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Taoism versus Shintoism

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Origin and Beliefs of Taoism 

            Taoism was instituted basically because of a written work known as the “Tao-te-Ching”, which is a philosophy of Lao Tse (About, Inc., 2008, n.p.). Taoism is founded on the belief that there should be “equilibrium”; for them is the “force that flows through all living things” (About, Inc., 2008, n.p.). Last but not least, the number of Gods they believe in is unknown; to date no one knows if they believe in just one God or they believe in many Gods (About, Inc., 2008, n.p.).

Origin and Beliefs of Shintoism  

            On the other hand, Shintoism holds the following fundamental beliefs: “the importance of respecting rituals/traditions, the significance of maintaining a harmonious family, valuing nature, as well as, looking for peace” (Shinto, n.d., n.p.). Last but not least, they are known to belief in many Gods (Shinto, n.d., n.p.).

Taoism’s Role in the Past and Present American Culture 

            Taoism’s beliefs were eventually incorporated into the American culture (About, Inc., 2008, n.p.). Several Americans were influenced in such a way that they also wanted to achieve a lengthy life, as well as, wealthy socio-economic status just like the philosophy and beliefs that Taoism hold (About, Inc., 2008, n.p.). This is evidenced by the fact that there are forty thousand Americans who are followers of the aforementioned faith as of 2005 (About, Inc., 2008, n.p.).

Shintoism’s Role in the Past and Present American Culture  

            Shintoism, on the other hand, has also been incorporated into the American culture even though there are only approximately six thousand members as of 2005 (Shinto, n.d., n.p.).

Effect of Taoism & Shintoism on the Future American Culture/Impact of Taoism and Shintoism            

            Since, there will be more people who will probably join the aforementioned religions in the future, American culture may be negatively affected in such a way that they will be confused as to believing in one or many Gods is concerned (About, Inc., 2008, n.p.). There will me much uncertainty in believing in certain religions because of this (About, Inc., 2008, n.p.).


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