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Understand Employment Responsibilities And Rights In Health

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Know the statutory responsibilities and rights of employees and employers within own area of work Assessment Criteria
List the aspects of employment covered by law

Minimum wage, Hours worked, Discrimination, Health and safety, Holiday entitlements, Redundancy and dismissal, Training, Disciplinary procedures, Union rights and consultation, among many others. Labour law covers the deal between employee and employer. Health and safety laws cover the work conditions, and minimum wage and other laws set basic compensation levels. We also have the Disability Act, Manual Handling Operations and Regulations, Data Protection Act, The Medicine Act, General Social Care Council code 2001, RIDDOR 1995 and more.

List the main features of current employment legislation
the spectrum of employment law in the UK covers three main areas. Employment Rights, Equalities and Discrimination law… and Health and safety legislation. Although Equalities and Health and safety have meaning in other areas of life… both bodies of law feature measures relating to employment to a significant degree.

 Outline why legislation relating to employment exists
To regulate the relationship between employers and their employees, to establish minimum standards and equality of treatment for all workers. to protect all workers, employers.
Identify sources and types of information and advice available in relation to employment responsibilities and rights Talking to people – manager, head office or human resources. Internet – ditrectgov.uk

Leaflets – available from the internet
From all of the above I can get information on different things relating to my job or more e.g national minimum wage, what I can do if I feel I have be miss treated, etc. these have been known to be very useful.

Understand agreed ways of working that protect own relationship with employer Assessment Criteria

Describe the terms and conditions of own contract of employment The terms and conditions are the date my employment started and how many hours of work I will doing (40.25). It states where my place of work will be ferfoot care home Chippenham. It includes the rate of pay which is paid on a monthly basis in arrears, holiday entailment, sick pay, holiday pay and whether or not a pension scheme exists. It says what my job title is health care assistant and what my duties are, and how I will be expected to carrier them out. It also includes the length of notice to terminate the employment contract which is required to be given by both sides.

Describe the information shown on own pay statement.
Every pay statement must include this important information. It has the amount of my wage before deductions, then my wage after deductions. It contains individual amount of any fixed deduction (e.g. pension.). Also the individual amount of any variable deductions such as tax and n.i. and the amount I have paid. It also includes employee number to identify individuals on the payroll. Company name to show where I work. Date of pay The date your pay should be credited to your bank account. Tax code It is the code that tells your employer how much tax-free pay you should get before deducting tax from the rest. If the code is wrong, you could end up paying too much or too little tax. N.I. number you have to have an NI number to work in the UK. You have the same NI number throughout your whole life – even if you change your name. It is your personal number for the whole of the social security system. It’s used to make sure all your contributions are recorded properly, and helps to build up your entitlement to state benefits – like a pension. Department. Payment method (BACS) to show how I am being paid.

Describe the procedures to follow in event of a grievance
If I were to have any grievance relating to work I need to raise the matter with my manager or team leaders. If my grievance is not solved or sorted then I will ask human resources or head office.

Identify the personal information that must be kept up to date with own employer I must notify my manger if I change my name or move address if I change my bank details, or persons to be contacted ice, if I change my phone number and email address. Also if my health detritus.

Explain agreed ways of working with employer
Confidentiality/Data Protection- am not to divulge or discuss such matters with anyone who is not authorised to have such information. Health and safety- I must wear my uniform and use protective clothing and equipment. Whistleblowing- if I have a concern I am to rise the matter with my manager or rasie the matter with with someone I consider to be at the apporiate level of management.

Discrimination- understanding the difference between right and wrong.

Conflict Management- is the ability to be able to identify and handle conflicts sensibly, fairly and efficienty.

Understand how own role fits within the wider context of the sector Assessment Criteria

Explain how own role fits within the delivery of the service provide. As a health care assistant my role contributes into the overall service delivery as I recognise the need for privacy and independence, giving my residents dignity and comfort, and ensuring safety at all times. I demonstrate effective communication skills, and keep up to date with all my training and changes in policies and procedures. I am an effective team member and take care of my residents to the highest standard.

Explain the effect of own role on service provision.
By following good practise I can influence the quality of service provided by working as an effective team member, maintaining and building on my own skills and knowledge. Sharing these with my colleagues. Demonstrating effective communication skills, encouraging feedback, comments from residents and feeding this back to the organisation. And also by keeping up to date with legislation and local national policy.

Not carrying out the requirements of my role would mean bad/ dangerous practise endangering the wellbeing/ welfare of the service users. It would also place colleagues or others at risk. By bad or dangerous practise and non-compliance with regulatory requirements of the service e.g. CQC guidance results in dismissal or disciplinary action, if this were to happen It would give the home and others a bad name. also any one giving bad practise depending on the servaratety of this would face crimemanil procedings.

Describe how own role links to the wider sector
My own work as a care assistant must be Influenced by national factors. Such as government initiatives, national occupation standards, codes of practice and legislation. Our work is regulated and inspected, it has to meet agreed national standards. Codes of practise are a clear guide for all those who work in social care, setting ou the standards of practice and conduct workers and employers must meet. They are a critical part of regulating the workforce and helping to improve levels of professionalism and public protection. National occupational standards describe best practise by bringing together skills, knowledge and vales. NOS are valuable tools to be used as benchmarks for qualifcations as wellk as defining roles at work, staff recuriment, supervision and appraisal. Ways of working are set out in legislation and government papers, we are required to behave in a professional manner.

Describe the main roles and responsibilities of representative bodies that influence the wider sector The two main bodies that influence my area of work are the care quality commission (CQC) and the sector skills council (SSC). The role of CQC is to inspect social care and health providers, set standards for service provision and regulation of services and individuals e.g. registered managers of care homes. The role of SSC is to set national occupation standards which forms a benchmark for specific task and activities and which form basis of qualification content. SSC may also produce guidance and codes of conduct for workers in there sector.

Understand career pathways available within own and related sectors Assessment Criteria

Explore different types of occupational opportunities
Currently I am health care assistant in a care home. I am completing my NVQ2, after I have completed my NVQ2 I wish to become a senior care assistant, the after that I would like to study my NVQ3,when I have completed my NVQ3 I would then like to become a team leader. In 10years time I would like to see myself as a health care assistant in a hospital or a manger of a care home.

Understand how issues of public concern may affect the image and delivery of services in the sector Assessment Criteria

There is a big public concern about abuse in health and social care. Vulnerable adults being physically or mentally abused. There is a concern that whistle blowing is still not as straight forward and safe as it should be for those in the care sector, and when the whistle is blown it’s not
being investigated properly. The vast majority of workers in the care sector have already raised concerns when they call public concern at work help line. Over a third of these concerns are initially ignored, mishandled or denied by organisation. in 2012 we all heard the devastating news of winterbourne view care home, everyone was outraged and disgusted on the finding of this, never to mention how it effected the residents. One residents family decided to move them over a 100 miles away to vilestone care home in devon, only then to desviour that the abuse had started again.

Police have arrested seven care workers at vilestone care home on suspicion of abuse and ill treatment to vulnerable adults. It also understood that the seven care workers had worked the same company as winterbourne view.

A probe by the police, NHS and the Care Quality Commission has uncovered what is alleged to be a “punishment room” in which vulnerable residents were allegedly locked inside overnight. The room’s window was locked with no curtain or covering for privacy, which meant there was no ventilation in the room if the door was locked.

CQC inspectors only found the room when they were carrying out a inspection and discovered the smoke alarm was broken.

Det Insp Steve White, of Devon & Cornwall Police, said: “Throughout the investigation the safety, welfare and protection of vulnerable adults has been and remains the absolute priority of all the organisations involved. “Due to the nature of the enquiry and complex needs of the victims this investigation will take many months. “Throughout this time the police will continue to work closely with all agencies involved and the victims and families of those affected will receive ongoing support.”

People are being promoted to come forward with any information regarding this matter.

I feel outraged, disgusted and let down. We are starting to hear more and more about bad practice in care homes around the u.k. I feel more needs to be done about the always accruing matter, and more needs to change, care homes should have more inspection a better practice. The public feel outraged, upset, but most of let down, the public also feel that more changes are needed in health and social such as, more paperwork and training, more inspections and that CQC set up a team that is responsible for responding to whistle-blower’s. The government are trying to make it a must that all care homes are to have cameras put up. Which this is something I strongly support and think many more people should, this could be the answer to stop abuse.

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