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Supply chain management

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With respect to Assignment-1 Case Analysis, please note that each group should follow the following steps as a starting point:

1. Provide a summary of the case; Then draw a map of all the supply chain components from beginning to end… like my diagrams in lecture 0 & 1
2. Do a SWOT analysis on what you’ve
3. What would you change?
4. Why?
Then present all this in a class discussion.
Ultimately I want you to incorporate this into David Taylor’s Case Analysis Structure (see Moodle Doc). Why was the QR approach significant in improving the company supply chain performance? Implementation of a Quick Response (QR) system improves the performance of the supplychain and thus reflects positively on sales of the company. Various initiatives were undertaken by the supply chain team at Jossey Menswear and their manufacturing plant to implement Quick Response (QR) ideas. To test the efficiency of the new idea, a set of performance measures were introduced. The Quick Response (QR) approach improves the manufacturing of the jacket and trouser assembly in the plant, payment system and supply chain performance. Individuals were moved towards team working system. 30 per cent of factory assembly was moved to QR, leaving the rest as conventional manufacturing.

Do you think the Cornwall plant’s approaches to introducing QR ideas were appropriate? Yes, as Connwall plant is a main profit centre of Jossey menswear. Its production rises from 1200 suit equivalents (SE) to 1900 suit equivalents (SE) per week. In order to introduce the QR in the Cornwall plant, an experienced operation manager Frank Hawkins was moved to an advisory role in the plant. The QR approach help the plant in improving limited factory space, arigid payment system, limited skills flexibility and specialist machinery. The plant factory floor was move from traditional “individual operator” based training to “team” working. 30 percent of the factory resources assembly was converted to quick response (QR).

Two QR teams were made, one for the jacket assembly and other for the trouser assembly. The teams increased the proportion of trousers being made under quick response conditions from 35–40 per cent of production, and increase the proportion of jackets from 30–35 per cent in July 2000. Seeing from the above facts the introducing QR ideas in Cornwall plants did well as the production of the plant have increases. Q.3. what would you change? Why?

The possible future action identified by the supply chain team which I think is worth pursuing is ‘exploring ways of choosing even more flexible cloth’ because with perfect information on market tends the supply chain team would always be limited by the availability of the cloths. Cloths are the main product in which Jossey Menswear deals in. as the supply chain project teams increases the awareness among the designers; their performance will also increase the performance of the factory. This can also be done by getting the whole team aligned to the single chain goal for improving full price sales.

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