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Which boss do you have?

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The loud screech-like noise from the alarm clock goes off and it is time to get ready for work and face the inevitable, the boss. Unfortunately, bosses are one of those things you just cannot stay clear of in the workplace. Some of which employees cannot stand and there are some bosses that someone would looked up to and respected. There are three common types of bosses in the work place: the work-first type, the fun type, and the aggressive type. All bosses make an impact on how each employee performs at their jobs. The way each boss treats their employees can either motivate or intimidate one’s work ethic. But how can one identify which category their boss falls within? Though all bosses have the same business mind set, each boss can be classified according to his or her personality and how they interact with their employees. In most work places, the boss is typically “work-first.”

This type of boss is the kind that when they first meet employees, he or she makes sure that everyone knows who is in charge. They stress the importance of completing work and that the work is handed in to them when expected. Normally after work, this type of boss shows their lighter side. The side that lets the employees know that even though they are the boss, they can still have a good time. They connect with their employees by grabbing a bite to eat, going to the local bar, or even going dancing. Basically the work-first boss will take measures that show their fun side. Employees find this type of boss likeable and easy to cope with as long as they are professional in the work place. They are good at balancing out the amount of work and the amount of play. Somewhat easier to work with than the first type, another boss type is the “fun” boss. This boss is the kind that creates a very employee friendly and fun work environment. They are the most creative when it comes to company activities and how to increase the amount of positive vibes in the work place.

These bosses often joke around with his or her employees. A downside to this type of boss is it might be difficult for them to be taken seriously. For example, work ethic is not a priority to this type. Another way to identify this type of boss is their relationship with the employees. If they are very friendly and seem to connect more on a personal basis such as an employee calling the boss by their first name, instead of Mr. or Mrs. Even though every employee wishes their boss was this personality type, not all bosses are the same. There are some that can be more on the strict side. The most feared type of boss is the aggressive type. This boss has acquired a position they do not seem to deserve or know how to handle with confidence, and the workers know it. They are typically young and over confident in their selves. They seem to not to care about or has little to none empathy for their employees. This is when employees often come across one of the most difficult bosses to deal with. This boss is typically self-absorbed.

When it comes to work ethic, employees often receive little to no recognition for excellent performances or exceptional talents. Basically, with this type of manager, one could feel like they are not appreciated. The rules this boss sets are often vague or unnecessary and he or she gets upset if everything is not going to according to their plan. These bosses are major risk takers. They will make business moves that they see can help them out in the long run, not even thinking about how it might affect the employees. This is the type of boss an employee needs to watch out for because you never know when you might get ridiculed, or worse, fired.

Every boss is different. They have their own ways of dealing with their employees and handling their company. It would be in a workers best interest to know exactly what type of personality their boss has to know exactly how to deal with them in certain situations. People feel the best way to cope with them is to identify their personality types. Identifying each boss is much easier than you would expect. One just needs to pay attention to the way their own boss acts towards the employees. Ultimately, each boss is different, some are obviously better than others.

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