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The Rebirth of Pinagrealan Cave

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I.Description of the Town
Norzagaray is a municipality in the province of Bulacan. This town is consist of 13 barangays such as, Bangkal, Baraka, Bigte,Bitungol, Matictic, Minuyan, Partida, Pinagtulayan, Poblacion, San Mateo, Tigbe, San Lorenzo, Friendship Village Resources. The town of Norzagaray is quickly rising in terms of commercial and economic status and tourist potentials. One of the reasons why it has a quickly rising in economic status is the two leading manufacturer of cement is in this town. The raw materials in Norzagaray are cement and marbles, because the town is in the foothills of the Sierra Madre Mountain Range. The town of Norzagaray is rich in natural resources and endowed with natural beauty. The town has its own natural resources and attractions. Norzagaray has several attractions whether it is natural or man-made. The well-known Bakas is located at Barangay Matictic. Hilltop is called as the “Bagiuo City of Bulacan”, because of its breathtaking scenic view of the Sierra Madre Range does not fail to amaze every tourist that visits the place. There are many tourism attraction in this town, but there is a problem it is located in remote areas of the town.

There is also a lot of resorts in this town that could accommodate tourists. One of the famous resort in this town is the Adventure Resort, it is located at SitioGulod, Barrio Tigbe, Norzagaray, Bulacan. In this resort is situated the “Eiffel Tower Replica” that is multi-purpose, because it can be used in rappelling or zip line ride. In terms of infrastructure almost all the major roads are cemented and accessible to all types of vehicle. But there are still remote areas in this town that is not accessible to any type of vehicles. There are still parts of the town that is lack of water supply. The mode of transportation in this town is jeep, tricycle and motorcycle. We have chosen Norzagaray, Bulacan, because in this town is located the “Pinagrealan Cave” that it is said that it plays a role in the history of our country and it witnesses the heroic deeds of ordinary people. The cave was used by Katipunero Revolutionaries as a camp in 1896 during the war against Spain and again during the Filipino-American War in 1898 as the hideout of General Emilio Aguinaldo. It was also used as a sanctuary by the Japanese Imperial Army when the Philippines was liberated by American Forces.

We want this cave to be recognize and become a popular tourist destination, because only Biak – Na – Bato National Park is known and recognize as hideout of the revolutionary forces during the Spanish regime. It was said that Gen. Aguinaldo once stayed there for days before proceeding to San Miguel to go to Biak – Na – Bato to replenish forces and to let their tired and sick bodies recuperate from illnesses brought about by encounters with Spanish Soldiers, to which they were often at a losing end. Apart from the historical reserves of the cave, we want to show to the tourists the fineness beauty of the cave. Because the cave possess the subterranean network of caverns extends more than a kilometer deep. Its terrain is marked by 85% limestone walls whose colors vary from pink, brown and white, shallow sinkholes, and crystal-like formations that make some parts of the rock surface sparkle. We also want to protect and preserve the beauty and history of the cave. II.Tourism Enhancement Plan

Before the cave have a dull image because of the irresponsible tourists, they vandalize inside like putting their name and putting drawings. They even tear some part of the rock formation inside the cave that cause imbalance of the rocks and it loses its natural form. Other irresponsible tourists left their garbage like candy wrapper and even used sanitary napkins inside and outside the cave that cause bad odor inside the cave.

Because of those problems we have decided to start a major planning for the development of the Pinagrealan Cave. First we’re going to look for a strategy on how to raise fund for the development of the cave. We plan to have a run for a cause that could help a lot for the development and the needs of the cave. We’re planning to promote and advertise this run for a cause by advertising it to schools, universities and to the local people and through social sites like facebook, twitter, instagram, etc. After advertising and promoting it for five months this event is going to held it at Bigte Circle. This event will be entitled “A Run for Pinagrealan Cave”. We’re going to have three categories two kilometers, three kilometers and five kilometers. The two kilometer run will cost Php 200.00, the three kilometer run will cost Php 300.00 and the five kilometer run will cost Php 500.00. In this event we’re going to have a total fund of Php 1,350,000.00.

After one year we’re going to invite some DENR cave expert to check the condition of the cave. After their visit, as soon as possible we’re going to follow all their recommendation to the cave to make sure that the bad smell of the entire cave will be lessen and all the vandalism will be cleared. After the development we’re going to finalize if all the recommendation of the cave experts were followed properly.After the finalizing of all the developments inside the cave we’re going to start to develop the outside part of the cave. Outside the cave we’re going to start putting a picnic area near the cave, we’re going to put picnic area for the tourists to enjoy the environment outside the cave.

After putting a picnic area we’re going to build small cottages in the picnic area so the tourists would have a place to stay, to eat and relax after exploring inside the cave. Were, also going to construct a wash room and a comfort room, which separates the ladies to gentlemen, so they have place to wash after getting wet inside the cave. We’re going to clear the parking area near the information center of the Pinagrealan cave to make sure that the vehicles of the tourist will have a proper parking area and for the future rental bikes. In front of the information center we’re also going to build a souvenir shop. We’re also planning to build a small prayer area near the mouth of the cave for the faith healer that goes every Lenten season to the cave for their rituals. Near the information center and near the cave we’re going to put a signage about containing the do’s and don’ts inside and outside the cave.

Before advertising it we’re going to look for staff that’s going to maintain and to make sure that the cave is secured. We’re also going to employ tour guides that will show the cave and tell the history of the cave to the tourists’. The staffs and tourists guide that were going to employ is local people for them to have benefits on what the cave is getting and to let them feel proud serving for their town. But before they start working we will first train them of the proper taking care of the cave and to make sure that they all know the rules inside and outside the cave. To make sure that the cave is surely developed we’re going to check it again and polish it to make sure that there is no problem during the opening of the cave to public. And after those developments of the cave we’re going to promote it to the people by making a poster and different advertising means to let them know that the cave has already developed. The cave is officially open to public.

For the tourists to enjoy not just inside the cave we’re going to add a rental bicycles for them to enjoy the nature outside the cave and for them to explore the town. To make sure that the staffs are working properly were going to sustain a good relationship with them for them to make feel that they important and that they are our priority not just the cave. III.Infrastructure/Superstructure

Souvenir shop (w/some historical background and pictures about the cave). Where tourist can buy some souvenirs that only come from the place.Where they can also buy the creative handicrafts of local people. Since the tourist loved collecting things from the places they were visiting. I think making souvenirs and selling them will also help Norzagaray to be popular in a way. Washroom & Comfort Rooms.Where the hazardous waste of human being are thrown away and for their refreshment.Lamp posts, to give light to the tourists to their pathway. Parking lot, where vehicles are placed. Bridge, to make easier for the tourist to pass through the running water going to the wash area and to the comfort room. Pumping Station (deep well pump), where tourist can get water for them to use and also for them to experience how to use the deep well pump. Prayer Area, religious group visiting the cave because of its miraculous posterior of Virgin Mary. They believe to its healing ability. IV.Stakeholders

We will sell our idea in the community by printing leaflets and spread it in the community, we can also post a banners or tarpaulins in crowded places so that the local people and the tourists will get the idea in the cave. The stakeholders in our plan are the local people in the community because they will suffer in the congestion and traffic but the solution of our plan in that cases are, we will only limited the people that will visit in the cave so that we can accommodate them properly, we will assigning assembly time and departure time in the group of the tourists that will visit the cave. The tourists that will visit the cave are needed to get their schedule by calling in our customer service or visit the internet site of the cave.

We will make a rules and regulations for the tourists that will visiting the cave, we will also conduct a seminar to the tourist before they went inside the cave, we will explain the do and don’ts so that they will know their limitations. We will also put some trash bins for the proper disposal of the waste. We will put some security guards to secure the cave and to avoid some destruction, vandalism and littering. We will convince the local people in the community by telling them that they will get some job opportunities when we develop the cave. Based on our survey last February 22, 2013 there are some of the local people want to immediately start our plan because they know that they will have a job when the plan completed. V.Financing the Project

We will be launching an event that would help us to fund the project. We will be having a run for a cause entitled “A Run for Pinagrealan Cave”. The 2 kilometer run is Php 200.00, the 3 kilometer run is Php 300.00 and the 5 kilometer run is Php500.00.

We will post on social networking sites to advertise this event. We will post posters to invite people to join in this run for a cause. We will also invite different Universities and Collages to help us and join this project.

The expected participants in 2 kilometer run is 2000, in 3 kilometer run is 1500 and in 5 kilometer run is 1000. We would gain Php 400,000 in 2 kilometer run, Php 450,000 in 3 kilometer run and Php 500,000. An overall fund of Php 1,350,000. The money that we can gather in that activity will be using to finance our project. We expecting that the local people will participate and cooperate in the activity that we are planning to do. According to the local people in our survey last February 21 they are willing to participate on the activities and program that we are going to have, “anything for the good of the cave” said of some locals. In that statement showed that they are willing to support us about the project that we are proposing for the development and maintaining the cleanliness and orderliness of the cave. Secondly, we are going to ask donation from local people. We are going to ask them a small amount that they are willing to donate for the cave. We are going to explain them if what for is the donation and where is it going to use. Let them know what could be happen after we implemented the project and who will be benefit with it. We all know that maybe local will donate but not enough for our project but it also help to fund the project. VI.Transportation

Norzagaray is about 42kms from Malolos City, the travel would take for about 46 minutes. To go to Norzagaray from Malolos, first you need to go to NLEX, then in Bocaue exit and then turn right towards Sta. Maria. After reaching Sta. Maria, turn left going to Norzagaray. Norzagaray is about 18kms from Sta. Maria. For commuters they can ride a jeepney at Malolos Jeep Terminal going to Sta. Maria then after that they need to ride another jeepney again going to Norzagaray. Upon reaching Norzagaray, ride another jeep going to SM Fairview then drop at Bigte Circle. Upon reaching bigte circle there is a small rotonda, you can hire tricycles that will bring you to the entrance of the cave. Norzagaray is about 45kms from Manila, the travel would take for about 52 minutes. To go to Norzagary from Manila, take the route going to SM Fairview. SM Fairview is about 31 kms to Norzagaray. From SM Fairview just turn right at Quirino Highway and head towards San Jose Del Monte, then you’re already at Norzagaray. For those who will use public vehicle, they can catch a bus or jeepney going to Tungko. From Tungko there are many small buses and jeeps to Norzagaray town proper. Go to the Bigte circle then you can hire tricycle there that will bring you to the cave. VII.Economic Impact

Pinagrealan Cave would boost the economy rate of our country because of its rich history and story that surrounds it,many tourists will be curious and interested to go to the cave and because of that there will be higher economic income for our country.Tourism Industry is a big factor and a key component for a higher economy.And it is also one of the largest source of foreign exchange earnings.Tourists will surely enjoy the Pinagrealan Cave because of different activities that they can do there and the best experience is they are learning while having fun and discovering new things inside. It’s not just for big business but also for the small enterprises around the cave,for the local people who benefit financially from their culture and traditions, because they will also have their own income from the products they are selling to the tourists. There will be more local people that would be employed. For example,local people will act as tourists guides because on the first place they are the ones who knows better in the place and in return they will feel proud in promoting and presenting their culture and traditions to the tourists.It will provide positive experiences for both tourists and hosts. Because of the tourists, we will make more possible funds for improving protected or natural areas to attract more tourists or visitors in the future.

VIII.Impact on Culture and the Environment
Impact of this is that it could be delivered in their local economy by the development and sustainability programs will be very significant in terms of revenue and opportunities. Because in revenue, if we add some attractive things in that cave, many people can get a higher income to their businesses and by that there are also a lot of opportunities will be given to the people who lives in that place. For example, we ask questions to the people through surveys and questionnaires and the we ask them on what job will they prefer if ever our development were push through to the place and most of them said that they will establish a souvenir shops there which only come from the cave and in the place. And the good there that because of that establishment the Pinagrealan Cave will be popular because of the things that they’ve seen in souvenir shop that only comes from the place.

It will also raise a new standard in awareness, education and patriotism among Norzagarenyos. To protect their culture and the natural environment of the of the town, we implement some programs that will help to maintain the orderliness and cleanliness of the town such as, seminars and demonstrations of Do’s and Dont’s before the tourist go to the cave. We provide a lot of garbage cans or trash cans in the area. No plastics are allowed. We also provide warning signs to warn the tourists on what they should do. We don’t allow some writing materials that can lead to vandalism. We will check the bags, pockets and etc. if there are some stuffthey may lead to the destruction of the cave. Their things must be place in the counter to some accidents. IX.Marketing Plan

Pinagrealan cave is not well known in its historical significance. The program aims to increase the awareness of potential target market tourists regarding the possibilities and tourism products of Pinagrealan cave as a tourism destination; increase the incoming information queries from local and foreign markets regarding Pinagrealan Cave as a tourism destination. Inform the target market travel agencies about the possibilities of Pinagrealan cave as a tourism destination.

Social networking site has the big influence in the society. We will post blogs, pictures, videos and posters in social networking sites. Through this we can encourage future tourist to come and visit the Pinagrealan cave. It will be also a way of interacting between us and to the people who visits the place to give us some comments and suggestion on how to make some improvements and help us conserve the cave, and for the people who did not yet visit the place to influence them to visit the cave.

We will also convince the tourist to have and post a blogs about the pinagrealan cave. This would help to inform the future tourist to about what they could see and experience.

Bulacan has a local channel that introduces the beautiful and historical places here in Bulacan. We will request to the local channel to promote and help us sustain the pinagrealan cave.
We will print posters about the cave in different public places. Like, public market, schools, university, parks etc.
Tourist would surely enjoy their visit in the place. They could surely have a great adventure. In this case they would encourage their friends, family, classmate and other people to visit the place. Through the word of mouth the Pinagrealan cave would be advertise.

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