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Virtual Machine

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When performing a Live Migration using the Move the virtual machine’s data by selecting where to move the items option, which of the following advanced options would be the best to choose from to ensure that the folder structure remains the same on the destination server after the LM completes? a. Move the VM’s data automatically

b. Move the VM’s data and maintain storage hierarchy
c. Move the VM’s hard disks to different locations
d. Move the VM’s items to different locations

Question 2
What Hyper-V feature helps you use physical memory more efficiently for your VMs? a. Memory Manager
b. Dynamic Memory
c. Memory Allocation
d. Dynamic Mapper

Question 3
Checkpoint data files are stored using what file format?
a. .vhd
b. .vhds
c. .shvd
d. .avhd

Question 4
What is the process by which you move the storage of a VM from one physical server to another without a cluster? a. Storage Migration
b. Live Migration
c. Quick Migration
d. Exporting

Question 5
Which Virtual Machine setting will shut down the virtual machine when the host shuts down? a. BIOS
b. Automatic Stop Action
c. SCSI Controller
d. Integration Services

Question 6
How many VMs can you install on Windows 8.1 Enterprise before you need to start acquiring licenses?
a. 0
b. 1
c. 2
d. 4

Question 7
What virtual disk type provides best performance on servers with high disk activity? Fixed

Question 8
What type of virtual disk is initially created small, but grows as data is added? Dynamically Expanding

Question 9
What is the default size for a newly created virtual disk?

Question 10
Which Virtual Machine setting allows you to control the status of the Num Lock key on boot? a. BIOS
b. Automatic Stop Action
c. SCSI Controller
d. Integration Services

Question 11
Which Virtual Machine setting allows devices to be added even if the virtual machine is running? a. BIOS
b. Automatic Stop Action
c. SCSI Controller
d. Integration Services

Question 12
When performing a Storage Migration for a VM, which migration option is considered to be the simplest because it moves all the VM’s files to one location at one time? Move all of the Virtual Machine’s data to a single location.

Question 13
There are three types of Hyper-V virtual switches. Which of the following is not one of these types? a. External
b. Internal
c. Internet
d. Private

Question 14
What feature of Hyper-V enables you to take a point-in-time image of the current state of a virtual machine? Checkpoints

Question 15
Which Hyper-V virtual switch feature provides protection against a malicious virtual machine attempting to steal IP addresses from other virtual machines? a. ARP/ND Poisoning (spoofing) protection

b. Port Access Control Lists (ACLs)
c. DHCP Guard protection
d. Isolated (private) VLAN

Question 16
When checkpoints are deleted, when is the space the checkpoint previously consumed on disk released back to the operating system? a. After the next reboot
b. After the virtual machine is powered off
c. Immediately
d. After the virtual machine has updated its configuration files
Question 17
How large can a VHD virtual disk be?
a. 2 TB
b. 64 TB
c. 2 PB
d. 512 TB

Question 18
What keeps the parent operating system separate from that of the virtual machines that are running on that host? a. Hyper-V
b. The Hypervisor
c. The SLAT processor
d. The dynamic memory manager

Question 19
Which Hyper-V virtual switch feature allows administrators to create isolated tenant communities? a. Trunk mode to a Virtual Machine
b. Port Access Control Lists (ACLs)
c. DHCP Guard protection
d. Isolated (private) VLAN

Question 20
Before Hyper-V can be used, there are several requirements that must be met. Which of these is not one of those requirements? (Choose all that apply.) a. Windows 8.1 Enterprise edition (32-bit)
b. 4 GB RAM
c. Second Level Address Translation (SLAT) processor
d. Rapid Virtualization Indexing (RVI) BIOS

Question 21
What virtual disk type is linked to another disk and is typically only recommended for development or testing usage? Differencing

Question 22
What does SLAT leverage in order to allow users to run virtual instances of operating systems on their PC as if they were standard desktop applications? AMD-V RVI and Intel VT Extended Page Tables

Question 23
The newer VHDX virtual disk file format offers several advantages over the VHD file format. Which of these is not one of those features? a. Improved alignment of the virtual hard disk format to work well on large sector disks b. Protection against data corruption during power failures

c. Smaller block sizes for dynamic and differencing disks
d. The ability to store custom metadata about the file that the user might want to record, such as the operating system version or patches applied

Question 24
What PowerShell cmdlet can you use to enable Hyper-V?
a. Add-WindowsOptionalFeature –FeatureName Microsoft-Hyper-V-all b. Enable-WindowsOptionalFeature –FeatureName Microsoft-Hyper-V-all c. Start-WindowsOptionalFeature -online –FeatureName Microsoft-Hyper-V d. Enable-WindowsOptionalFeature -online –FeatureName Microsoft-Hyper-V-all

Question 25
Which Virtual Machine setting allows the host machine and virtual machine to interact with each other? a. BIOS
b. Automatic Stop Action
c. SCSI Controller
d. Integration Services

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