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Software for Human Services Organizations Paper

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In this paper we will explore the advantages of using this software to centralize electronic client records and human services resources. We will also explore the way the software is used to track client services and the advantages and disadvantages of this software. We will explain how the size of the organization helps determine the software package chosen as well as three possible challenges that could occur during the implementation process and how we would resolve them. Client Track is a software program used in the human services field to improve and promote good health, human and social organization (Client Track, 2013). Client Track is an awesome program that helps in configuration of the organization, in doing so, the organization is able to work at its highest potential in the office. Some abilities of this program include intakes, assessments, determining eligibility, case notes, tracking client progress, measuring potential outcomes as well as providing referrals and so much more (Client Track, 2013).

Identify the benefits of using this software to centralized electronic client records and human service resources.

“Human services organizations that use a wide variety of tools to manage activities can consolidate their technology by using client track” (Client Track, 2013). By using Client Track software to consolidate electronic client records in the human service field, will help the organization benefit tremendously. For instance a software program has all contacts in one place, the data is more reliable and secure. Client Track has easy-to-use interface and simple workflow that will improve everyday operations, less time would be spent on coordinating activities and more time would be spent on helping those who need the most help (Client Track, 2013). Information can be incorporated and documented on a meeting basis.

In most cases it will eliminate duplicated records from being created for the client. The database can then become sources of knowledge that is shared and used, and corrections or other changes that are made to records would be made available to other organizations as well. When it comes to tracking clients services, Client Track is used to configure medical evaluations, prescription tracking, and program enrollment. Client track can also do automated complex processes, and eliminate the need to purchase separate programs (Client track, 2013). In most outcomes tracking and goal setting, the program evaluates client progress and program effectiveness, while tracking the progress goals using historical data recorded at different time points (Client Track, 2013).

How would you use the selected software to track client services and the advantages and disadvantages of using the software?

I would use the Client Track system when doing an intake assessment on an individual uses the logic model response. The logic model which benefits the organization because it does much faster intakes as well as answering or asking questions based on previous information in the system. The tailored workflow is also easy to use, because it helps guide staff through the assessment process and only gathers information that is needed. The client track also puts information of clients into its database and refers back to certain time periods to keep track of client’s progress. It will also show with graphs and charts the impact of the services provided. It will automatically be integrated within the Client Track recording program (Client Track, 2013).

The advantages of this program is how it can produce committees and generate reports, and generate membership rosters and events. Staff can usually see other members recorded work and compare the records to their own notes. The program also offers the users to implement security measures to make sure information is secure and the use of charts or graphs to show progress of clients. Encryption and robust security ensures that the client’s information is private and confidential. Client Track also offers an eligibility engine which stops the hassle of having to figure out if clients are eligible for services. Mobile integration allows easy access from any smart phone, tablet, or web-based device. The calendar section enables management to consolidate work related activities into one system to encourage its efficiency.

Explain how the size of the organization helps determine the software package chosen and Identify 2 to 3 possible challenges that could occur during implementation and how you resolve them.

The software is good for all organizations no matter how big or small, client track works the same. At this point in time there seems to be no disadvantages to this program. This program seems to cover every area of the human service field. I believe that there will be problems just like any other the program when implemented into an organization. For instance the first problem might be the staff being used to the old system. They might find it hard adjusting to the new program which is being implemented. In order to fix this problem I would hold a mandatory training session for all staff workers, and then teach every area that the program offers.

Second challenge maybe if the software has a glitch or something were to affect the software, I would always provide the numbers to tech-support so that it is made readily available to all staff workers or have tech support on site so there is no disruption in case management. And thirdly if the system were to shut down I would have a backup plan in place, in which intakes and assessments would be manually done and when computers are up and running they could be inputted into the system. Another approach is to have smart phones available so that if the system shuts down the system could be access by using your smart phone or another web-based device.

In conclusion we have touched on the benefits of using client track software to collect electronic records of clients and human services resources. We have explored how one might use the client track software to track client’s services as well as point out the advantages and disadvantages of this particular software system. I also explained how the size of the organization does not determine the software package chosen because there is only one program for all organizations to use. I also included three possible challenges that can occur during the implementation process and how we can resolve them and provide the best services to our clients.

Client Track. (2013). Retrieved September 3, 2013, from Client track software: http://www.clienttrack.com/about-clienttrack/

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