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The Power And Benefit Of Using Bath File

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A batch file consists of a series of commands that are issued ordinarily to system prompt for it to perform an operation of computer. It is commonly used to start programs and also to run utilities. Batch file uses one command rather than the multiple commands that are required all the time. There are short cut icons that batch files can be likened to that are seen in operating systems of point-&-click although batch files are more powerful.

The use of batch file when starting a program makes the path statement shorter which means it has fewer directories that are searched by DOS during its operations. This shorter path creates room for other programs that need to be included in the path for it to function properly. Sophisticated batch files improve the starting of program by leading part or the entire program into the extended memory which results to freeing up conventional memory. Lower memory creates breathing room for programs and space for running utilities. (Kelsey, 1998 pp76-79).

Batch files are in three categories which includes, tiny files used to manipulate commands, medium sized used for performing series of commands that are specific such as updating ZIP code and e-mail. A monster batch file performs tasks that have long sequence and handle command line options of different varieties.

The Power of Using Batch Files

Although windows script host serves as a powerful environment for scripting and programming, batch files which are old fashioned are still useful and powerful in windows XP. This is because, the host programs of windows script use objects for data processing but batch file use the entire programs as its tools.(Knuth, 1981 pp23-26).

WHS script controls details of a given task but batch file allows you to work at a grosser or macro level. Batch file is a form of documentation because of capturing information on business management. The managers will have enough information about the business that guide them in making decision that will help in success of the business and ensure that the business continues with its operations in future, procedures to be followed in carrying out business are well stated and data is given out in a written form.

When data is in written form it can be saved and be produced for future reference and also act as evidence that a given activity took place. This allows batch file to be used for documenting business procedures that are critical. Batch files help to automate tasks that are repetitive and creates shortcut for nifty commands. The language of batch files is greatly improved in windows XP compared to the version of DOS/Win 9 xs. This language is understood with easy by every person who is in a position to use batch file and is most preferable for use. (Czapor, 1992 pp45-47).

Benefits of Using Batch File

When using one command, batch file starts program that is desired and requests associated file such as spreadsheet to be loaded while the main program is still running. By doing this, it saves time searching for documents and issuing necessary commands for loading. The time that is saved can be utilized to perform other operations which are necessary instead of using all the available time performing one particular function.

Batch files are simple to create, can be modified easily and require no programming skills for it to be used. This makes it easy to be used by any one who needs to use it without any difficulty. Creating a batch file does not require any experience in programming; it only requires the basic skills of operating a computer and that one will be enough for using a batch file. (Czapor, 1992 pp40-44).

Batch file can run on client machine and automate administrative function. The key strokes that are required to perform computer operations are fewer and this makes work easy and everybody can be able to operate those key because it is easy to master the and apply them. This also makes the chance of making typing errors to be less because no one can confuse one key for the other because the keys used are few.

When shortcut commands are used, it is easy to remember them than long series of keystrokes that are confusing to the user. Once all the short cut commands are remembered, they can be applied as fast as possible without making any errors which results to high quality output in any given operation using the shortest time possible and this reduces any inconveniences. Batch files allow the decision of the user to be made automatically without any delay and when a single command is used, it executes a series of operations that are extended. (Knuth, 1981 pp27-30).


Batch files are very powerful files and are recommended for use in any organization. It is simple to use it and have outdone other categories of files such as system files and programmed files. It has a lot of benefits and shows how to copy short cut to desktop. Batch files are denoted by (BAT) and their commands are executed as a set for example Autoexec.bat consists of commands like date and time. The benefits of batch files can run separately or be combined in order to effectively manage the work environment. These benefits are just but a sample of what is done without developing programs that help to manage administrative tasks. (Kelsey, 1998 pp70-75)


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