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Rollo on Ideal

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The participants will be in an atmosphere somewhat tense at the beginning of the rollo “IDEAL”. They have been placed in a group with people they do not know; many will be worrying about what the others will think of them. Many have heard stories of what they will do in the Cursillo and now “that” is beginning. This atmosphere will continue to the time of the discussion, where the members of the group will have the opportunity to begin to know each other and relax a little.

The participants, though nervous, are eager to begin. The retreat is behind them, a period of meditation and of reflection. Some might have not felt anything, but the majority, depending on their personalities, will be nervous. For some, according to their personalities, the spirit of the retreat would have softened their nervousness the night before.

“The atmosphere is charged with anticipation. The rollo of ‘Ideal’ should slide in, reach into their hidden sense of what is right, and then get them thinking of where they truly are in their lives and in their relationship with God.” The majority have been longing for a change in their life. What is going through their minds? The group “order” has not yet been established. They might have many questions at this very moment: “Who will speak on what?” “Who will be quiet?” “Am I going to be accepted…?” “I don’t know how to write.” “I can’t talk religion.” “I’ll show them what theology is.” etc. It will be the end of the day before they will start feeling at home, so the rollo on the ideal should not dazzle, but should point steadily the way. If the rollo is clearly and carefully presented with examples and illustrations, the groundwork will be established for the remainder of the Cursillo.

On the other hand, if the rollo is garbled, theatrical or theoretically inclined, then the participants will turn off the speaker, and it will be difficult to awaken their interest later on. Their nervousness must be relaxed. The presentation should be warm and carry with it an invitation to listen.

In this rollo is referred too the three kingdoms of the Nature. Not to give a lesson of science, but to show that we are the superior being to everything that was created, the fruit of an IDEAL (God’s Ideal, although it is not mentioned). The book of Genesis, in the story of the Creation, teaches us that man is the summit of all created. We also have an Ideal(s)… each one to give “life”: i.e. to my small garden, I fertilize it, water it, and change the pots in place so that they are benefited of the sun, and then I wait… I wait to see “my flowers.” My Ideal is to have a beautiful garden and some rich tomatoes!

From the beginning of the Cursillo, the candidate is prepared the need of perseverance in this new adventure that has just to begin. They will see that there are difficulties but with God all is possible.

Let me share this Witness with you:
At the beginning of my conversion, I did myself a mental plan and I thought with it to achieve, to reach my Ideal. After several years, I realized that with God things are not like the human goals… here we give “one step ahead and two backward.” We need to be tested like the gold in the fire is purified. Frustrated by my “lack of progress”, I told a group of friends; they also had a similar experience. In-group, we consulted with our Spiritual Director. This was his answer: “this continues to the end of our life.” Nowadays my Ideal continues to be: to live in grace and to grow that grace in me, to help so that others also achieve their Ideal.

Cursillo, a Triple Encounter:
In the National mailing part II of August, 2003: “…we must work in helping each person to have a triple encounter. First, we need the opportunity to permit each person to have an encounter with themselves (this is obtained during the first day of Cursillo). Second, we need to provide the opportunity to permit each person to have an encounter with God (this is obtained during the second day of Cursillo). Finally, we need to provide the opportunity to permit each person to have an encounter with the others (this is obtained during the third day of Cursillo) focusing on the Group Reunion and Ultreya as an important key to this encounter with the others.”

Specific Objective of the rollo Ideal
It is necessary, through this rollo, to instill or to awake in the cursillistas the need for having an ideal (their own) – main mast of every life – and the conviction that whoever does not have one, whoever he or she may be, it is not a person The first day provides to the cursillistas with a reason for their lives, it tries to situate them face to face with themselves. The whole rollo moves around a non-religious atmosphere, therefore its objective is to interest and to enter through the human thing to arrive at the Divine thing. The following rollos of this first day are supposed to present the idea to live the Christian Ideal: that is to say, the life in grace. The message of the first day is: “know yourself”. If you do not know yourself, this rollo is going to explain and help you to describe your Ideal or ideals at this moment of your life.

“The Cursillo Movement is directed in the first place, to bring conversion in the person.” (E. Bonnín.)
Before we expose the Christian ideal to the new cursillista, one must make them see their own ideal as person. We all have at least an ideal in our life that we want to see carried out. The majority of the people have various ideals that they dream of and endeavor to obtain. Therefore it is very important that a rollista with experience be assigned to give this first rollo. Someone that will present, with its personal examples, how he or she lives and thrives to obtain their Ideal(s).

“Our ideals should be reachable, that is to say that they can be obtained. If these are aimed higher than reachable, then we would become discouraged and we would abandon the IDEAL.” (E. Bonnín).
It should be a shot into the air that would make our head raise and look toward higher goals.
When I was young, my ideal was to study, to know the world. To travel, to listen to music, to paint, etc. Since my Cursillo, my ideal is a great deal higher and more inspiring than the ones I had before… (It is, to live in Grace and to try to improve myself).

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