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Tanglewood Case Argumentative

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1. Start by developing a recruitment guide like that shown in Exhibit 5.3 in the textbook. Note that the current situation differs from the example provided in the book because there is no specific timeline for hiring; this is a continuous recruiting effort because even as positions are being filled, new positions are becoming available. It is also different because Tanglewood does not have a specific list of minimal educational requirements as qualifications. Position: Store job associate

Reports to: Department mangers
Qualification: individuals who have some retail experience, college students. Relevant labor market: Washington and Oregon Pacific Northwest Timeline: Continuous
Activities to undertake to source well-qualified candidates: Regional newspaper advertising
Request company referrals
Contact kiosks and staff agencies and service-job agencies
Staff members involved:
Corporate HR recruiting manager Store manager
Around $10000 for each region

2. Describe the best “targets” for your recruiting efforts by considering the job and organizational context. Evaluate the various methods of recruiting in terms of whether they seem more like “open” or “targeted” recruiting, using the information in the book to help you make this decision. If some methods seem more “targeted,” whom do you think they target? Media is an open source of recruiting as it does not target one specific group or have any specific KSOA’s associated with it. The advertisement whether television, radio, internet, or newspaper is an attention getter for whoever hears or sees it. Referrals can be considered open and targeted. Employees will often refer their friends who have no retail experience to just get the $100 dollar hiring bonus. However, some employees will find employees who they believe will match the necessary skills and cultural attitude of the store. I believe this could be considered open and targeted for this reason.

Kiosk would be considered an open anyone and everyone can apply at the kiosk. The short videos they watch are not targeted at potential employees, but do let them know what the job expectations and company culture are all about. State Job Services I would consider being a targeted recruitment process. They do have a prescreening with a set of qualifications that company is looking for thus making it targeted. Staffing agency this is most certainly a targeted process. The agency is given a set of desired qualifications that is needed to fill the position however vague it may be. These can be employment discouraged, passive job seekers, or trailing spouses. 3. For each division use the data tables provided in Appendix B to estimate how each method fares in terms of yields and costs. Provide a one-page summary of the essential results of the various data tables you have been provided. Western Washington has a total cost of $1,211,080.00 for media cost and the results are 1400 applicants, 536 candidates, 204 hired, 124 six month retention, and 92 one year retention. Referrals total cost is $3,391,680.00 and has 3362 applicants, 1564 candidates, 1026 hired, 819 six month retention, and 703 one year retention.

Kiosk applicants total cost is $2,864,448.00 and applicants are 2963, 1315 candidates, 652 hired, 502 six month retention, 358 one year retention. Job services applicants total cost $1.712, 720.00. The number total of applicants are 4236 applicants, 1598 candidates, 378 hired, 310 six month retention, and 284 one year retention. The total result with the amount of money spent I would recommend using referrals as cot per hire, cost per six month survival, and cost of one year survival is lower than the other three by a significant amount meaning the long range will benefit the company more than the short range. Eastern Washington’s has a total cost for media $2,277,535.00 with a total number of applicants being 4629, candidates 1608, 6 month retention 446, and 1 year retention 307. Referrals has a total cost of $3,392,640.00 with a total number of applicants being 3936, 1720 candidates, 1016 hired, 6 month retention 894, and 1 year retention 732.

Kiosk has a total cost of $2,421,468.00 with the total number of applicants being 2637, candidates, 1110, hired 435, 6 month retention 342, and 1 year retention 284. With the total amount of money spent I would use referrals as my avenue for hiring. Northern Oregon’s has a total cost for media $1,457,040.00 with a total number of applicants being 2616, candidates 1102, hired 374, 6 month retention 218, 1 year retention 164. Kiosk has a total cost of $2,748,896.00 with a total number of applicants being 3986, candidates 1110, hired 656, 6 month retention 342, and 1 year retention 436. Agency service has a total cost of $1,990,000.00 with a total number of 1290 applicants, 614 candidates, 420 hired, 6 month retention 446, and 1 year retention 402. While total cost of hiring is lower with cost per hire. I would recommend using the agency service for your applicants as the long term retention rates have a lower cost overall.

Southern Oregon has a total cost for media $1,651,120.00 with a total number of applicants being 1248, candidates 610, hired 396, 6 month retention 316, and 1 year retention 290. Kiosk has a total cost of $2,062,600.00 with a total number of applicants being 2730, candidates 866, hired 346, 6 month retention 256, and 1 year retention 216. Agency service has a total cost of $1,808,880.00 with a total number of applicants being 1129, candidates 522, hired 386, 6 month retention 364, and 1 year retention 326. I again would use the agency service to find long term employees with the cost being lower and such a rural area this would only make sense. 4. Northern Oregon has suggested that the other divisions of the company use a policy of using kiosks and staffing agencies rather than using the more “touchy-feely” method of relying on referrals. Does this division have a point? What would the effect of other regions increasing their use of external hiring be?

Northern Oregon does not have a point at all. If you look at the numbers provided the only divisions that have benefitted the most from kiosks and staffing agency would be the two divisions located in Oregon. Both of the Washington state divisions have a strong avenue of referrals. The cost may be hire higher overall using the referral method but retention rates are markedly higher using referrals. The long term goal of the company is to build a culture centered on their beliefs. The effect of using external hiring would bring in new employees who do not understand the team concept. By allowing team members to express thoughts and ideas only adds to unit cohesiveness. Tanglewood wants a specific group of employees and who knows what they want more than a current employee?

Tanglewood’s top management is highly committed to improving customer service quality, and proposes that simply finding the cheapest way to hire is not sufficient. Besides costs and retention, what other measures of employee performance would be good “bottom line” metrics for the quality of a recruiting method? How might the managerial focus groups’ concerns fit with these alternative considerations? Using a job services agency who directly hires quality retail employees is a good way to get the right people with the right training. The overall cost might be more expensive, but an agency knowing the environment and what training is needed for initial training is a very innovative way for the company to get qualified employees. This will prepare a potential employee with the tools on how to deal with a dissatisfied customer.

Also a job service agency will provide the training that is needed to face this challenge. Lag time also needs to be addressed to keep potential employees interested in the company. The company needs to emphasis throughout the hiring process of where the candidate is. This can be done with a weekly email or a simple telephone call. Computerized might sound great but some candidates want to know they are a real person and personal contact is the only way for this to be done. When someone is at a kiosk have an employee come over and talk with them. Truly sell the company. Company culture should be emphasized during recruitment. Let it be known that employee ideas are welcome and that individual decisions are a must. No one wants to be a robot. Let prospective employees their thoughts and ideas count. 6. The question of realism in the recruitment policy has been raised in focus groups. Write one paragraph proposals for targeted, realistic, and branded recruiting messages for Tanglewood’s customer store associate positions. What are the traditional arguments for and against using realistic recruiting policies? Targeted:

Tanglewood has a specific number of personnel that each stores has. Employees are either part time or full time. There are no temporary workers her. We want you to suggest your ideas and thoughts. You are and will continually be a cognitive piece of Tanglewoods’ philosophy and cultural values. Promotions are very attainable with our organization. Realistic:

The good positive aspects of working at Tanglewood is that you have a great chance of being promoted within the organization, Your thoughts and ideas are not only needed but wanted, Team environment is a must for all to be
highly successful. The negative aspects of working here are it is retail and you must be willing to work flexible schedules. The team aspect is not for everyone. Dealing with customers can be challenging and at times will be a distraction to what our values are. Branded:

If you want a team environment designed to meet your expectations of what a job really is then Tanglewood is for. We want your ideas and want you to excel on every level that you can. Growing professionally and personally fits in with our culture and values. We offer only the best positive experience for you to meet your goals in life. Our commitment to you is what we offer. This value is not only important to us but important to you as well. RJP’s that are presented early in the recruitment process are less effective in post hiring positive turnover. Post hire rjp’s lead to higher post levels of job performance, verbal rjp’s reduce turnover, and they lead to less likely turnover when the organization restricts turnover for a period of time after the rjp.

III, Herbert G. Heneman, Timothy A. Judge and John D. Kammeyer-Mueller. Staffing Organizations. Middleton: McGraw-Hill Irwin, 2012.

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