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Reading Books is Fundamental

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Literature is a form of art contrary to the belief that art is solely captured through visuals, music, or dance. Throughout civilization people have used literature to express forms of thoughts through poems, prose, novels, or essays. In the article, Reading is Fundamental by Charles M. Blow, he expresses his strong opinion on the importance of literature. During the article, it emphasizes the power of literature, how literature is recognized in society and finally he expresses his opinion through his tone and writing style. The text demonstrates genuine support that conveys the authors strong belief that literature is fundamental.

In the article, Charles M.Blow draws attention to the power of literature. For instance, the author notes that “books saved me; from a life of property, stress, depression and isolation” (para,15). In the particular text, one can understand that literature has the power to give life to a person who believes they have no self worth. Literature gives people the hope and faith to achieve their desired goals. Additionally, in the text the author states “that is the inimitable power of literature, to give context and meaning to the trails and triumphs of living” (para,16). The quote demonstrates how direct of an impact literature can give to a reader; to presume that they are living in the text. The article conveys the ability that literature possesses on society.

Throughout the article, the author addresses how literature is recognized in society. The text identifies people to be overwhelmed with information, which has resulted in their reading habits to become fragmented. In the article, Charles M. Blow provides statistics that the Pew Research Center reported. For example, they reported that “a quarter of American adults had not read a single book in the past year” (para,17). The details of the report were interesting and expected of from Charles M.Blow because people are constantly attached their cellphones and the impact of social media. Unfortunately, people neglect the benefit of literature which results in people to take no part in literature.

In order for the author to express his opinions he uses different tones to influence and captivate the readers. For instance, the author maintains a formal tone, with no sarcasm or humor. Also, he demonstrates a concerned, earnest and critical tone regarding his disappointment for the lack of people that read. Moreover, he shows his appreciation of literature to compel emotions to readers. In addition, Charles M. Blow incorporates statistics, facts, and personal stories that persuade readers.

Literature has been used to express a form of art through words. In the article, Reading is Fundamental by Charles M. Blow, he demonstrates the power of literature, how literature is recognized in society and how the author expresses his opinion through his tone and writing style. Charles M.Blow creates a strong article that manifest his opinion that literature is a fundament.

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