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Trends paper

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With the changing of the times, Human Services will have to deal with the change equation to deliver a more effective and costly way to provide care to these individuals. With the changes in economy, this organization will have to grow to become more mature organization. Bring with it subtle move so everyone can transition into a new fit, so that way it does not feel like all or nothing move. Change is the most effective way to continue gently changing with the times. The future of Human Services lies within the family unit, parents have gone to certain places to help provide their children with certain answers they were not able to answer, like religious institutions, public communities and so forth. With the growing of the population and new technology coming out, the human services will need to be separated into several different sections in order to cover the growing families to be able to provide for them the care they need or education.

When the sections get divided each section will focus mainly on one topic and at time, for example if health is on a section it will cover nutrition classes that way a mother with children will know the benefits of eating health. If education became a section of its own it will help provide the schools with a better learning system for the students to they can learn better and not become discouraged at the fact that they cannot pick up on the lessons being taught by the teacher. The future of the Human Services lies within the families without them and their needs for affordable assistance, education, or even the reactional sites where a child, can get help with their homework or even to just talk to someone for advice. When these services are put in to use, they will always be in demand. The health system is also something that could be affected in the future when the families become denied of health insurance because of income intake the children are the ones who will be the ones to suffer, for not being able to receive the proper care.

Current economic and political climate has had a profound effect on the human services fields and has impacted those served in a very real and direct way. The Affordable Healthcare Act (AHA) for example has created such a backlash in the political and economic arenas that it has even caused the United States government to shut down due those who resist and fight its implementation and continues to be a heated debate. The relationship between economic and political events to the current trends in the human services field is becoming more and more intertwined as it geared toward providing services and meeting the growing needs of people everywhere, but with the human services funding deficits and cutbacks and with the political constraints causing complications, these needs are being threatened.

Economic problems such as the recession and cuts in government spending and political problems such as the fight against the AHA have caused a lot of direct cuts to the human services programs and are not allowing the clients to be treated properly and for some clients there is no treatment at all. The economic and political events of today rule the trends of today’s society, by not possessing readily available services for those in need. The current trends in the human services field such as broader use of diverse settings, outreach and human services in rural areas are a few of the products of the political and economic events that are shaping the way human service delivery systems are being provided. There is an ever-greater demand to do more with less and to be accountable for the funding that is needed to continue to provide those services. Human service organizations ultimately aim at evaluating, producing or delivering some type of goods or services to people in the community.

Allocating human service resources to needy communities and populations in fast changing multi-cultural urban regions is becoming a major challenge… No matter what the trend is, the time, or an individual who it applies to, the ultimate goal is to meet the needs of the clients. Today economics and political events rule the types of trend(s) regulated into today’s society and how it affects human services, by not possessing readily available services for those in need, especially in crises situations. This has become more of a growing phenomenon within the past year(s) with issues such as health care, gun control, terroristic attacks, addictions, childcare, housing, mental health illness, child, and family services to name a few. According to “Human Services in a Time of Economic Crisis” (2009), “The recession of 2007 is now recognized as one of the worst economic downturns in decades.” (para. Introduction).

According to “Human Services in a Time of Economic Crisis” (2009), “Communities are in economic crisis, and policymakers are debating strategies for stimulating the economy, generating revenue, and cutting spending among urgent and competing priorities.” (para. Introduction). There are many changes the economy and politics have brought on in the human service field. Many of these changes affect individuals with the greatest need. The lack of funds reduces the options the each client has to address the issues they are suffering from. With the lack of services offered where the greater need is leaves many clients without the help and a way to better their future. The human service system is in great need of funds to provide services to the individuals who are unable financially to seek help any other way.

The homeless people are a group that is in great need of funds available for them to receive help in regards to their struggles mentally and physically. In conclusion, there are many services that are being offered and many more that need to be offered. However, with the changing trend in our economy and politics the many organizations need to be sure that the changes they are making are done gradually as to not throw the clients into shock with the dramatic changes all at once. Affordable assistance from health care to education needs available to each and every person in need. This requires more funding to be given to the human service programs so that the maximum efforts are being made to improve the lives of families and individuals in need around the world.


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