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Trump Organization

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Various business units in the Trump organization- the hotels of Trump are high class and have been renovated to attract many people both local and tourists from outside.

Entertainment resorts- resorts and casinos of Trump organization are high quality and customers are accommodated in the hotels enabling them to enjoy a longer time enjoying gaming and gambling while staying at the resorts.

Promotion- this has turned out to be a strong tool of Trump business units because it enables him to reach a broader market.

The Apprentice T.V. show is also a critical strength of Trump businesses because people who enjoy watching or participating in the show get motivated to visit his hotels and casinos (MyStrategicPlan, 2005).

Beauty pageants that are sponsored by Trump such as Miss Universe and Miss Teen USA have enabled the hotels and casinos to attract diverse customers into the resorts and casinos for the purposes of attending the programs.


Failure to adopt to technology- the Trump casino website has problems of visitor traffic and this is a big drawback. There is a problem with customer information system which does not process customer interactions and behaviors accurately.

Lack of renovations- the rooms of trump hotels are old and have not been undergone renovations for a long time.

Few facilities- trump has few hotels and thus limits its number of customers in the hotels at any given time.  


Investing in developments- Trump can invest in building more hotels that are close to the customers which will enable accommodation of more customers and thus expansion of its market niche. The hotel rooms can be renovated to make them more attractive, comfortable, and enjoyable to stay in.

Technology adoption- the information system of customers for all business units can be integrated so as to have a centralized information control.


Local competition- this threatens to put down the hotels and resorts especially the casinos. Local competitors are sharing Trump customers (MyStrategicPlan, 2005).

Government policies- the policy on burning smoking in public areas is also a major threat to the Trump businesses.


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Retrieved on: 14th November, 2007

From: http://mystrategicplan.com/strategic-planning-topics/customer-targeting.shtml

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