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Reaction Paper On Globalization

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The purpose of this paper is to give reactions focusing on the effects of globalization. From the word globalization, you can divide it into two words, global and civilization. Is it right or wrong? Which way would you go?

Globalization or should we say global civilization can lead to different aspects in humanity. Upon reading the two articles of G.B. Madison and Oliva Blanchette, the two authors gave their different point of views in globalization. Madison tells about the harmless way and advantages of globalization in humanity while Blanchette tells about the negative contributions of globalization in human improvement. But both authors came to reach a point of human spirituality. Spirituality of human leads to the concern of humanity among all economic endeavors that man is reaching.


Madison pointed out the road to civilization. The development in civilization that is cannot be avoided. It has advantages that man can benefit from globalization. It gives us the chance to grow through globalization. By removing the barriers in gap, culture, language, nationality, and race, we can reach the whole world.

As per Madison also, the consequences of globalization such as the homogenization, groupism and universalism are the opportunities to have growth and progress in one nation. This means a chance to negotiate, explore, business undertakings to other nations.

Another benefit of globalization is a chance to be heard. One nation is globalized when they aim for the common good. Democracy is practice in a globalized country and this is a way to be market friendly and to have competitive economic position.

Thus, globalization is a tool to achieve growth and development. But still, Madison also cited some threats in globalization. In order to get away from those threats is the use of protection, the responsible capitalism. For Madison, it is capitalism with the ethics of reciprocity and mutual respect. GLOBALIZATION OR HUMANIZATION: A QUESTION OF PRIORITIES IN HUMAN DEVELOPMENT BY OLIVA BLANCHETTE

Oliva Blanchette’s reaction about globalization is poorly wrong. It hardly affects the third world country and does nothing good about the progress of humanity. According to him, big corporations manipulate free trade and global competition. Nations are globally dependent now because production of goods has become worldwide and it seems everything is swiped out by globalization.

For Blanchette, globalization is neo- colonialism. Everything is controlled by the influence of globalization. Large corporations are handling and controlling us, hoarding, and manipulating what suppose for us is free.

Blanchette also cited ways of how to resist economic ideology. By promoting social justice and common good, individual and nature rights, better wages and economic conditions, and spiritual resistance.


Therefore, the two authors meet the ultimate goal at the end. Both ways ended to cross the human spirituality. Which way would lead you go?

I would suggest going to the moral way of globalization. We should aspire for the unity and spirituality of the common good. Progress is achieved when there is solidarity. Our responsibility for ourselves, for others, and for God is the ultimate requirement of solidarity. We should consider the way of globalization is the act of love and harmony among us. This is what globalization is aiming for.


Globalization: Challenges and Opportunities By G.B. Madison

Globalization or Humanization: A Question of Priorities in Human Development By Oliva Blanchette

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