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What Makes You Beautiful

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In the article “Marketing New Inventions” by Robert Rodriguez he states the various amounts of competition when it comes to different, or even the same, kind of products. Even when that product takes a rise, someone will always be watching you to make sure that whatever product they decide to invent, that it over powers yours or any other invention in their range. The article also states that in order to survive the marketing world an entrepreneur must be market savvy, develop brand loyalty, and “sleep with one eye open.” When you wake up in the morning and you look in the mirror, what do you see? Some women see a person who is beautiful on the inside and the out. Others, well, they see a person that society does not approve of. They see a person that can never be beautiful, even if they tried. Society in general does not only WANT people to be someone that they’re not, but to believe it as well. So they’ve decided to invent a product to hide yourself from who you really are. Although make-up is a top-selling product and is used all around the world, it is the most useless product invented by humans because it can make you into a totally different person, it’s costly, and it has risks of skin problems. First, make-up can make you into a totally different person.

It is a substance that can help improve your outside appearance, which can actually be a really good thing in certain cases. However, it can attract the wrong crowd of people. For example, teenage girls. Young girls that first enter the teenage world always try to find out what is hot or what the new trend is. The first thing that comes to mind? Make-up. Teenagers don’t wear make-up just for their outside appearance, but to make themselves appear older than what they really are. That’s how you can attract the wrong crowd. First you use make-up to look older, and then here come the boys that are only looking for one thing. Another issue is that make-up is way too expensive. Before researching the top make-up brands I decided to ask my older sister, a consistent make-up wearer, which brand was the best to use. Her response was the Mac Products. Mac Products price range varies from $15.00-$50.00: for just one of their products. Imagine if you wanted to buy an entire set! Those prices are ridiculous & the size of each product is the smallest thing you could possible imagine.

But there are also alternatives to the expensive make-up that are sold at local drug stores and Walmart. Cheaper make-up can equal up to your face looking dirty and can cause break outs. Although people try to avoid the cheaper make up because the expensive make up makes you look your best, those prices just aren’t the best. Finally, make-up has some risks of skin problems, or even worse. While researching I came across an article called “Danger That Hides in Make-Up” by Tim Utton and he talks about how the highest risk of wearing make-up can be catching a deadly disease. “Women may be reluctant to leave home without it, but make-up is putting women at risk of deadly diseases, say experts.” Make-up often contains toxic ingredients, which can result in either cancer or another fatal illness.

It can also get into your bloodstream and it can just go straight downhill from there. The same ingredients used to make the make-up have also been tested on animals and the results have shown that the animals have developed cancer from the exact same ingredients. There is also proof that some make-up products come from animal waste, fish scales, and crushed up insects. Make-up overall is just not a safe or sanitary product. In conclusion, make-up is the most toxic, expensive, and self-hiding product of all time. Although society is making it acceptable, it is far from it. Make-up can help your outside appearance, but never your inner appearance. Every woman is beautiful. Every woman has something special, unique and defining about her. Every woman is perfect in her own regard; yet few women decide to show themselves that way. Make-up should never have the power over what makes you who you really are. There is nothing wrong with trying to present the best version of yourself by wearing make-up, just be careful with what products you decide to use. Never change who you are. Never put your health in danger for something that will never do the same in return. Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself. And when that moment finally appears, that is what makes you beautiful.

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