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Senior Trip

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It was the week every high school student looked forward to ever since they were a freshman; it was a week of paradise with no homework, papers, or tasteless school food. A week filled with adventure, sunshine, and babes in bikinis. For one week the only thing you had to worry about was not looking stupid in front of your classmates; but with a class like ours it would be stupid not to do something embarrassing. That is the week that I and six other seniors left our image on the class of 2012. The first stop on senior trip was the beach. It was the perfect first stop because we had been cooped up in the bus for 30 hours. The sun was shinning and we were ready to explore our summer playground.

The morning seemed as though it was going to be a normal day; that is until my friend Stephen Hyer had an idea. He wouldn’t tell us where or what we were doing; he only said it was going to be awesome. We all ran into a hotel bathroom and then he told us his plan to make duct tape Speedos. He had brought regular underwear for us to put tape on. Then he put out the tape. There was red, blue, green, zebra print, and others. In the midst of us helping each other create our bathing suits, a little kid came in and went to the bathroom. I assume that he had seen far worse because he stared for a second and then did his business and left like nothing ever happened. The thirty year old man however walked in, stared at us, we froze, then he left very quickly. Stephen felt obligated to yell after him, “Wait, we can make room!”

So the bathing suits were finished; now we just had to go show them off. I can honestly say that I have never had more attention, and been more humiliated in my whole life. As we ran by our classmates, they whistled and cheer for us. We took hundreds of pictures with everyone we knew and people we had never met. When the teachers saw what we had done, they just shook their heads but did not stop our ridiculous adventure. Seeing as how kids the year before wore Mankinies, that only covered their front, our actions were not as revealing. We decided to go see a t-shirt salesman that we had met earlier that day. When he looked at as he was stunned to say the least. After he told us to keep our distance from him because he had a gun, he took a picture of us for him bulletin board filled with interesting things throughout the year. All I know is that for those two hours, it was one of the funniest moments of my life but, it was the most embarrassing moment of my life. The worst was still to come however.

So we all had a laugh and returned to our normal bathing suits and went on our way like nothing ever happened. We all loaded on to the bus and headed to the hotel we would be staying at. The next day, our pictures started appearing on facebook thanks to our classmates. It was like reliving an embarrassing nightmare over and over again with each picture posted. I received a voicemail from my mother saying how I look like I am having fun and that she saw my pictures in my duct tape Speedo on facebook. That was the first time that I really turned absolutely red; because if she saw it, it meant that everyone else in my family had also.

Other than parading around in short tight bathing suits, senior trip was kind of quiet. It was tons of fun but no one really had any embarrassing moments. I guess we scared everyone away from the idea of doing anything crazy. Creating those bathing suits was fun, but it was something you do once just so you have a crazy story in life to tell later on. I do not regret wearing the suit, but it was by far the most humiliating thing I have ever done in my life.

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