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Tribute Speech Outline

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A. Attention-getter: Imagine fighting a war where the only weapon you had was your mouth. Where you felt so far outnumbered that the motivation to fight was dwindling, and the chances of seeing tomorrow were close to nothing. Now imagine trying to single handedly change the course of that war, and change the course of many of your peers lives at the same time. Rosa Parks was that motivation

B. Thesis Statement: She changed the outcome of many Americans lives, and over time changed some extremely negative world views and laws as well. Her stubbornness to give up her seat changed the futures for blacks and whites in America, and for that she deserves our respect and gratitude.

C. Preview of Main Points:

1. Started the Civil Rights Movement across America.

2. Lived her life every day to fight racial segregation. Fought for what is right.

3. Changed America forever, and left a big legacy behind.


A. Started the Civil Rights Movement across America.

a) December 1, 1955 Rosa refused to give up her seat on the bus to a white person.

a. According to Kira Albin, she was physically tired from a long day’s work, just like any of us would be after a long day (Albin, 1996).

b. What was different on this day is that she was more tired of how her and her fellow African Americans were treated on a day to day basis: segregation, racism, and Jim Crow laws (Albin, 1996).

c. She pondered on how strong her parents and grandparents have been, and decided that on that day, she too would be just as strong and stand up for herself, which in turn was standing up for African Americans across the country (Albin, 1996).

Transition: This even was the onset of national change, but it was not the first time that Rosa had stood up for herself and others as well, it was more of a lifestyle for her.

B. Lived her life every day to fight racial segregation. Fought for what is right.

a) She started her fight against racism early on in life.

d. She had refused giving up her seat, or walking to the back of the bus numerous times before the famous event that started the civil rights movement (Rosa Parks, 2009).

e. She was a vital spokesperson and representative for the NAACP and became the secretary of the Montgomery chapter (Rosa Parks, 2009).

f. She helped the president of the Montgomery chapter, Edgar Nixon, fight for blacks to get registered to vote (Rosa Parks, 2009).

b) She fought into her later years up until the day she passed.

g. After moving to Detroit Michigan, she founded a self-development institute in order to help serve troubled youth (Rosa Parks, 2009).

h. She spent her retirement traveling across the country lending support to civil rights events and causes (Rosa Parks, 2009).

Transition: The hard work that she put into fighting for this cause has not gone un-noticed.

C. Changed America forever, and left a big legacy behind.

a) Ended Segregation

i. Her actions and efforts are the biggest reason that segregation has subsided.

j. Her determination and persistence is attributed to the culture changes that were made, and the current predicament that we find ourselves in today.

b) Encouraged equality.

k. Today we live in a country where everyone is equal, and this is a result of that brisk December day in 1955.

l. The leaps and bounds that this country has made would not have been possible without Rosa somewhat literally putting her foot down.

m. Rosa is the reason that we live in the greatest country in existence. She aided in creating the culture of this great nation and setting a precedent for what we should expect out of our citizens and residents. III.Conclusion

A. Review of Main Points: Rosa Parks is one of the biggest causes of the Civil Rights up rise throughout America. The way she lived her life both looking out for herself and her family, but more importantly looking out and fighting for what is right. She fought for her fellow African Americans, but in the same sense she was fighting for this country and helping guide it into a great place, and an equal place. She has left a huge legacy behind as the vital person, who embarked on a journey of a lifetime, and changed America forever.

B. Restatement of Thesis: The will of Rosa Parks and her determination to put her foot down, and stand up for what is right is an attribute that we should all strive to be like. She changed the lives of every American, past and present.

C. Closure: Because of her lifelong contributions to fight for this country and fight for its citizens, she deserves our utmost respect and admiration. She will forever be known as the mother of the civil rights movement, and more importantly, the woman who changed America forever.


Albin, K. (1996). Rosa Parks: The Woman Who Changed a Nation. Retrieved May 30, 2015, from http://www.grandtimes.com/rosa.html Rosa Parks. (2009). Retrieved May 30, 2015, from http://www.history.com/topics/black-history/rosa-parks

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