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Spain Is a Place That Every Tourist Should Visit

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Spain has been identified as a target spot to visit for most tourist. The history of Spain is extraordinary. The traditions are like no other such as the bull run. Tourist also look forward to the astonishing geography of Spain, such as Mount Teide that stands at a high point of 12,198ft. Spain has a numerous amount of attractions. What is Spain? Spain is a country located on the continent called Europe. The population is 46.52 million people. The capital of this amazing country is Madrid.

Euros is what they use in Spain as their currency. Spain is most known for its traditions and its wondrous history. Wine is another thing that Spain is most known for. Its culture is like no other. Futbol (soccer) is its most played and popular sport throughout Spain. Without it, they wouldn’t know how to think. Opening with the geography, the Pyrenees Mountains, they border off Spain and France with a long span of 270 miles. According to Lisa Alexander “the Pyrenees region is still a perfect destination for soul-searching or adventure. One of the most visited places in the Pyrenees Mountains is the Cirque de Gavarnie. Mount Teide is the tallest mountain in Spain.

It attains an ago they put a limit to how many people can participate. Limits were enforced because the town couldn’t afford or provide that many tomatoes. Bullfighting is the most popular tradition Spain holds. It holds so much excitement and enthusiasm. The matadores are the stars out in the ring. First, the matador goes altitude of 12,198ft. This monster is also one of the largest volcanic structures in the world. An immense amount of folks tails and myths were based off Mount Teide. Guayota, the devil, lived inside Teide (hell), and he kidnapped the god Magec. Hiking and mountain biking trails go off this marvelous mountain that thousands of people ride/hike, many tourists are drawn to this attraction. But going to the cities or the populated areas are the traditions, the main reason people visit. Don’t get me started on the food from Spain. The food is absolutely outstanding and distinctive. “Spanish food is the world famous world round” (Terra Jessop). Starting off with Paella, it is a dish that has any type of meat, the most preferred is rabbit or chicken meat. It also has white rice with green beans. To top it all off we spread a seasoning of saffron or/and rosemary. To drink with this tasty meal Spaniards drink the famous Spanish Wine.

Spain has over 2.9 million acres planted. They produce about 80% of the worlds wine production. As mentioned before they have the best vote for the best wine in the world. The amout of wine produces is not believable. About 4.8 tonnes of wine is produced. Some people are willing to pay whatever price to get this wine. La Rioja is the most known wine company from Spain. They have been in the wine business for nearly 1,000 years! “Para postre”, that’s how you would “ for dessert” in Spain, Spaniards would most likely to get Tarta de Santiago. This dessert is well for every one of all ages and sizes. It is gluten-free and it only has 90 calories. It is well seen at parties and special occasions. The economy in Spain is at almost its highest point ever.

For currency, they use a euro. For each euro it is $1.13 For the GDP (purchasing power parity) it is at 1.7 trillion, that’s the 15th highest in the world. As of 2017, the per capita GDP is $37,400. Their industries are textiles and apparel, food and beverages, metals, chemical, and shipbuilding. With the labor force alone they make 22.7 million dollars. The unemployment rate is sort of high, it is at a 17.9% out of 179 countries. On their exports, they make an astonishing 313.7 billion dollars. And On their exports, they make 338.6 billion dollars. La Tomatina is held on the last Wednesday of August, it started in the 1940s. The Benol is the small town that holds the main event. “La Tomatina festival is arguably one of the best festivals in Spain to check out”(Dominykas).

Numerous people go to participate, but sadly a couple of years out and waves a cape in front of the horns intimidating the bull. Taunting the bull brings aggravation, so the bull charges at the Matador just missing his hair by a short distance. “After a couple of passes, called veronicas, the picadores enter on horseback, they prick the bull with their lances in order to weaken his neck muscles. They do this so that at the end the matador will be able to reach over the horns and place the sword blade where it should go – between the bull’s shoulder blades” (Barnaby). In overall Spain is an unbelieve country that everyone should consider going to. They have outstanding mountain ranges and history. The Geography of Spain is what makes Spain. They’re culture and traditions are like no other. La Tomatina is a great example of how Spain is special and unique. Visiting Spain would be a great experience.

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