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Several Definitions Of Quality

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There are several definitions of quality. Quality is one or more desirable characteristic that a product or service must posses and one of the most important consumer decision factors in the selection of among competing products and services. Quality may be regarded as factor in which manufacturers should consider when evaluating, developing and improving their manufacturing processes. Furthermore, quality must be measurable in order for us to improved certain products or services (What is quality — the Experts Opinion (2001)).

Traditionally, quality is a fitness for use. There are two general aspects that are considered in defining quality; one is quality design and the other is the quality of conformance. In the quality of design, we look at the variation on levels or grade of quality. On the other hand, in quality conformance, we deal on how well the product or service confirms to the set standards or specifications (What is quality — the Experts Opinion (2001)).

In addition, quality is inversely proportional to variability. Meaning as the variability increases the quality of a certain product or service decreases and vice versa. Hence, one can improve quality by reducing the variability of the product and by using statistical methods and tools to reduce the variation among products (What is quality — the Experts Opinion (2001)).

Measuring quality means calculating the performance level of a certain product or service in accordance to the set measures or standards. It is systematic identification of the quality level of a product or service. By measuring quality, you can identify parts that need necessary modifications and improvements. Improvement can have a great contribution in achieving quality care, which is the goal of quality assurance (Methods &Tools: Measuring Quality).

Measuring quality also include quality assessment, quality monitoring and external evaluation of quality. It consists of measuring and monitoring the difference between the set standards and the actual performance for improvement purposes (Methods &Tools: Measuring Quality).

            A producer produces products and offers services that a consumer wants. Hence, any producer must know the dimensions of quality. The dimensions of quality include performance, reliability, durability, serviceability, aesthetics, features, perceived quality and conformance to standards. Performance deals mainly on intended job of the product; whether it will do it or not.  Reliability concentrates more on the rate at which the product fail to do the intended job while durability concerns on how long the product lasts.  Serviceability assures the consumers that the product incorporates good repair service. Aesthetics concerns on the looks or physical attributes of the product while feature deals on what the product do. The perceived quality provides information about the reputation of the company or the product itself. Lastly, the conformance to standards ensures that the product is made exactly as the designer proposed (Garvin’s 8 Dimensions of [Product] Quality).

            The dimensions of quality that have been mentioned in the article entitled “What’s in a Car-Quality Score?”  By Gregory L. White and Norihiko Shirouzu are reliability and durability. These two dimensions play important roles in achieving the highest quality score. As mentioned earlier, durability deals on how long the product (in this case car) lasts while reliability concerns on how often the product fails. Thus, if the car is durable and performs well, then it will score high (meaning high ranking) on the survey conducted by J.D. Power (White et al., 2002).

The ranking in the survey has a great importance in the auto manufactures. This serves as their basis of how well they perform in the car industry. Since it survey of quality, being in the top rank implies having the best quality of cars among several auto manufacturers (White et al., 2002).

            The ranking also serves as their source of motivation on improving the quality of cars they manufactured. In the case of GM and Ford Motor Co., they plan to have a great improvement in the quality of their cars in order to achieve their goal—to be the leading company in the car industry (White et al.. 2002).

Some think that the survey was subjective and therefore rankings were not reliable. Critics say that it does not show real scores on long-term durability and reliability because of the fact that J.D Power only considered the first ninety days of car ownership (White et al., 2002).

People wanted to know the long-term durability and reliability of cars of different auto manufacturers. Since the survey is about the initial score of quality, consumers cannot determine whether the cars they buy are really of good quality or not. Although the survey serves as an initial basis for good quality, it does not mean that the cars have a long-term durability and reliability (White et al., 2002).

            People wanted to have stable and reliable reports on car’s long-term durability and reliability so that they can have a guide on selecting or choosing a car, which would last for a long time and would guarantee you of good performance.

            As a summary, quality is vital to both producers and consumers. For producers, it serves as their basis for standard but for consumers, it serves as a decision factor. Quality also has different dimensions such as performance, reliability, durability, serviceability, aesthetics, features, perceived quality and conformance to standards.

            Although ranking does not manifest the true score of durability and reliability of cars, it somehow gives you an initial idea of what is the quality of car you purchase. Ranking is important in the part of automakers. It does not only measure the performance of other automakers but also check their own performance in the industry where they belong, thus giving automaker a sense of motivation for innovation and improvement.

People wanted a real score of car’s durability and reliability. The ranking may be helpful but still they must consider what the consumers really need.


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