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Recommendation for Asus Zenbook

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1. Providing good customer services is essential
Nowadays consumers have high demand not only on the product’s quality, but also on the quality of a company’s customer service. A company’s reputation is as good as the customer service provided and it would tremendously affect a company’s reputation and standing on a specific field and hence companies should not neglect the necessity of providing world class customer services especially like ASUS company which is an emerging leader in the Asia’s pc and laptop nations. Cases were seen in Malaysia like customer complain to ASUS Taiwan when facing problems with faulty screen and being charged for the repair. He requested for a free charging as faulty screen is believed to be the manufacture’s defect, more he also encountered problems since the day he bought that product. Asus Taiwan Service Center had transfer his case to KL Service Center, Malaysia. Calls and emails to managers were made, but none reply for more than 2 weeks. Is this the way ASUS should handle their customers? Consumers encounter experiences with company and what people hear from the words of mouth will influence their perception and likelihood to purchase that specific company’s products. Such as Apple, still ranked No.1 in the Tech Support Showdown and top in the Best and Worst Brand Reports, it’s hard to beat Apple’s customer service.

2. Improving sensitivity of Zenbook Trackpad
The ASUS Zenbook version of UX32VD still have problems of annoying trackpad making it seems like having a muted sensitivity and failure multitouch gestures. Users commented to feel jumpy when using and sometimes under-responsive. This problem was first encountered in the previous model of Zenbook UX31 and still ASUS have not make reasonable improvements on the later model. However, ASUS supply an updated touch-pad driver package via ASUS Live Update which is believed to help relieve this frustrating problem encountered by the Zenbook users. The quality of the touchpad’s sensitivity, smoothness, multi-touch gesture fucntion, drag and drop function should be technically upgraded to please users’ needs.

3. Upgrading the Zenbook entertainment features
The ASUS Zenbook series uses speakers with the Bang and Olufsen’s ICEPower technology which produces softer but still accurate audio sounds, if they were to compare to Apple’s Macbook Air series speakers which produces accurate and yet loud sounds. Both at their top volume, Apple still wins as much as twice louder and richer than the ASUS Zenbook series.

4. Reducing the amount of heat
ASUS UX32VD runs hotter than it’s previous version – UX31A due to the adding of discrete Nvidia 620M GPU which is also known as the graphic processing unit. It function efficiently in manipulating computer graphics display hence enhancing gaming experiences. The output heat from the fan is not a problem when we are only performing basic tasks such as web browsing. However, gaming resulted in more heat outputs and hence higher temperature felt. The lower right corner of the bottom of the zenbook reach as high as 105 degree and 102 degree on the G and H key while performing gaming purposes. We consider anything above 90 degree to be uncomfortable to users. Besides, the fan become loud while gaming were to go on. ASUS should work on this deeply to enhance users’ experiences and comfortability.

5. Enhancing travelling convenience
ASUS Zenbook is a type of ultrabook, as compared to normal laptops, ultrabook is designed to cater light-weighed travelling and longer standby time while user are on the road. Hence, the weight of Zenbook and it’s battery performance is vital. Reviews shown that the UX32VD weighs a 3.3 pounds comparing to that of Apple Macbook Air which weighs only a 2.96 pounds though the ASUS have aluminium tapered designs like Air-like ultrabooks. During the LAPTOP Battery Test, the UX32VD features only a 48-watt hour battery and lasted approximately only 5 hours comparing to the older version UX31A’s 50watt-hour battery which can last more than a hour longer than the UX32VD. If were to compare with Apple Macbook Air, the Air can last for approximate of 8 hours and 10 minutes. It’s a less convincing point to users considering to travel while having their notebook to last long if it comes to ASUS UX32VD. Hence, ASUS should consider producing a lighter version of ultrabook yet still keeping it’s world class full HD resolution and screen display, and also it’s powerful performances and prolonging it’s standby time.

6. Upgrading the accessories and software
Asus zenbook UX32VD is a new product in global market, so some accessories of computer that suitable asus zenbook UX32VD are hard to find in market. One of the example of accessories is the SSD cache of asus zenbook UX32VD. The maximum height drive space to placing SSD in UX32VD is only 7mm but most of the SSD in market are 9mm in height. If the users of UX32VD plan to upgrade their ultrabook,, they are recommend to buy the Crucial M4 because it is only 7mm. beside that, users also can remove the top plate of the SSD housing and using the double side tape, stick the drive to the back plate but this will void the warrenty. Besides that, asus zenbook UX32VD still using a dual core processor which are quite out dated in this era even though smart phone like Samsung Galaxy 3 already using quad core processor.

Asus company should try using quad core processor in their product so that the zenbook can process faster and smooth. In addition, asus also loaded the thing up with its own selection of bloatware and although we have adjust the setting to our preferences but it have tendency to change the computer’s settings automatically. It is not going to drag down performance , but will slow down the starting times. They should provide the setting or processor user’s manual so that their customers can know the function well and determine whether they have using the process or not. Asus company also must give freedom to their customers to choose the setting they prefer.

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