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The Unification of America

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In “A More Perfect Union” by Senator Barack Obama, in response to his former pastor Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s comments about race. Obama utilizes allusions by referring to the constitution to try and unite Americans. He also uses situated ethos in order to gain credibility on his speech and to authenticate his message through a personal connection. Lastly, he uses pathos to help the readers understand why he is running for president. He utilizes these rhetorical strategies to. convey his purpose to unify America and to end his exigency with race so he can conquer the election.

In the first line of Obama’s speech he refers to the Declaration of Independence to convey that Americans need to come together to perfect the union. Two hundred and thirty two years and the perfection of a union is still a constant battle. Barack Obama refers to the Declaration of Independence to bring a central idea and an issue that will bring Americans together as one. Even those who do not have complete knowledge of the U. S Constitution will know that there is a great deal of importance.

Later in his speech, Obama refers to the Constitution as “the ideal of equal citizenship under the law” and “should be perfected over time” to insinuate that he is capable for that happening and will try his best. He also suggests that the Constitution has not fulfilled its’ duty in which he will try to make happen. Senator Obama gives to his speech by using situated ethos. He explains the magnitude of his family tree. He states that he is “the son of a black man from Kenya and a white woman from Kansas … two precious daughters”.

Obama shows credibility by making a deep connection with the audience and himself to show that the reader (black, white, Latino, Latina, any race) that they are equal in his eyes. Obama also makes a connection with the audience by explaining that he’s “married to a black American who carries within her the blood of slave and slaveowners” and then acknowledges that he has brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, uncles, and cousins of every race and every hue which allows him to connect with his audience that his genetic material is made up of what his audience and that “we are truly one”.

By conveying ethos, he now gives credibility to his speech and authenticates his message through a personal connection. Obama uses the strategy of pathos to appeal to his audiences’ emotion in that they would really consider what he is saying. In the last paragraph it shows where pathos is depicted because he wants his readers to know why he is running for president. Obama truly believes that he can make a difference to bring the country up from where it may have fallen. This allows his audience to make an emotional connection with him and understand where he is coming from.

Another example of pathos is where Obama speaks about his pastor. He clearly states the relationship between his pastor and himself, which allows the audience can understand why his pastor may seem so hostile on certain views. The speech that Obama makes in which he utilizes ethos, allusions, and pathos to gain the audience’s trust and to persuade that Obama will try and provide “A More Perfect Union”. His rhetorical strategies were useful in conveying his purpose and were successful in which Barack Obama is now President of the United States of America.

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