes the only man for her is Romeo. Because of Friar Laurence’ reckless decision to wed Romeo and Juliet it has spiraled up to many more situations although this is only one reason why Romeo and Juliet died there are more. Since Lord Capulet did not know about Juliets marriage with Romeo. Capulet imposes Juliet to marry County Paris and when Juliet refuses, Capulet throws a tantrum threatening to throw Juliet out on the streets.

Desperate Juliet goes to Friar Laurence to acquire his advice. Since Friar Laurence is nice and is the type of man that cannot say no to the youngsters Romeo and Juliet; He makes a plan and that plan is for Juliet to drink this potion that will give the impression that she is dead. But in reality she is actually very much alive but just in a deep coma for 48 hours. And since Romeo killed Tybalt in avenge of his dear friend Mercutio, Romeo is sent to Mantua therefore he knows nothing of this plan of Juliets and the Friar, Furthermore; causing another situation to transpire. “Then it is likely thout wilt undertake a thing like death to chide away this shame,that copest with death himself to scape from it, and if thou darest ill give thee remedy Page. ” This quote explains Friar Laurence describing to Juliet how and what the potion will do to her and is also Friars plan for Juliet to have County Paris lose hope for her. That is another reason but here is that last one! Because of Friar Laurence’ foolishness he tells Friar John to deliver a message to Romeo in Mantua informing him about the events that have been going on in Verona and Friar Laurence’ plan for Juliet to take a coma potion. But while Friar John is delivering the message he gets caught up in a situation where these people are making sure he doesn’t have an infection and spread sickness to other people so he is held in a room for a long time so the message never gets to Romeo. He then goes back to Friar Laurence to tell him he could not deliver the message.

“I could not send it here it is again- nor get a messenger bring it thee, so fearful were they of infection Page. ” If only Friar Laurence delivered the message himself or had Romeos servant deliver the message maybe the message would have actually gotten to Romeo rather than having Romeo come down to Verona and see his wife supposedly dead and he who is so hurt to have to kill himself. That is my final reason. Friar Laurence is irresponsible and too kind hearted therefore he is responsible for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet. Friar Laurence wedded Romeo and Juliet and because Lord Capulet didn’t know about their marriage he forced Juliet to marry County Paris.

When Juliet should have informed her father about being married to Romeo she ran away from her problems and went to Friar Laurence for help. Since Friar Laurence did not repudiate to help her he also ruined her by giving her a plan to run away from her problems. A message as important as informing a husband that his wife is actually not dead and brushing the message off like it’s not as important clearly ruined Romeo and Juliet since Romeo loves Juliet so much and died for her and Juliet dies for him. Often times people are overly kind hearted so they try their best to help whenever they can, but because of their foolish / impulsive acts that they do while helping the person, they also ruin the person.

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