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Proposal payroll

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Is software and system engineering company founded in 2012, our offices are located in 292 Smith Street Durban South Africa. We supply software engineering solutions through consulting services and implementations of new software products.

We strive to provide integrated and innovation solutions to our clients by utilizing the latest technology, best practices and recognized industry standards. Through our knowledge and significant experience in the industry, we add value to our client’s operations and build long term relationships that are mutually beneficial.

We achieve excellence through the application of our extensive knowledge and experience in software engineering management (SEM) and system development life cycle (SDLC) combined with process models, simulators and advanced process control systems through project life cycle (PLC). Our company is managed and structured to achieve trustworthy and effective results, even the most challenging client requirements. We endeavor to exceed our client’s expectations with the solutions we provide by giving our clients solutions that add value to their operations and give them a competitive edge.

1.2 AIM

Our aim is to deliver high returns on our client’s investments, maximize the value of our client’s systems and process through the creative use of our knowledge, skills and experiences. We aim to price our solutions and services competitively and deliver projects within budget while continuously striving to reduce cost.

Base on the research, the companies and organizations that currently using the manual payroll experience a lot of challenges.
Problems involved with manually system
With the number of employee’s salary that need to be calculated it’s time consuming for payroll administrator.
Since the salaries of the employees are calculated manually the accuracy of calculation is not guaranteed, because there is chance of having error for calculating a net pay
Regarding the security issue with the current system all payroll details are not confidentially secure against the unauthorized users.
The records and storage of documentation on files paper is not centralized, and that can be easily damaged or lost.
The retrieving of particular data or employee’s information is not easy because of the amount of files of employee’s
There’s no guaranteed recovery of the information in case of building get fire
Data duplication can be easily caused because there’s not data validation in the current system.
Integrity of data captured is not checked, that can be a problem when entering the wrong data on the system in order to process a payroll of employees.
Cost of stationary with current system in order to records the information.

Nowadays, there are rapid changes in our society, especially if we talk about computers and its technology. Automated payroll system is a system that automatically process payroll activities effectively, efficiently and with less of time consuming.

In addition, accuracy and integrity of data stored in the database make it easy for the payroll administrator to manage the employee’s records in order to be up-to-date, for example if the employee resign from the company the payroll administrator can remove the employee’s information on payroll database by simply searching the employee’s information using the identification or name; by clicking the delete button the information of the employee is removed from the database. Furthermore, the user authentications functions make the payroll system more secure.

In a company or organization where the number of employees increase from 10 to 50, the automated payroll System is very important, it will effectively improve the work for the payroll administrator because it is systematic than the manual system. For example, if the company uses the automatic system to search for an employee’s information will easy.

Moreover the percentage to make mistakes is extremely reduced with automated payroll system because all the calculations are automatically generated by the system. The pay slip for employees will be automatically and generated by the system instead of writing manually.

“Automated Payroll System “objectives are:
Implementation of user authentication on the system, in order to secure the system against the unauthorized user, passwords and usernames will be used. The system will have a computer generated database which will effectively manage the employee’s details, in the process reduce the amount of time and increase the work performance.

Manage accurately the Payroll activities done in a company like the employee’s attendance, the number of leaves taken by a particular employee, overtime, deduction and calculating of allowances. Effectively improve the payroll administrator services by reducing the amount of time spent on working.

Systematically store data in database where administrator can easily access, retrieve and manage the database with less time consumed. Enforce the validation rule on data entered in database by making sure that the correct data is entered in the right fields. For example, making sure that numbers are entered only on fields that take numeric values. Efficiently retrieve data stored in a database and being able to view the records of employee’s details by searching from the system and generating various reports.

Provide user-friendly environment by using with window based applications, for example, using Graphics Interfaces to make it easier to navigate. The System will also be able to handle errors and provide error messages for the errors encountered.

Provide a backup of data on the external driver in case of system crash or in case of infrastructure damage to make it easy to recover all information up date of the employees.


The important thing to understand is that new computerized system will do essentially the same functions as the existing manual system, only the methodology of performing the functions would change, the input data will be the same. Similarly, the output information of the new proposed system will be the same as in the current system. The difference will be the way the input is transformed in to output. This transformation procedure in the new system would be

computerized, hence efficient, faster, accurate, reliable and better.

The new system is very secure to use because every time the user wants to access the system, the user has to insert the username and password. If one of the required information is invalid the system will not allow the user to access the systems functions. This is to make sure that unauthorized users don’t gain access to the system. Furthermore, the advantage of the new system, payroll

administrator doesn’t need to write or type the pay slip because there are automatically generated by the system.
Moreover, company will save on cost because they don’t have to consistently spend money on printing of pay slip, employees can view their pay slip on the system, and the payroll administrator doesn’t need to keep employee’s details in different documents or files because all details are centralized in the system.

All the problems with existing system are resolved in the new system to justify the effort in terms of funds and time spent on operation


The expected output for the automated payroll system consists of the following modules, user authentication; management of employees information, payroll (Calculate net pay, deductions, leave, overtime), reports and backup.

The modules provide many features that can solve the problems faced by the payroll administrator like payroll function modules; payroll administrator can accurately calculate the employee’s salary. Payroll administrator doesn’t need to calculate it manually because all the salary will automatically calculate by the system. Another expected outcome for the automated payroll system is that it can allow payroll administrator to search, save, change and delete. The payroll system also expected to allow payroll

administrator to print out the pay slips and reports.
The expected output from automated payroll system is that it can decrease the payroll administrator’s burden and systematically improve the payroll transactions.

“Automated Payroll System” will be designed to achieve maximum efficiency and reduce the time taken to handle the Payroll activities. It is designed to replace an existing manual record system thereby reducing time for operations and processes.

The implementation of the system in the organization will considerably reduce invalid data, provide correct calculated reports. Accuracy for the automated payroll system will streamline data entry which prevents human error. It will efficiently eliminate the payroll manual transactions, also allows the improvement of payroll department services and cost effective. Compliance with governmental agencies like SARS ensures the company stays in compliance with all tax laws by automatically updating the tax rate so it can calculate the right payroll taxes.

It’s flexible because of the use of object oriented principles, which make easy for modification of the software or add of new features.

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