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Questions in the Kite Runner

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1. What did Baba decide to construct and pay for?

2. Why do you think Amir lied to Baba and told him that Hassan had “the runs” when they were about to leave for the orphanage opening?

3. Why did Amir say to Baba, “ I think I have sataran” (Cancer)?

4. What was Baba’s response when the wind knocked his hat to the ground and everyone laughed at him during his dedication speech to the orphanage? What does this say about his character?

5. Describe in detail Baba’s wife.

6. What has Amir learned at school about alcoholic beverages? How does this differ from what his father tells him? What does his father tell him about alcohol and about his teachers?

7. What is the only sin according to Baba? Explain how this is so.

8. How did Amir escape from Baba’s “aloofness” (p.19) What did Amir win at school? How did Baba react?

9. What did Baba want Amir to be interested in? How did Amir react?

10. What major event happened at the horse races that upset Amir so badly? How did Baba react?

11. How do the neighborhood boys treat Amir?

12. What does Rahim Khan say is missing in Amir? How does Amir disprove him in what he says to Hassan the next morning?

13. What is your opinion of Amir’s character?

14. What is your opinion of Baba?

Kite Runner Questions
Chapter 4

1. What was the result of the accident in 1933 when two drunk men hit and killed a Hazara couple and orphaned a five year old? What was the drunk men’s punishment?”

2. Who was the little boy, and what did Amir’s grandfather do to help him?

3. How does Amir describe his relationship with Hassan on pg. 25? What reasons does Amir give for not holding Amir so close?

4. List at least five things that Amir and Hassan did together when they were younger.

5. What did Amir and Hassan spend their allowance on each week?

6. Describe in detail Hassan and Amir’s daily schedule.

7. What would Amir do for Hassan as they at pomegranates? Explain why Hassan is illiterate.

8. Explain the following quote, “ But despite his illiteracy, or maybe because of it, Hassan was drawn to the mystery of words, seduced by a secret world forbidden to him.”

9. What did Amir do when they came across a big word that Hassan didn’t know? What does this say about Amir’s character? How does this make you feel about Hassan as you read?

10. When Amir started to feel guilty, what would he do to make it up to Hassan? Do you think that this really makes up for Amir’s actions? Why or why not?

11. What was the boy’s favorite tale in the Shahnamah? What was it about?

12. What was the second trick that Amir played on Hassan? What does Hassan unknowingly tell him?

13. Amir is inspired to write a short story. What was it about? Do you like his dark little story? (30-31)?

Chapter 8 Quiz

1. What change in routine has Hassan begun? What true effect do you think this is having on Amir?

2. How do you feel about that fact that Amir lies to Ali when he asks him what happened at the kite tournament? Why do you think Amir responds so aggressively?

3. How has Baba been treating Amir differently? Provide several examples.

4. Who did Baba end up inviting to Jalalabad? How does Amir feel about this? How do you know?

5. Why would Rahim Khan be looking at him in an odd way when all of the others in the van were talking to Amir about the kite tournament?

6. What happens to Amir on the way to Jalalabad?

7. What image comes to Amir as he is sitting on the side of the road looking up at the sun? What does this image show us, the reader, about what Amir is thinking/feeling?

8. Now that Amir finally has a relationship with Baba, how does he feel?

9. What is the traditional way of dining, according to Amir on pg.85?

10. Who does Amir confess to about Hassan’s rape? What is his new “curse”?

11. Who turned out to be the monster in the lake in Hassan’s dream, according to Amir? What is Amir afflicted with from this night on?

12. What does Amir do when Hassan tries to get him to hang out with him? How does Hassan feel about this? Why is this happening? How do YOU feel about this?

13. What does it mean when Amir states (about Hassan), “But even when he wasn’t around he was.” (pg.89)

14. What is Amir getting at when he asks Baba if he has ever thought about getting new servants? What is Baba’s reaction to this question? Why would Amir ask this in the first place?

15. What is Hassan looking forward to? Why?

16. How do you know that Amir is feeling guilty about not aiding Hassan?

17.Why did Amir want or need rather, for Hassan to hit him with the pomegranite? How did Amir react instead?

18. Describe Amir’s 13th birthday.

19. What did Assef give Amir for his birthday?

20. Why did Rahim Khan tell Amir his story? Why doesn’t Amir tell him his?

Chapter 9 Quiz

1. Why does Amir just pitch all of his presents in the corner of his room?

2. What did Ali and Hassan give Amir for his birthday?

3. What does Amir do to hurt Hassan and Ali? Why does he do such a thing?

4. Who is Ali protecting Hassan from? Why is Amir glad that Hassan has told Ali the story?

5. What does Baba do that surprises Amir?

6. What does Baba beg Ali not to do?

7. Why do you think Baba is so passionate about their leaving?

8. What does Amir say would happen if it were one of the Hindi movies that the he and Hassan used to watch? What did he do in actuality?

Kite Runner
Chapter 10 Quiz

1. How does Baba see Amir’s car sickness?

2. Where were Baba and Amir travelling?

3. How did they leave their house? Why is this significant?

4. What did Baba and Amir take with them when they left?

5. What was happening politically in Kabul? Give some examples of how life was changing for Kabul’s citizens (p.112-113)

6. What does the Russian soldier want? What does Baba do about it? What is Amir’s response to what Baba does abouut it?

7. Why can’t Baba and Amir continue on their trip to Peshawar? What did Baba do to Karim and why?

8. What is Baba’s reply when the men ask him why his isn’t praying to God, because God was going to save them all? (p.120) What do you think about what he says?

9. What do you think happened to Kamal? What clues were given to make you think this?

10. How are the refugees planning on getting to Peshawar?

11. What memory of happiness did Amir conjure up when he was trying to get his mind off of the darkness and the stench?

12.Why did looking at Baba’s suitcases make Amir sad?

13. What happened to Kamal and his father? Describe the final scene in chapter 10.

Kite Runner Questions
Chapter 11

1. What is ironic about the first two lines in Chapter 11 (pg.125)?

2. What was Baba’s opinoin of Jimmy Carter? Who was Jimmy Carter?

3. Who did Baba support politically? Why? How do you know?

4. Describe how the United States was affecting Baba? (p.126)

5. Where did Baba work?

6. Why did Baba throw a fit, and threaten the Nguyens? What didn’t he understand?

7. How did credit work in Kabul?

8. What did Baba miss about being in Kabul?

9. Why does Baba refuse to take the welfare money from Mrs. Dobbins? How does she reply?

10. How does Baba feel after he takes care of the welfare situation?

11. What does Baba do for Amir’s graduation? What does this tell you about his character? How do we know that everyone loves Baba?

12. What does Baba give him? What does Baba then say about Hassan?

13. What does Amir think about America? What does Amir think about Afghhanistan now? What does he say about it?

14. What did Amir and Baba do with their Volkswagen bus?

15. Who is Mr. Iqbal Taheri?

16. Why does Amir feel the urge to look toward the gray van all day?

17. What was the story floating around about Taheri’s daughter? What does Amir think of her?

Chapter 12

1. What is Jadi? What was Amir and Hassan’s tradition on this night? Why does Khaled Hosseini tell us about this?

2. What is yelda?

3. Desribe Soraya as Amir sees her.

4. What is Nang and Namoos? Why does Baba tell Amir to be careful?

5. Why did all of the Afghan people at the flea market stop and turn when Amir asks what Soraya is reading?

6. Why would Soraya bare the brunt of the gossip?

7. Who is Jamila? Describe her (p.148)

8. What does it mean when Khaled Hosseini writes, “ Afghan men, especially those from reputable families, were fickle creatures?

9. Why is it polite of Amir to leave when Jamilia asks him to sit down?

10. Why does Amir like it when Soraya’s mother is present for their meetings?

11. How does Amir feel about the General? How do you know?

12. Why does Soraya want to be a teacher?

13. How is Amir’s teaching experience different than Sorayas?

14. Why didn’t Amir get to “brood” over what happened at the flea market?

15. Why does Amir finally insist that Baba see a doctor? What do they discover?

16. Why does Baba refuse to see Dr. Schneider?

17. What does the bronchoscopy show is in Baba’s lungs? How does Baba react? How does Amir react?

18. Give examples of Baba’s deteriorating health.

19. What happened to Baba at the flea market while he was selling a lampshade?

20. What does Amir ask of his father? How does Baba feel about this?

21. What is the outcome of Baba’s visit to the General’s home?

Kite Runner Questions
Chapter 13

1. Describe Taheri’s home.

2. What is the Afghan ceremony like? Please describe in detail.

3. Why did Amir and Soraya forgo the engagement period?

4. How much did Baba spend on the wedding ceremony? Do people typically spend this much on weddings in America? What exactly did he get for his money?

5. Why was Amir dressed in green?

6. Describe what Ayena Masshaf is. (p.171) Why do Afghanis preform this ceremony?

7. Who does Amir think about at his wedding? What exactly was he thinking about when he was wondering about this person?

8. Who suggested that Amir and Soraya live with Baba after they got married?

9. What did Soraya do when Baba was really sick? Describe in detail what she does for him. Would you do this for someone who was ill?

10. What did Amir catch Soraya and Baba doing? What was his reaction?

11.What is Sabzi Challow?

12. What happens to Baba after the night of visitors? How do you know? What does he refuse?

13. Describe Baba’s funeral.

14. List three things that his peers had to say about him.

15. What does the general suffer from once a month?

16. What did the general believe about Afghanistan?

17. What had Jamilla once been famous for in Kabul? Why doesn’t she do it anymore?

18. What happens at a wedding that upsets Soraya?

19. Where do Soraya and Amir move after Baba dies?

20.What does Amir do with the VW bus? Where is his new job?

21. What does Amir do with his writing career? What does he accomplish?

22.How does Amir feel about having children?

22. What problems are Amir and Soraya having at the end of the chapter?

23. Whata is Soraya’s secret that she reveals to Amir? How does Amir feel about this?

Amir envy Soraya?
Kite Runner Quiz
Chapter 14 and 15

1. Where is Amir planning on visiting?

2. What was Amir dreaming of the night before he leaves on his trip?

3. Describe the taxi driver in Chapter 15.

4. Explain what Amir’s creative writing teacher said about clichés. Why is this humorous? What cliché describes the interaction with Rahim Khan? Why?

5. How did people now move around from place to place, neighborhood to neighborhood in Kabul?

6. Why does Rahim Khan say that he decided to stay in Kabul?

7. Who lived with Rahim Khan in Kabul?

8. How did Amir honestly feel about wanting to know about Amir, when he was in America?

Kite Runner Questions
Chapters 17-19

Please read silently and answer the questions as you read.

Chapter 17

1. Who was in the polarioid picture that was in the envelope that Amir opens? Describe the photo in detail.

2. Would have Amir recognized Hassan if he had bumped into him on the street?

3. Summarize the letter that Hassan has written to Amir.

4. Why did the Talib hit Farzana? Why didn’t Hassan fight back?

5. What does Hassan say that he has dreampt of?

6. What has happened to Hassan? Why?

7. How were Hassan and Farzana’s deaths justified by the government?

8. Why didn’t anyone come forward?

9. Where is Sorhab?

10. What does Rahim Khan ask of Amir?

11. Why does it have to be Amir that does this for Rahim Kahn and for Sohrab?

12. Why does Rahim Kahn tell us about Ali’s first wife of three years? Why is this significant? What does this tell us about Hassan? About Baba?

13. Why doesn’t Amir want to know this information? What is his reaction to the information once he has it?

Chapter 18

1. What does Amir say that he feels like as he walks down the street?

2. What had Baba stolen according to Amir?

3. How is the cliché true for Amir and Baba, “ like father like son”?

4. Do you think that life would have been different for Ali and Hassan if Amir had not had them kicked out? Do you think that the course of events was all Amir’s fault?

5. How can Amir be good again?

6. What is Amir’s final decision?

Chapter 19

1. Describe Khyber Pass.

2. What does the taxi driver offer Amir? Why does he lie about it making him feel better?

3. Describe Farid’s family. How come he only has five children now?

4. What were the preparations that Amir had to make in order to go to Kabul?

5. Why did Amir decide to leave for Kabul so soon, even when Rahim Khan had asked him to stay for a few more days?

6. Why couldn’t he tell Soraya that he was going to Afghanistan?

7. How does Amir feel about being in Afghanistan? What is the taxi driver’s response? What does he say about Amir that is true? Why is he so offended?

8. Who were the dozds?

9. Who are Amir and Farid staying with?

10 What does Wahid tell Amir he should write about?

11. How is Wahid’s opinion of Amir different from that of Farid’s?

12. What does Wahid say to Amir after Amir tells him of Hassan and Sorhab? Why does he cringe inside after he hears it?

13. What does Farid say to Amir before they go to bed? How has his tone changed? Why?

14. What does Amir dream? How is this different from what really happens? Why do you think he is dreaming this?

15. How does Amir finally feel about Afghanistan as he steps outside of Wahid’s place?

16. What has Amir left under the matress? What does this reveal about his character? Do you believe he is static or dynamic?

The Kite Runner Questions
Chapter 20

1. What had Farid warned Amir about? Why wasn’t Amir ready for this?

2. How long did it take to get to Kabul when Amir used to live in Afghanistan? How long does it take now? Why?

3. Describe Kabul in several sentences.

4. What does Farid tell him about the kites? About the police?

5. Why isn’t Amir supposed to look the Taliban in the eyes?

6. When the beggar says, “How seamless seemed love, and then came trouble.” What does this mean? How does it relate to what has happened in Kabul with the Taliban?

7. What happened to Baba’s orphanage?

8. What was the old beggar’s profession? Why is Amir intrigued?

9. What were some of the details the beggar told Amir about his mother?

10. What are the two reasons Amir thinks Baba might not have told him much about his mother?

11. Why didn’t Amir and Farid mention the coincidence of the beggar knowing his mother? What does Amir say about this incidence?

12. Describe the orphanage

13. What does the man at the orphanage say about the picture that Amir hands him? Why? Why doesn’t he want to open the door?

14. Why does he finally let them in? What piece of information did it take?

15. How many orphans stay at the orphanage?

16. Why may it be too late for Sorhab? Why is it dangerous?

17. Why is Farid so angry at the director of the orphanage?

18. How do they find the man who has been taking the children?

19. How do you feel about the orphanage director? What would you have done if you were he?

Kite Runner Questions
Chapter 21

1. Describe the Khyber Restraunt. Why is the Restraunt this way? Why has Amir been there before?

2. What is hanging nearby? What is the people’s reaction to this?

3. Why was the man on the corner trying to sell his leg?

4. Who does Farid say are “the brains” of the Taliban?

5. Describe Amir’s flashback as they enter the street he used to live on.

6. How did Amir feel as he looked at his old house?

7. Describe the house.

8. Why does Farid keep prodding him to leave… to hurry up?

9. What does Amir want to do? Why does he think this is insane?

10. What does Farid tell Amir to do? Why does Amir take his ten minutes anyway?

11. What was Amir looking for? Why? Does he find it?

12. Describe the hotel Amir stays in? Why is he not upset that they charge so much?

13. Describe Ghaza Statium… the smells, the noise…

14. What will happen if they catch the man selling “sexy” pictures? What are the women wearing in the pictures? Would this be considered “sexy” in our country? Why is it so taboo in Afghanisan?

15. What do they do with the woman and the blind folded man? Why are they doing this?

16. Summarize what the cleric says to the crowd.

17. Describe the man with the broad shoulders.

18. What does he do to the “accused”?

19. Why does Amir refer to the man as John Lennon? Why is this ironic?

20. Predict what might happen when Amir meets with this man. What do you feel about this?

Kite Runner Questions
Chapter 24

1. Describe Peshawar.

2. What was the hotel room like?

3. Why doesn’t Farid stay the night? What does Amir give him before he goes? Why?

4. Why doesn’t Mr. Fayyaz charge Amir for a ride to look for Sorhab?

5. Where do they finally find him?

6. What do Amir and Sorhab talk about as they are sitting together?

7. What does Amir give Sorhab? What does Sorhab say about his family?

8. Describe Sorhabs character as we know him so far. Give examples from the text to support your answer.

9. When Amir tells Sorhab about the fact that he is his father’s brother, he tells him that Baba loved them both equally, but differently. Do you think this is a true description of his love? What else does Amir say about Baba? Who is he ashamed of?

10. What is Sorhab’s answer when Amir asks him to come home with him? (p.235) What are some of his concerns?

11. When Amir calls Soraya, Soraya tells him that they have been worried sick about him. Amir tells Soraya to, “tell Jamilla to stop killing sheep.” What does this mean?

12. What does Soraya say about Amir brining Sorhab home?

13. What happens when Amir and Sorhab visit the American Embassy?

14. What technicality is holding up the process of adoption? Why is this so ironic?

15. Where do Amir and Sorhab have to go next?

16. Describe Omar Faisal.

17. Why is Sorhab upset that he may have to go back to an orphanage? Would this be a permanent thing?

18. What do you predict happened to Sorhab at the end of the chapter?

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