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What the Library Has to Offer

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Libraries have many things to offer to different types of people. They have books, articles, and recordings to help people with their research or to continue their learning. The Ashford Library takes all the things that are in a normal library and makes them digital for the students. There are many scholarly articles/journals in the Ashford Library and the library can help you to be most effective and efficient in finding the topics that you are searching for. There are many benefits to using the Ashford Library, but what is the difference between scholarly and popular sources and what are the ways to be most effective and efficient in finding research? Some of the benefits of using the Ashford Library include that the library is digital and the library has many scholarly articles. With the Ashford Library being digital, it offers students the same thing that a regular library offers. For example, the books and journals have been converted from their original form to a digital form. This allows the students to do their research at home instead of going into a public library to do research. Another benefit of using the Ashford Library is that you have access to many different scholarly journals. During the completion of your degree, you will have to do journal reviews and research.

By having these scholarly journals in the Ashford Library, helps you to complete these assignments feeling reassured that the information that you gathered was from a scholarly source. There are two different type of sources; scholarly and popular. Scholarly sources consist of scholarly journals, books, and more. Scholarly journals are articles that are written by scholars or by someone that has done research in the field that the journal covers. These scholarly resources have original research. Popular resources, on the other hand, are magazines and newspapers. These things are written to inform or entertain the audience that is reading them. Most of the time, popular resources are reliable because they are reviewed by an editor. When searching for sources within the Ashford Library, there are some key things to remember. Some of these things include that databases do not understand meaning and that the databases give you access to a wealth of information. Databases will not try and think of what you are wanting to search for, instead they find results on what you put into the search engine. When searching the databases you want to make sure that you are typing in keywords. Once the keywords are in the database search engine, it will return the results with the keywords in order.

This will give you the most information for the research you are searching for. There are many things that are posted on the internet and anybody can post anything. This does not mean that the information is true. By using the Ashford Library, you can make sure that you are finding the most effective and efficient information for your research. Search engines like Google will have a lot of results but those results might not be what you need for your research. The Ashford Library gives you access to more scholarly resources because most publishers keep the scholarly resources on databases that are restricted. Some of these databases can be accessed in the Ashford Library. Public libraries offer lots of things for people to use for research. However, the Ashford Library takes the things that are in the public libraries and makes them digital.

This helps students to do their research from home. The Ashford Library gives students access to scholarly resources. These resources include scholarly journals and books. The library also gives you access to some popular resources which include magazines and newspapers. Being effective and efficient in doing the research that you need for you classes is good. The Ashford Library can help with this because it gives the students access to more scholarly resources than a search engine like Google. Students that keep these things in mind are more than likely going to succeed in their research using the Ashford Library.

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