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Speech on the independence day of India

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A very Good Morning respected principal, teachers n my dear friends. Today, we have gathered here to celebrate the 67th independence day of our country. It gives me immense pleasure as a citizen of India to share my views with u .67 years ago, on this day we engraved history n made a mark of our independence . Our nation breathed a sigh of relief but this independence was not an escapade to walk away with but a journey of tears, blood and sweat. It was a time where the whole nation came forward to sacrifice every strand of strength it had to pay for its freedom. We’ve had the greatest leaders of all times who led us on the path of freedom. we must never let their hardwork fade away. The fresh air of independence that we breath today is nothing but the fruit of their sacrifice and hard work.India, today is the largest democracy in the world. It comprises of 29 states and 7 union territories being the 7th largest country in the world area wise.

We are a vast multi linguistic country with 780 languages and 86 scripts. We as Indians hold a great legacy to carry on. We have a freedom to defend , and a tale of selfless heroism of our freedom fighters to tell. Our nation is blessed with abundance of natural beauty as we are a tropical country. Its our ancestral property that we have to protect and the values of which have been cultivated through ages and for which we are known today. Our rich heritage is something that has taken centuries to create the mark of the kings n great rulers practicing the respected cultures and rituals here in India. India has been a liberal country,since a long time as all the religions allowed to be practised in India and we have had great part in justifying the word freedom in true sense.

We have been one of the most peaceful civilization as India has never captured any kingdom or country whatsoever for the last 10000years like our peace,we belong to one of the most intelligent race,as games like chess ,snake and ladder,various other curriculums like mathematics, geometry and trigonometry all came to life from India we all should take pride in with such great accomplishments and contributions made by our ancestors to mankind. As Albert Einstein said “We owe a lot to the Indians, who taught us how to count, without which no worthwhile scientific discovery could have been made” We belong to one of the greatest nations ever encountered in the history of mankind .we musn’t soil the good name bought to the country by our ancestors instead strive harder to take this country to the zenith of success. I agree to the fact that we have corruption, poverty, illiteracy and many such social evils to deal with, which we will overcome eventually.

There have been various eminent personalities in our history, to name a few we have had Mahatma Gandhi-A man who taught a new meaning of non violence to the world we have had Dr.Ambedkar-An untouchable who touched a billion hearts. Rabindranath Tagore-A man whose pen proved mightier that the swords and Subhash Chandra Bose-who crossed all the borders for our freedom. Let us learn from these great souls and live with humanity for in humanity lies the pride of our country. Let every citizen know why he should be proud of his motherland. If only every individual started contributing his bit to the nation ,we can make india a better place to live in. Being the youth of the country, friends the future of this nation lies in our hands and our likes. Traverse the unreached boundaries. Traverse the possibilities. Here I conclude asking each one of us to love thy nation with all your might. Jai hind!

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