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Warm Up/ Cool Down

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Part I: Beginning the Activity
1. Choose an activity such as walking, running, aerobics, soccer, basketball, or rollerblading. What exercise activity will you participate in? Running
2. Why is the warm-up phase of your training program important? To increase blood flow, allow muscles to loosen up and raise the flow of oxygen to the muscle cells.
3. Why is the cool-down phase of your training program important? To prevent blood pooling, retiring the blood back to the heart rather than allowing it to pool in the muscles that have been worked. Also, bringing down heart rate and prevent fainting.
4. Identify areas of your body in which you have experienced muscle soreness due to vigorous activity.
Abs, calves, biceps, triceps, upper and lower back as well.

Part II: Design a Warm-up for Your Personal Needs
For each of the following, describe what you will do to prepare your body for the activity that you selected in Part 1, #1.

Aerobic exercise – I’ll run on the treadmill for 5-10 minutes to warm up my muscles and body. Also, to increase blood flow.
Stretching (stretch all the major muscle groups used) – I’ll do the calf stretch, the flamingo, heel drops, walking lunges, leg pendulum, and hamstring stretch.
Sport-specific exercise – Football

Part III: Design a Cool-down for Your Personal Needs
For each of the following, describe what you will do for your cool-down for the activity that you have selected.
1. Aerobic activity – 3 minutes before the ending of running on the treadmill I’ll begin to decrease my running speed to allow my heart rate to decrease and prevent any fainting that could possibly take place.

Stretching – I’ll do another hamstring stretch, and stretch my back and chest.
Recovery – I’ll slowly drink about 24 ounces of water and rest for my recovery.

Part IV: Practice What You Designed

Practice the warm-up you have designed.
Consider how the warm-up/cool-down made you feel. Did it help prepare you for the workout? What changes would you consider making for the next workout? Be prepared to discuss this information with your instructor in your Discussion-Based Assessment.

Part V: Skills and Performance
Think about an activity you participate in and explain how each of the skillrelated components of balance, reaction time, agility, coordination, power, and speed can enhance your performance levels in that activity.

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