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Unexpected Trip

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Life events are experiences that can be expected or unexpected. Different people face different experiences, which can also change a person’s life. Unpredictable life events are those that surprise people as they do not have any idea what will happen. An unexpected trip can cost someone his job or studies sometimes. Similarly, I had to go on an unexpected trip a few days ago. My visa was expiring and I had to go back to my country on an urgent leave, missing out my important classes and assignments. But what makes mine different is that, fortunately I had a lot of fun, even though I had to face some problems. There were several situations that I had been through in this trip: rejoicing, feeling uncomfortable and stressful. Firstly, I received a call from my mom saying that I had to come back home as soon as possible because my Saudi visa was expiring. I felt really happy that I will go back home and see my family. The whole time in the airplane I kept thinking about my family, friends and when will the time pass so that I reach at my homeland’s airport. I called one of my friends to meet me at the airport. When I reached there, I was waiting for him outside near the parking lot.

Suddenly I saw a black car speeding towards me and crushed some bags nearby. I asked myself what a rash driver he is, and how could he crash it like that? Was he blind? But when I looked carefully, unfortunately, it was my friend whom I was waiting for. I could not recognize him until he stepped out of the car. He did not even realize that he crashed it till I told him. We used the jack to pull up the car and take the bags. Luckily nothing was damaged inside the bag. After that, another interesting thing happened; I went to the bathroom to wash my hands. While I was washing my hand I heard a women screaming, I went out and realized that I was in the ladies washroom. So this is how my day was filled with excitement and action. Later, I hung out with my friends and partied hard. Although many times I felt uncomfortable and worried about my visa because it was taking too long and I was already missing out many of my classes. Normally the visas come out in two days’ time, but unfortunately the system of the ministry of foreigner broke down.

It was a four days holiday after that and the employees do not entertain or give importance to the urgent cases during their holidays. But I had submitted my passport earlier so I kept waiting for it every day whether it was ready or not. Being stressful was again one of the situations I had to feel when I reached Malaysia. I went to the university to ask my friends about what I missed. They said I have missed a lot because I have been absent for two weeks. I went to the chemistry teacher but I got into a fight with her because she screamed at me for no reason, so I got mad n left the class. Then I met my English writing teacher who told me about what I have missed in my English class. I was worried to complete my English assignments at first but now I am pretty satisfied because my teacher is very helpful and lenient. Rejoicing, uncomforting, stressful were the three effects of this unexpected trip to my country and the way back to Malaysia. I hope from next time I don’t have to face such unexpected problems.

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