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The effect of Modern Technologies to Mother Earth and Human

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My fellow student, to our beloved teacher a pleasant morning to each and every one! What comes into your mind whenever you hear the word “Mother Earth”? I bet you are thinking about our environment, natural resources, and of course our Planet Earth right?. Well, you’re right! Our Mother Earth is one of the creations of God which consists of natural resources, living creatures which come up with different environment this is what makes our mother earth unique and especial among the other planets. Why is it called as “Mother Earth”?. It’s simply because of Planet Earth serves like a mother providing what her child needs in order to live and survive. Like us Human and other living creatures we depends on the natural resources that our planet earth have which helps us in making for a living in order to survive. But! As time passed by what can you observe about our Mother Earth? If you will compare the situation from then to the present what can you say about our Mother Earth nowadays? Do they have differences?!

Ladies and gentleman, Yes!! There is a big difference in a way of how we live today due to the ingenious invention of human what we call the “Modern Technology”. With the help of this modern technology we can live conveniently, we can do things easier without exerting much effort right? Can you see modern technology has a lot to do with our daily needs that’s why we must admit we cannot live without the use of Technology especially now that where living in a modern era. Because of the intensive demands and improvement of technology these require massive consumption of natural resources more often now that our needs are rapidly increasing. Big cities rose all over! It’s the place where most technologies are used for factories, making buildings and infrastructures and for transportation. In short, A place wherein vast amount of pollutions are being produced. Garbage’s are being thrown everywhere!

Even nuclear power plants and mining’s are waste which will perish after billions of years! That will surely leave a permanent mark of devastation and rudeness to our Mother Earth. As you noticed most of the Green forests are now turning brown due to the illegal cutting of trees this is one of the causes of major destruction in terms of flooding and landslide that makes us living creatures vulnerable. Mountains are being covered by tons of garbage’s carrying fatal toxins that mostly affect both land and the atmosphere. Also the rivers, bays and coastlines are being affected by this garbage’s which causes major floods and diseases particularly in most part of the cities. The wrong application of chemical toxins paves the way in producing different virus outbreak such as SARS, SALMONELA, MERS-COV and the recent EBOLA which kills thousands of people. Over exposed to radiation can trigger cell that can eventually lead to cancer one of threat in human health particularly in this modern generation.

Now that most of the forests are denuded, most places are being covered by cloud of dust and pollutions because of these changes in our environment we do have now the so called climate change wherein we encountered heavy rains, extreme hot weather and a very devastating typhoon. Those changes in response to our environment only indicate that catastrophic events are getting even worse. According to BBC world news studies shows that little by little some portions of the lands are being covered by water due to the rise of sea level because of global warming. Can you now imagine the effects of irresponsible way of using technologies?! Terrifying! Devastating and Life threatening! Ladies and Gentleman, We cannot blame anyone. We must admit you and me are responsible for this. We must be aware of using natural resources and technology responsibly. It’s our responsibility to take care of what God gave to us.

If we only know how to use them in a right way, things should not turn to this kind of situation. But!! Hey! It’s not too late as the saying says “If there’s a will, there’s a way!”. Indeed, there is always a way the solution is in our hands!. What we can do is to act as soon as now. Let’s start planting trees. Let’s start practicing the 3 R’s Reuse, Reduce and Recycle this will serve as a stepping stone in order for those problems to be addressed little by little. Let me remind you this is the only habitat that we have. This is our home where we live. We must protect and conserve our Mother Earth in order for our children’s children to continue with their journey as they make this Earth a better place. We have the power to make things better!

Wait, before my speech end, let me ask you one thing; Ladies and Gentlemen, What Can you do to save our Mother Earth?!

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