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Using a Smart Phone

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In this paper, I report the result of on-going activities regarding the use of smartphone in the university classroom. The purpose of this report was to identify which content and services could be delivered to smartphone in order to support learning and communication in the context of university studies. Generally, the services joined clearly into students’ previous experience with mobile phones. Students generally observed the services as useful to learning; entertainingly, attitudes were more positive if the teacher adapted academic style and instructional material to take advantage of the distinctive capabilities of multicasting. To illustrate, we describe a number of educational mobile services we have designed. We conclude with a discussion and recommendations for increasing the potential for successful implementation of multicasting mobile services in higher education, including the importance of usability, institutional support, and tailored educational content.

Today, in 21st century, technology is developed day after day. By the increasing of innovations, smartphones are using instead of normal phone. The usage of smartphone is popular especially in teenagers or college students. Smartphone is an advanced mobile phone. Most of the people are using their smartphones on a daily basis, and some people relate with their device frequently. Smartphones are tiny, limited computers which can easily make not only in phone calls but also in access email, internet, IM, pictures, and so on because smartphones have OS( operating system) like computers. In 21st century, mostly, teenagers are expected to publish all the time via phone, email or text. Besides, Smartphone can be conducted although laptop are not using.

There is no need to open laptop because smartphone have application that can open .DOC, PDF, .XL and .txt files. In addition, there is a place to make note if the ideas come suddenly because it is not sure that pen and paper are available all the time and paper is easy to lose. Moreover, there is calendar, alarm to alert, and it all syncs nicely with the computer. Then, smartphone can be able to connect with internet even though there is no Wi-Fi of in jungle. There is application that can get world news, local news, tech news and financial updates from the trusted sites. Therefore, smartphones are very popular especially among college or university students. According to survey by SecurEnvoy, 66 percent of the students fear for losing or without their phone. College students are buying the devices in large numbers because smartphones can be able to link users to popular social networking site.

Problem statement
Smart phone is an advanced mobile phone which can use in not only in telephone calls but also in sending and receiving e-mail and edit Office documents and so on. Smart phone can be used in academic performance. However, students are misusing it. Most of the students are using it in the class when the lecturers are teaching the lessons because smartphone can be used to text, check, and interact on social networking sites such as Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter, check their e-mails, play games online, and even watch TV. This is extremely distracting for not only the student (because they are obviously not paying attention), but can also become distracting for other students around them. If a professor or teacher has to stop their lecture or instruction to ask a student to turn off their phone, it is also distracting the entire class.

* To show how technology is developed nowadays.
* To involve students in learning how to employ technological devices.
* To show how of smart phone can help in academic performance if it is used positively.
* To find out the impact of using smart phone in the classroom.

To discover the usage of smartphone in the class room by AIU students, I did the survey. There were six questions in my survey and I choose the people randomly. I did my survey for 30 AIU students. I found out that almost half of the people have smartphone in AIU. I did the online survey and distributed by Facebook. The questions in my online survey are do you have smartphone, do you think smartphone can help in academic performance, should smartphone allow in the class room and why should allow and why should not allow and so on.

Smartphone is an advanced phone which can use not only in phone call but also in others functions like computer. Smartphone can be able to store and play the music, download and watch movies and television shows. We can also download and listen to podcasts. There is eBook reader also or can play audio books. Although we are busy and don’t have time to listen news, everything is on our fingertips because of smartphone. Besides, smartphones are available of thousands of small applications – called apps. Games, photo utilities, online magazines and interactive reference apps can help enhance how we use our smartphone. Most apps must be bought and inexpensive. There are a lot of apps which are free. However, every things have both positive and negative effects. Smartphone screens are usually small and difficult for those with poor eyesight. Besides, the keyboards are full size which can be difficult for those who have large hands.

According to my survey, my first question was “do you have smart phone”. 46.90% say yes and 53.10 % say no. I did the online survey and distributed to 30 students as a sample. So, based on the result, 46.90% of the AIU students are using smartphone. Then, the second question was “do you think smartphone can help in academic performance?” and 75% of the AIU students said “Yes” and 25% said “No”. Therefore, three quarter of AIU students accept that smartphones can help in academic performance. Next question that I asked was “Should smartphone be allowed to use in the class?” 43.80% of the AIU students said “Yes” and 56.30% of the AIU students said “No”. I asked the questions details like if yes why and if no why. 43.80% of the AIU students think that smartphones should allow using in the class because some students said that they can get information from internet. They can check dictionary, they can search data easily, and one students said that it help the communication but it need to be silence. However, 56.30% of the AIU students said that smartphones should not be allowed in the class because they think it disturb in study. It makes lack of focus on study. It doesn’t have effect on their study. It may discourage students to listen lectures. Therefore, based on the research, most of the AIU students are thinking that smartphones have more disadvantages than advantages for students in the class. But it will have benefits if it is used in right way.

To be concluding, smartphone is a very useful device if we use probably. Even in the class we can use smartphone in positive ways because smartphone can help students in many ways. So, based on the results of the survey, almost half of the people are also want to use smartphone in the class. However, the other half students think that smartphone is disturbing them in lecturer time. They think that smartphones can make less attention to the lessons and it also can disturb to the lecturer when the lecturer ask to stop using of smartphone. Recommendation

My recommendation of this report is that we can use smartphone in the class but only for academic purpose. The multifunction and portable nature of smartphone can help students a lot. Students can get many benefits from smartphone if they use probably. In the results of the survey, one of the Most of the AIU students said that smartphones should allow in the class because we can make silent in study time and we can use it effectively.


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