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The Weather Makers by Tim Flannery

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The Weather Makers is a well-known book which was written by Tim Flannery. The book has won NSW Premier’s Literary Awards. A vast majority of us people believe that a rising change is taking place in the climate. But the one question that remains in our minds is whether this change is a dreadful danger to our world or an overstated decrepit? Or perhaps it is simply that it lingers in between both the cases, which makes it a matter that the human race must go through at some point or the other in our lives.

In this revolutionary and indispensable new book, the author argues fervently for the imperative need to deal with, at the present times, the insinuations of a worldwide typical weather alteration, which somehow has the tendency to destruct all life on earth and cause danger to our very continued existence.

Book Review

The book under consideration is flawless in its influence, skillfully and conveniently written in its idea for what every single human that walks on the surface of earth can do to steer clear of calamity. The book makes an attempt to bring to the knowledge of people evidently if not controversially what they know, what they think can happen and what paraphernalia they have so as to make a difference to the world. The book is so good in its arguments that it can easily change the views and the life of people.

The subject of the book is perhaps really difficult and it is also a bit difficult for the people to grasp and assess unemotionally because it demands great political and industrial allegations, and because of the fact that it comes up from the very center methods of our civilization’s achievement. At the current times, our destiny is in our own hands, as at the time being we are the weather makers ourselves, and we already have power over the tools requisite to stay away from calamitous climate change.

The book has been divided into 30 small essays, each of which stand out on their own and put forward good counterarguments to disagree with those who claim that global warming is not a problem and it does not have possibly dangerous consequences over the globe. Possibly the most persuasive is the presentation of the vast amount of knowledge in the book with reference to the history of the climate change that has been brought about. The book takes our current times into consideration and offers counterarguments for those who say that the changes of a few degrees across the world are not a major problem. In another chapter the author tells us of the changes that have taken place in the intensity of the storms and hurricanes.

According to sources, “The climate change issue is different. It results from air pollution, and the size of our atmosphere and the volume of pollutants that we are pouring into it are known with great precision. The debate now, and the story I want to explore here, concerns the impacts of some of those pollutants (known as greenhouse gases) on all life on Earth” (Flannery, p.1).

This shows that the main concern of the book is the impact of the pollution that is present on earth over the life of people living on earth. According to the book, the computers back in the year 1975 has predicted the doubling of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere as well as the hazardous effects that this increase would have on the global temperature of the entire world but,

 “Still, concern among both scientists and the community was not significant. There was even a period of optimism, when some researchers believed that extra C[O.sub.2] in the atmosphere would fertilize the world’s croplands and produce a bonanza for farmers. But by 1988 climate scientists had become sufficiently worried about C[O.sub.2] to establish a panel, staffed with the world’s leading experts, to report twice each decade on the issue. Because concern about climate change is so new, and the issue is so multidisciplinary, there are few true experts in the field, and even fewer who can articulate what the problem might mean to the general public and what we should do about it” (Flannery, p.4).

After about twenty two chapters that put forward proof that global warming is a very dangerous threat to the environment, the final part of the book is related to the solutions to the problem at hand. At the same time as Flannery’s support of individual exploit would hit some people as extremely way too optimistic, his examination of the worldwide and governmental proceedings requisite to unhurried and in due course repeal climate change is remarkably reasonable. Flannery puts forward the information that certain small scale industries such as coal mining and coal-based power companies have managed to throttle efforts to direct climate change. In order to make as much energy, coal releases nearly twice as much carbon dioxide as natural gas, so at least some industries, perhaps the ones causing the most damage have made attempts to control the problem.

Hence, basically in his book, Tim Flannery brings up the issue of the history of diverse climate changes that the earth has gone through and then he moves on to forecast the effects that global warming tends to have on the earth and further goes on putting forward solutions that can be taken up by the governments as well as the citizens of the world in order to reduce the power of global warming on the Earth. Effects such as the Gulf Stream current discontinuing, the coral reefs becoming extinct, and another ice age are one of the few some of them. Last but not the least, the author puts forward solutions like wind, solar, as well as nuclear power that can be used in order to overturn the effects of global warming.


In the light of the above discussion we can hereby culminate that The Weather Makers is a well-known book which was written by Tim Flannery and the book has won awards as well. The book deals with the issues that are faced by humanity in the current times related to the well-being of our planet, with respect to the global warming that is taking place and the book makes attempts to present counterarguments for those who believe that global warming is not as bad a problem as it is being posed by scientists.

Works Cited

Flannery, Tim. The Weather Makers. United States of America. Grove Inc. ISBN: 0871139359. Pg 1 and 4.

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