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Reaction Paper for Human Services

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Definition: Goodness benefits all the people of a society equally and fairly, and equal opportunity for all. Justice prevails through goodness, and will override evil.

Motto: Justice and Equality for all. Goodness rewards all. Together we work as a whole for the benefit of all.

Social: Each person has the same power and society level. No one is more powerful or better than the person, all people are created equal to serve upon this earth for a purpose. Finding the purpose is the hardest task for some. Everyone has strengths and goodness within oneself.

The society will bring these things to the surface. The goodness of a person will benefit themselves, the community, and the society. The justice from the goodness will prevail because goodness overrides the evil. Evil can surface but will be replaced by goodness and evil put back in the depths of where it should stay. Once a society is placed on the values of goodness it will become a constant strength for the society and with constant usage, become a social norm for the society.

All of this society would have an input into discussions of their community and volunteering would be a requirement for each adult. Volunteering benefits the service as well as the person who is volunteering, requiring volunteering in human services, religion, elderly and youth, as well as organizations such as Red Cross, United Way and etc. A contribution to a society makes the society better as a whole with offerings of goodness for all. Majority of people want goodness in their lives and in their environment, evil can be kept in check by peoples behavior and help from a society. Evil usually arises when people have been done wrongly in society or society has put them down according to power levels.


People in this society will have no power level of strength to use; all will be on the same level. People will be given an equal opportunity for education, skill development, and enhancements for work effort, medical care, and investments. Percentages of income will be invested in the government to furnish the free education, medical coverage, and provisions for benefits of retirement. The government on equal shared supplements from the workers will provide Social Security and Medical Care. People would contribute economically on an equal basis. Every citizen would be able to benefit the work force with skills and employment. All would receive equal pay for their services and skills whether the level of previous income scales. Balancing out equal income per job skill or education is taken in use for government supplementing medical care, education, and housing for the society.

The government would provide housing to the people that could not afford personal housing; homelessness would not be an issue. All of the society’s housing would be in the same basic range for all and transportation would be provided by cities. It would not be necessary to own a car, unless the person wanted.


The government is run on a two party system, voted on by the citizens. Every part of the government is resembled to the present day government of the U. S., with the exception of the electoral collage. A person running for office of the President would be elected on the popular vote of the country. The country would be able to be self-sufficent to the country and its citizens. The government would be able to supple the needed programs to aid and assist, as well as coverage of metal, medical, and elderly care of the people. The equal income of all based on skill and contributions to their community and society as a whole will let the government have no use for income tax and sale tax usage. People will elect their officials on the popular vote, with input to the official with communication when needed.

Over all View:

Society will never be this way; it has always had power levels and strengths to use against the weaker and the not as strong. School and employment use the similar power levels on where a student or worker fits into the system. All society grades each other and places you where they feel is appropriate. I never did like that, a person is created alike and in my judgment you or I are no better than the unemployed, homeless person on the streets. We are placed on this earth to do a job, some better than others, but as a reason for placement, to show good and bad, and be an example or improvement to society. Capitalism will always exist to a level of some kind and Communism will not overtake. However the old True Communism may not have been to bad, with some adjustments added to the theory.

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