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Proposal for Online Book Selling System

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This project proposes to develop web application in Nguyen Van Cu Bookstore. With the Internet is becoming the world’s largest communication, it has provided an environment where everyone can be online at any given time. Under this environment, Online Book Selling can be useful to sell books on the Internet. Customers can purchase or get all books’ information without going through a bookstore.

This proposal includes planed research, its benefits, qualifications to conduct the research, and cost analysis. We are confident that we have ability to perform this web application – Online Book Selling –The completion date for this project will be December 21, 2004.

Project Description

Description of the Problem

Mac Dinh Chi Bookstore is one of the biggest bookstores in Ho Chi Minh City, opened on October, 1995. Because of having many kinds of books, many customers come to the bookstore everyday. Therefore, the management becomes more complex.

According to our survey the bookstore, there are many disadvantages:

Checking the amount of books

Controlling customers

Losing customers because the bookstore is opened too late – 9:00 AM – and closed too early – 16:00 PM.

To overcome the disadvantages above, the bookstore should have a web application–Online Book Selling –so that the bookstore can manage books easily and supply customers’ demand anywhere at any time.

Project Goal

This project is developed to help Mac Dinh Chi Bookstore improve many advantages (please see Description of the Problem above). In addition, it is also convenient for customers who want to buy books without wasting time.

With our available workforce and resources, we firmly believe that this project will be completed successfully and will achieve the following functions of both customers and administrators:

For customers:

Browse the book catalogue from a web browser anywhere that has internet access

o Browse the catalogue by categories.

o Search for books based on ISBN, title, publisher, or price.

Get detailed books’ information from the web catalogue.

Register to buy books.

Send messages to manage of bookstore to ask more books’ information or recommendation.

For administrators:

Browse the bookstore catalogue from a web browser within the bookstore network.

o Browse the catalogue by categories.

o Search for books with any information.

Insert the books that the customer bought.

Check books that customers buy and notify them about the expected time of books’ arrival.

Notify the customers that there are no more books and inform them the estimated time of books’ arrival.

Upload new books frequently.

Scope of Project

This proposal includes planed research, its benefits, qualifications to conduct the research, and cost analysis. Please see the sessions below for detailed information.

Plan of the Proposed Work

The project has five specific phases: getting and analyzing necessary information, system analysis and design, literature review and database, applying three-tiers and testing system, and final report. To conclude these tasks by the proposed December 21 date, we will work according to the following schedule:

Project Duration–Weeks: 08/24/04 – 12/21/04

Task ID Task Name

Start Finish Duration

1 Getting and Analyzing Necessary

Information 08/24/04 09/14/04 3w

2 System Analysis and Design 09/07/04 10/26/04 8w

3 Literature review and Database 09/14/04 11/02/04 13w

4 Applying Three-Tiers and Testing

System 11/02/04 12/07/04 5w

5 Final Report

11/23/04 12/21/04 4w

Getting and Analyzing Necessary Information

Getting and analyzing information allow us to determine the cause of the problem and to identify possible solutions. During this phase, we will survey the customer requirements, information of other online book selling such as http://www.amazon.com. Customer requirements will indicate:

What we need to design for key features to help the web application work


We can base no this information to design the information system and database.

System Analysis and Design

In System Analysis and Design phase, we will use the customer requirements and information of other Online Books Selling and draw use-case diagram, domain classes, and sequence diagram for the application in the Unified Modeling Language (UML). We will give you a report containing our diagrams after finishing this phase to make you understand more clearly about the ideas and functions on Online Book Selling’s web site.

Literature Review and Database

Literature Review will help me reduce much time to correct unnecessary syntax errors in completing this phases by providing information on:

How to Write Progress Reports

Needed functions in Visual Basic.Net

Database Processes

Effects on Designing User Interface

In Database Design phase, I will collect all of the information given in system analysis and design phase and the relationship indicated at the getting and analyzing information phase. This phase will be done carefully to design a suitable database for testing and estimating program effectively, and to reduce the time of redesigning. After finishing this phase, I will send you some sample reports designed by the application.

A working bibliography of sources in included as appendix A.

Applying Three-Tiers and Testing System

Applying Three-Tiers is the last step in programming the application. It will help us connect all of the three tiers designed in the previous phase into a unique form.

Debugging and estimating will provide us a report of mistakes created by customer.

Final Report

The final report phase will include the debugging phase and equipment estimation. I will provide an economic analysis of program implementation, and a survey of customer recommendations.


Our project is a web service application. Customers will connect to our network system to get the network resources. Therefore, a powerful server computer is needed to receive and respond to these connections. As IBM servers are cheap and compatible with many types of Operating System, I’d recommend you to purchase one. We can start the project soon with the available workforce and resources. The new server and Operating System will be in need when the project is deployed.

Anticipated Difficulties

It is extremely difficult to debug web services since it’s difficult to generate output

for debugging. Sometimes it’s hard to identify the problem is from the client or the web services.


The program will require us to complete five phases in four months. Therefore, with the differences in purposes of each phase, we would like assign specific jobs for three members of our group as the following assignment table:

Name Position

Truong Thi Ngoc Ha System Analysis and Design

Program Coding

Program Debugging

Technical Consulting

Huynh Thi Xuan Phuong Proposal Writing

Database Design

Program Coding

Program Debugging

Technical Consulting

Bui Nguyen Da Thao Database Design

Program Coding

Program Debugging

Technical Consulting

Data Testing

Qualification and Experience

We finished the AAS degree in Application Development Using Microsoft .Net in this year. An integral part of our education has required us to develop expertise in design a web application and database, and in system analysis and design. Résumés, included as Appendix B, describe our experience in these areas.

Cost Analysis

The table below describes the budget for the entire project. It includes all expenses for four workers to complete the project in 17 weeks.

Item Cost Description

Travel & Surveying expense ($20/day) $420.00 Three weeks (21 days)

IBM Server $20,000.00

ORACLE Database license $5,000.00

Microsoft Windows 2003 Server $1,000.00 Operating System software

Salary for workers (10$/hour/worker) $50,688.00 Four workers in 17 weeks

Total $77,108.00

Progress Report

As you requested, progress reports be submitted to you by e-mail after we are done on each phase. Thus, assuming initiation of the project by August 17, I would send e-mail progress reports on the following dates:

September14, 2004

October 26, 2004

November 2, 2004

December 7, 2004

Final Report will be submitted on December 21, 2004.


Online Book Selling can improve disadvantages of Mac Dinh Chi Bookstore and will be extremely convenient for people’s demand. With interest in developing web application, we are happy to perform this project. We believe that the project will be completed on time without difficulties.


Appendix A: Working Bibliography

Appendix B: Résumés of participants

Appendix A

Working Bibliography

Kendall, Kenneth E., and Kendall, Julie. 2002. System Analysis and Design, New Jersey: Prentice Hall

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