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The Giver

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Jonas is the main character of “ The Giver “ by Lois Lowry throughout the book Jonas goes trough a emotional change. During the beginning of the book Jonas is living a happy life and is a good kid. Jonas has no problems with the community he thinks its good. As Jonas gets elected to be the new receiver he starts to find things out that makes him question if whether the community is really as good as it seems. In the book “ The Giver” the character Jonas goes through a emotional change.

In the beginning of the book Jonas is happy with his life he has a “family unit” which includes him, his dad, his sister, and his mom, later on in the book Gabe joins the family unit but only for a certain amount of time. Jonas does not cause any trouble he believes the community is a place were everything is perfect and nothing is bad. In the beginning of the book Jonas has a normal life he plays with his friends he goes to school and rides his bike and also fulfills his volunteer hours that he must do before the ceremony of the 12’s .

Jonas at this moment in the book does not know about colors or the good and bad memories that the Giver will give to him. In the book “The Giver “ Jonas the main character goes through a emotional change. In the beginning of the book Jonas has no problem with the community but as the book goes on he starts to change his opinion of the community. In the mid-way point of the book is right about the time when Jonas is elected to be the receiver.

When Jonas is given the job of the new receiver he gets a packet and it has rules. In the packet the page that had the rules it said that he should report to the annex room behind the house of the old everyday, and other rules. The rule that shocked Jonas the most was the rule that said that Jonas may lie. That rule shocked Jonas because Jonas was taught that lien was bad. That rule made Jonas question if anyone else in the community is aloud to lie. Another rule that Jonas got was that he could ask anybody any question.

The first memory that the Giver had given to him was that Jonas was on a hill and it was snowing and he was going down the hill on a sled. Later on in the book Jonas will find out the truth about “being released” because he asked the Giver if he could see the release of the twins from the morning of that day. Jonas the main character goes trough a emotional change that has already started to happen. In the ending part of the book Jonas finds out more about colors and he gets more good memories and bad ones.

One day Jonas goes to the annex room and asks the Giver about release and they ask if they can watch the video of the release from that morning of the twins that were born. In the video it shows Jonas’s dad weighing both the twins and the lightest twin got a needle with a liquid injected into its head. The needle had killed the baby and Jonas’s dad got rid of the baby. Jonas then freaked out because when he had asked his dad about release his dad had lied to him.

The Giver allows Jonas to spend the night with him. The Giver and Jonas decide that memories have to be shared. The Giver and Jonas come up with a plan ,Jonas will escape from the community, leaving all his memories for the people of the community. Jonas wants the Giver to come with him, but the Giver tells him that someone needs to stay to help the others deal with those memories, or the community will be thrown into utter chaos. Jonas says that he does not want to care about the other people.

The Giver tells Jonas that he himself is too weak to make the journey anyway. He cannot even see colors anymore. Jonas asks the Giver about his early experiences with seeing beyond, how they were different from Jonas’s own, and the Giver tells him that he heard beyond. He heard music, something Jonas would not understand because the Giver has kept music to himself. Jonas also takes Gabe with him on his escape journey because he was gonna get released because he was not making the progress necessary.

Jonas escapes and goes trough a hard journey but he eventually gets to the hill and its the hill of the memory of him sledding down it and he also finds the sled. In the book “The Giver” by Lois Lowry Jonas the main character goes trough a emotional change. His change is that before he was elected to be the new receiver he taught that the community was all good and it was a perfect utopia. After he gets the memories he knows that everybody should know the truth and he decides to escape the community so everybody gets the memories.

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