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Sources of Innovation

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Innovation is a foundation of social change. It is the process of developing new methods or products to better facilitate how society operates. Whether it is a fundamental change, such as the internet, or incremental change, such as revisions to existing programs, innovations encompass sociocultural dimensions, which have the ability to manifest multifaceted and/or erratic ramifications.

In turn, the intricate dynamics of innovation is what aids in its dismissal or implementation within society. Progression is crucial in order for society to develop, as well as prosper towards the future. Thus, what are the sources of innovation? This paper will depict innovation and its sources, as well as elucidate how the process of innovation is correlated with the progress of society, its’ necessity, as well as how innovation diffuses throughout the world. Innovation

Harper & Leicht (2011) suggests, “Innovative action involves a linkage or fusion of two of more elements that have not been previously joined in just this fashion, so that the result is a qualitatively distinct whole” (pg. 232). Innovations are the outcome of collective ideas, or the missing element in everyday activities. The simple of act of independent brainstorming can conjure an idea that will revolutionize society.

The Pillow Pet, for example, accumulated millions of dollars, after being exposed to the public. Impact Lab (2011) stated, “The idea for Pillow Pets dawned on Jennifer Telfer after watching her young sons smash down their stuffed animals in order to sleep on them like a pillow. So she set about creating stuffed animals that unfolded into plush pillows” (par. 6). Innovative ideas should gratify a particular need, as well as be priced so that everyday consumers can generally afford the product. Thus, let us explore the sources of innovation.

Sources of Innovation The foundation of innovation habitually materializes through a process. Harper & Leicht (2011) stated innovation is a “four-phase process: 1. Perception of a problem, stimulated by unfulfilled needs and wants. 2. Setting the stage, in which a person assembles all the elements of a solution. 3. An act of insight, in which a new configuration of meaning appears. 4. Critical revision, in which an innovation is made workable in some context” (pg. 233).

An individual foresees a need of society and contemplates how to rectify that need through a series of solutions. Once a person perceives a social problem, formulates a solution, and considers methods to repair the dilemma, the next phase is to think devise a system to make the product work. This is the most difficult aspect of the innovation process. While the innovative idea may be present, to design and allow the product to function properly may be difficult.

Peter Drucker, an authority on innovation, suggests that there are seven sources for innovative prospects: the unexpected, incongruity, innovation based on process need, changes in industry or market structure, demographics, changes in perception, mood, and meaning, and new knowledge (Hofstrand, 2010). The unexpected advancement refers to an unforeseen success or result from the original objective. A great example of this success generates from Pavlov’s experiment with his dog’s digestion. His original experiment was to explore his pets’ saliva production; however, the dogs’ reaction to specific stimuli led Pavlov to the development of classical conditioning.

Hofstrand (2010) states incongruity is “a discrepancy between reality and what everyone assumes it to be, or between what is and what ought to be, can create an innovative opportunity” (par. 4). Incongruity refers to something that is not necessarily needed; however, it is desirable. Robert Swaim (2011) states, ” The inception of the “mini” steel mill is an example of successfully exploiting an incongruity before the management of the larger integrated steel mills in the United States realized what was occurring in the industry” (par. 10). The originator of the mini steel mill tapped a market that was untouched, which allowed it to prosper prior to other companies flooding the market.

Innovation based on process need refers to when a product has an element that weakens its performance. Thus, the “weak link” is accessible to other manufactures or innovators to design a method that allows the product to be improved. The technological advancement of Wi-Fi quickly penetrated the market after Apple introduced it into their laptops. As a result, Wi-Fi began appearing as a feature on competitors’ laptops, shortly after it was implemented into gaming devices, cell phones, and other forms of tablets. The development permits direct communication with the internet, which allows communication to be more effective around the world.

Changes in industry allows for innovative products or services to enter the market when there is a shift in industries. (Hofstrand, 2010) As organizations are progressing, and technology is allowing businesses to operate online and out of the office, the need to perform on the go is essential. The most current invention that allows entrepreneurs and/or organizations to allow consumers to order and purchase the product immediately is the credit card swiper/reader.

Individuals are able to attach the device to their phone and the consumer is allowed to swipe his or her credit card to pay for his or her purchase. This product has prospered in small businesses, as well as towards entrepreneurs whom are out attempting to generate money door to door. However, a downfall to this wonderful gadget is delinquents have devised a method to read and save individuals card numbers, and later use the cards at their disposal.

Demographic changes, such as population, employment, and education leave the market open to innovative advancements. As the population increases in the United States, so does the differences in cultures and ethnicities. As a result, the need to adapt to these new cultures, languages, and beliefs allows for the necessity of new products and methods. Cable and satellite providers have added Spanish channels for the Hispanic population. In addition, most organizations have included Spanish in their automated recordings, as well as have added bilingual employees in order to ensure that the Spanish speaking public has a person that can understand their desires.

Changes in perception, mood, and meaning occur as society progresses and aspire different aspects of life. The United States is constantly belittled for the growing epidemic in obesity. In 2004, the movie Super Size Me was made to portray the effects of the fast food industry. The movie followed a man whom specifically followed a diet exclusively consisting of McDonald’s food for 30 days. (Imbd, 2012) Society has recognized the love for fast food is damaging their bodies, thus, individuals are becoming more aware of what he, or she digests. Consequently, McDonald’s, now offers, healthy alternatives to French fries and desserts, as well as supplies the amount of calories in each of their burgers, to elucidate the amount of fat that is digested in one meal.

New knowledge is what allows society to progress towards the brighter tomorrow. With every new innovative idea, stems another incredible discovery, which in turn leads to a new gadget that allows the public to function in a more effective and proficient manner. The evolution of televisions and cell phones are phenomenal. Society progressed from black and white boxed setting television sets, into 3-D, HD, flat screens, that have the capability to adhere to the wall, answer phone calls, and connect to the internet.

In regards to cell phones, they have evolved into hand held computers. Smart phones are programmed to make calls, video chat, browse the web, as well as download music and games. New knowledge has allowed organizations to operate after hours and from the privacy of home due to the internet technology. Companies can now generate a higher profit because innovative development has permitted consumers to view and purchase products worldwide anytime, day or night. Thus, the need to continuously seek and learn new knowledge is imperative to sustain development and progress towards the future. Innovation and society

Society’s stature has a profound effect on whether innovation succeeds. Numerous factors lead to innovative accomplishment. Innovation is more probable when negation is present, thus, innovation can be focused towards stress reduction and economical recovery. Innovation also thrives when society has an environmental threats, and/or disasters due to tornado’s, hurricanes, or wars. Again, the trauma and tragedies produces new knowledge of how to react when approached with adversity.

In turn, innovation provides development that aids in survival. As an example, the horrific turmoil caused by Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana, allowed innovation to develop a more advanced warning system, as well as constructed stronger, reinforced levies to stop the rapid waters. In addition, societies that grow and invoke social norms, role expectations, as well as the succession of individuals will continue to prosper and provide innovative opportunities. How innovation spreads

Innovation diffuses by recognition, attractiveness, trend, and economical cost. Society will always desire the next new, big ticket item. The amount of promotional advertisement, correlated with the success of its functioning skills will contribute to the overall feat of the product. Some products have a timeline and only succeed because the item is a fad. A prime example is the Snuggie, i.e., the blanket with sleeves. The Snuggie manifested and everybody wanted to own or purchase one for his or her family member.

However, the invention soon faded into the dark. Nonetheless, some innovated ideas generated products that will continue to grow and develop as the world continues to thrive. Technological advancement, such as the internet, computer, cell phones, fax machines, and copiers will continually prosper until the end of days. This type of technology aids in the success of organizational development, which in turn contributes to our economy and allows society to reach financial success. As a result, the economy will continue to flourish, grow, so we are able to progress towards the brighter tomorrow.

Innovation is the foundation of social change, as it aids in the development of new methods and products that modernize society. Whether it is a crucial change or incremental change, innovations encompass sociocultural dimensions, which have the ability to manifest complex consequences. The intricate dynamics of innovation decides if society adopts or dismisses the product. While not all innovations succeed, progression is crucial for society to develop, as well as prosper towards the future. Thus, incessant innovation is imperative to our society. The foundation of innovation routinely materializes through the process of perceiving a problem and foreseeing that need, contemplate how to rectify that necessitate, formulate, and produce the solution.

Sources of innovation aid in the survival of progression. Peter Drucker suggests that there are seven sources for innovative prospects: the unexpected, incongruity, innovation based on process need, changes in industry or market structure, demographics, changes in perception, mood, and meaning, and new knowledge. Society’s ever-changing environment, growth, and turmoil will always provide innovative opportunities as we continue to ascend towards the future. As the world continues to expand and develop, the need for innovation will always be present. Innovated ideas, such as technological advancements, will generate products that will continue to grow and develop as the world continues to thrive. This type of technology aids in the success of organizational development, which in turn contributes to our economy and allows society to reach financial success.

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