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Understand the role of the social care worker

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BiAn outline of what is meant by ‘agreed ways of working’
BiiAn explanation of the importance of having full and up-to-date details of the agreed ways of working. BiiiA description of why it is important that social care workers follow guidance about the limits of their job role.

The term agreed ways of working relates to the way an employee must work and the rules that they must adhere to.

The agreed ways of working have been set out in accordance with the policies and procedures of the care organisation. These may include health and safety, safeguarding and equality and diversity policy and procedures.

As an employee you will work in a way that is clearly set out in the job description and you will be informed of any updates to policies and procedures. The agreed ways of working are all documented and are accessible to all involved.

You should only carry out procedures which you are trained and qualified to do so.

It is a legal requirement that all staff follow the policies and procedures. Policies are updated regularly as new legislations may be introduced.

The agreed ways of working are to ensure the safety and well being of service users, staff and the public.

The ways of working are to ensure staff are clear on their duties, roles and responsibilities and carry out their job the correct way.

The procedures are in place to ensure a smooth running of delivery of services. Each job role has its responsibilities and is accountable for what is to be done.

We have a duty to keep service users, colleagues and ourselves safe by following the policies and procedures within our work role.

There are limits in your role as a care worker you must stick to the procedures given these may include safeguarding those from harm and abuse or moving and handling undertaken safely. The agreed ways of working are in place for your safety and the service users.

If circumstances arise and you are unsure of how to deal with it you should refer to the policies and procedures for guidance. If still unsure contact your line manager for further advice.

Task A
AiExplain 3 differences between a working relationship and a personal relationship.

A working relationship is a relationship where time is spent with both colleagues and service users during working hours and you behave and act appropriately. However in personal relationships you do as you please. There are three differences between the two and they are mainly physical, verbal and non-verbal. In work you have to abide by the law and physical contact between staff and service users is restricted and boundaries are set. In a personal life you can say as you please a lot of the time not really thinking about it but at work you have to be mindful of language and conversations that you have with service users. Working relationships are based on code of conduct produced by the company and protected by the law and you will work to a set of policies and procedures.

Personal relationships are built on few clear structured roles with family tree, interests, beliefs. Working relationships do not allow arguing, beliefs and personal problems to come between the participants of the relationship. Sharing personal information at work is on a strictly need to know basis and is confidential and date protected. However a personal relationship has no regulations and the sharing of information has no limits. A personal relationship is formed by choice with someone you like, in a working relationship you may not like them but you still have to uphold a professional relationship. In a personal relationship you can voice opinions and feelings but in a working relationship you are very limited.

AiiGive 2 examples of different working relationships in an adult setting.

The relationship between the social care worker and a service user. The relationship between a care worker and their line manager. These relationships must stay professional within the adult care setting. You develop a different type of working relationship for whom you are addressing i.e doctor, colleague, manager, service user. You would speak to each one differently but you would have a professional manner with all.

Aiii Explain why it is important that social care workers work in partnership with individuals using the service and their family.

As a care worker we aim to work towards their needs and preferences and having the support from others we will have a better understanding to their likes and dislikes for example. It is important that you work in partnership with colleagues, service users, families etc as they may provide us with relevant information to support us in our work with the service user. By working together as a team in partnership we aim to achieve a common goal and provide the best care and outcome for the service user.

AivIdentify three ways of working that can help improve partnership working.

Involve the service user in the decisions been made regarding their care plan. Give the client choices, let them decide on things even if its what time they would like their dinner to be made or what to have for their dinner. Independence- encourage the user to do as much for themselves as possible and let them know you are there to assist if needed. Include all partnerships ( doctors, families, colleagues) to get all relevant information possible for them to achieve their goals.

AvIdentify 5 different skills or approaches that might help resolve conflict.

Listen to what the person has to say.
Try to reason and negotiate with the person and come up with solutions for both parties. Talk to each other sensibly about the matter.
Try resolving the problem together as all parties can have their input and try and work as a team. Remain impartial and try and see all points of view. Remain calm and ask others for help if needed.

AviExplain 2 ways to obtain support and advice about working in partnership and resolving conflicts.

Seek advice from your manager if you have issues with a working relationship. Ask colleagues for advice or line managers.
The workplace will have policies and procedures in place of how to deal with problems if they occur. If the conflict is a serious matter it would have to be formally reported and dealt with immediately.

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