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Robber Barons And Rebels

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Explain what Zinn means by a “skillful terracing to stabilize the pyramid of wealth.” What Zinn meant by a “skillfull terracing to stabilize the pyramid of wealth” is, they believed the economic growth would be much better with the aid of blacks, whites, Chinese, and European immigrants. They had to do it together in a way to stabilize the economic wealth. Explain what Zinn means by saying that the Interstate Commerce Act of 1887 “gives away the secret of reform legislation in America.” What zinn means by saying the Interstate Commerce Act of 1887 “gives away the secret of reform legislation in America is, the act required the railroad rates to be reasonable and just. However it did not empower the government to fix specific rates. The law was the first federal law to regulate private industry in the United States. 3 In what ways does Zinn believe the Supreme Court “was doing its bit for the ruling elite”?

Explain how the “message” of Conwell’s famous lecture Acres of Diamonds supported the theory of Social Darwinism. 5 How did the writings of Henry George and Edward Bellamy represent a “literature of dissent and protest” that arose to challenge the orthodoxy and obedience Zinn believes was designed to “control” the American working class? 6 Compare and contrast Zinn’s and your textbook’s accounts of the Haymarket Square bombing in terms of causes and effects. 7 Zinn says that revolutionary movements at this time (1880s-1890s) were stimulated by “the recognition that day-to-day combat was not enough, that fundamental change was needed.”

How do his accounts of the Homestead and Pullman strikes illustrate both the issues and the oppositional forces involved in such change? 8 Explain why “a Senator from Wisconsin” supported the Homestead Act in 1860, and why he was wrong. 9 Cite an example of Zinn providing evidence of mutual support and sympathy between (a) urban laborers and farmers, and (b) blacks and whites. 10 What was “the first document” of the Populist movement, and what did it call for? 11 Explain what Zinn means when he says, “on top of the serious failures to unite blacks and whites, city workers and country farmers, there was the lure of electoral politics – all of that combining to destroy the Populist movement.”

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