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‘The Hiding Place’ by Corrie Ten Boom

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According to the expert analysis, ‘The Hiding Place’ by Corrie Ten Boom is the great story about life of Corrie Ten Boom and her beloved family. No doubt, this book is not so much a life history rather an indication of God’s work in the life of the Ten Boom’s family throughout World War II.

Ten Booms owned a watch shop in Harlem, Holland where the family unit had sustained business for more than 100 years. Corrie’s family included her two sisters, Betsie and Nollie, and her brother, Willem. Her father, who ran the watch shop, was the pleasure of every child in Harlem. And her mother is acquainted with all the names of everybody in town and all the time found a way to make brighter someone’s day. In that minute workshop, identified as the beje, lots of dissimilar things happened. People came and went and orphans ran during each hall at one time or another. And for a moment, that’s how they all consider it would always be.

Each morning at 8:30 Opa, as father was called, began every day by picking up the large brass-hinged Bible off its ledge for morning devotions. Following breakfast, Corrie and her father would take a walk in the region of the town and speak to their neighbors and associates. Subsequent her schooling, Corrie educated the watch job and take pleasure in her work in the watch shop. She sustained the dealings with the townsmen that she and her father had begun years before. Her extra time was used serving hinder children in the town. She was extremely fine with children. The only grave suitor, by whom Corrie fell in love, was an incredibly rich and dominant young man. Though, he felt he could not dishearten his parents’ hopes for him to marry “well”. From that point on, Corrie knew God’s arrangement for her life involved much other than matrimony.

No doubt, Life distorted subsequent the German assault of Holland. Supplies were undersized. There were no bicycle tires to be found; the streets were loud by the rims of lots of bicycles hitting the asphalt road. Furthermore, ration coupons were issued. Jewish businesses were stopped up devoid of warning. Corrie had a spirit for the Jews, God’s preferred people, as her father called them. She became conscious of an alternative organization to assist get food, shelter and defense for the Jews. She could not pursue the German laws in the healing of the Jewish people; God’s laws superseded them and she found herself among of schemes and plots to accumulate the Jews. Her extremely own home was found to be an architecturally perfect place to have a concealed room built. If we analyze then we come to know that this room was used as a hiding site for Jews on their way to a secure place. Though, this required confidentiality drills at any hour, day or night. They had to put into practice getting the Jews into the room, hide any hint of tenancy of extra people and do it in complete silence. No doubt, all in record breaking time!

According to the expert views, their process came crashing down on February 28, 1944 when Corrie and her family unit were turned in by one of their neighbors. Moreover, her father, Betsie, Willem and Corrie were under arrest and taken to a jail in Holland. There her father died in 10 days. She not at all saw him breathing after the arrest.

Afterward, Betsie and Corrie were moved to Ravensbruck Concentration Camp, Germany. Rather than looking at the shock there, they were capable to admire the Lord for the fleas. It’s true they kept the guards away from the barracks for terror of flea bites. And this allowed open Bible studies. Betsie and Corrie were allowed to be together their whole custody. Medicine lasted an astounding number of days.

Corrie was free only a week earlier than the rest of the women in her barrack was gassed. She afterward found out that her release was the outcome of a clerical mistake. No doubt, God’s plan for Corrie Ten Boom was clear all through her entire life. Subsequent the war, Corrie traveled the earth telling of God’s pardon. If we analyze then we come to know that the reading and re-reading of this book illustrates me still how amazing God’s stipulation is when you belief and entrust your life to Him.

No doubt, this is a completely amazing book. The clarity of heart that manifests itself in this rousing saga of a gallant, Dutch family in Nazi occupied Holland throughout World War II is strikingly stunning. This is an exciting book on so many levels. The association the Ten Booms had with God is phenomenal, particularly in the face of so much disaster, yet they never wavered in their confidence. The “miracles” that took place demonstrate God’s leadership in their lives as well as providing real evidence of His plans for them. The reality that the family continually thought of others and sacrificed so much reverberates all through. It is impracticable to study this story and not be moved. As it is Christian in theme, this book does not feel excessively preachy; Miss Ten Boom gives the truth and allows the reader to experience the love and faith in a superior power.


Boom Ten Corrie, (September 1984). The Hiding Place, Chosen Books Pub Co, ISBN: 0912376058

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