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Using Wild Sugar Cane for the Production of Hollow Blocks

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“God gives us that vast goodness of nature and vegetation is among those. As man propagates for abundance; he deserves to harbor tremendous benefits from it.” Man has inhabited earth with all its richness laid before him. With his gladness, ingenuity and constant search for knowledge he discovered numerous ways to enrich his mind of endless ideas. This study is conducted to be able to find a benefit from talahib, and corn hub in a hollow block. A talahib is a grass native to South Asia. It is perennial, growing up to three meters high, with spreading rhizomatous roots. This grass quickly colonizes exposed silt plains created each year by floods, forming almost pure stands on the lowest portions of the floodplain. The reeds of this grass can be made into mats, screens, and thatch roofs. In this study, the researcher wants to test the feasibility of the grass to be an additive for hollow blocks.

Cornhusks have properties between cotton and linen. It has a lower modulus than linen and jute and will therefore be softer and flexible. However, the higher work rupture of cornhusks means that the fibers can withstand higher loads and will be more durable. There are many and varied uses for cornhusks like: cooking, toys, and decorative items. A hollow block is typically stacked together or laid using various kinds of mortar to hold the bricks together and make a permanent structure. These blocks are produced in common or standard sizes in bulk quantities. They have been regarded as one of the longest lasting and strongest building materials used throughout history. Basically, a block is a standard-sized weight-bearing building unit. Blocks are laid in horizontal courses, sometimes dry and sometimes with mortar. STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM

The purpose of this study is to develop an ecological hollow block that is also durable and hard, and can also be safe enough to be used for constructions. This study is aiming to answer:
1. What will be the significant difference between the products and the standard commercial block?
2. How safe can the products be?
3. Can the products be used as an alternative for the standard commercial block?

If the made products proved to be much stronger and safer than the standard commercial hollow block, then the made products can be used to replace or substitute the standard commercial hollow blocks. If the made products did not prove to be much stronger and safer than the standard commercial hollow block, then the made products cannot be used to replace or substitute the standard commercial hollow blocks. SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY

This study can improve the structural strength of hollow blocks, thus making buildings and other constructions safer, and sturdier. Having an eco-friendly material to be used, these products will not only improve structures, but it can also help in providing us an even cleaner environment to live in, which is beneficial for both humans and animals. SCOPE AND DELIMITATION

This study is focused on the possible effects of talahib and cornhusks to a hollow block mixture in terms of durability and hardness. This study does not aim to cover the structural ability of the product.

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