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Preparation and Clearing of Service Areas

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Know how to prepare service areas and equipment for food and drink service A. Description of safe and hygienic working practices for preparing service areas and equipment (1.1) Food and drink service are considered for those who are responsible for serving food and drinks to guests. There are different kinds of services in the catering industry. Restaurant table service which in the restaurant, guests are allowed to enter, order food by the waiters or waitresses and eat on the premises. Function service, which managers or supervisors oversee the operation of the restaurant. Hot either cold buffet service, are self-servicewhere food is displayed cyclical on the tables. Bar service provides beverages and it is a place where light meals or snacks can be attained. Safe and Hygienic Working Practices

Food service equipment Service cutlery, silverware, glassware In order to maintain a safe and hygienic work for a service cutlery, silverware and glassware must be sanitized. When handling all glasses with care, avoid stacking glasses each other, this puts strain on the rim and causes chipping or cracks. As well as avoid putting cutlery in glasses. Glasses should be stored after sanitized in a cool dust free condition on a ventilated surface. Service, dishes, flats, hot plates, plate warmers It is the same procedure with the cutleries, silverware and glassware. It needs to be washed and sanitized in the dish washing machine. Then, cleaning the plates with a clean cloth and placed in the dish counter surface. Refrigerated units, ice chest Maintaining a safe and hygienic work for refrigerated units and ice chest is to ensure that the dispense equipment is functioning properly. Refrigerators/chillers must be operating correctly in the right temperature and are clean to ensure chilled appropriate products.

Ice chests are cleaned regularly and the quality of ice checked daily to ensure it is clear and the ice must be full. Hot and cold beverage containers, trays, trolley Hot and cold beverage containers must be placed in its right place of temperature and check for cracks and damages on its container. All labels must be faced in front from good use of advertising and display.Trays and trolleys must be cleaned regularly and washed.When also transporting of products and goods, they must ensure on how to proper handle it manually. Such as lifting, carrying, pushing and pulling in order to use the correct techniques. Side boards, side tables, service tables Side boards, side tables and service tables must be cleaned regularly and placing condiments in their right place. Service tables must be cleaned in case of crumbs and goblets, cutleries in an organized setting (table setting).

For hazards, it is necessary to identify by observing the risk assessment. Sources of bacteria could be found through people and equipment. It could be chemical or physical cross-contamination. Safe and Hygienic Working Practices

Drink service equipment Kettle, urn, specialist coffee equipment, espresso machine Kettles, urns and specialized coffee such as an espresso machine should be cleaned from inside to outside to avoid any damage or cracks. It is important to clean the poring tip of the equipment to avoid cross-contamination. For the espresso machines, it is necessary to handle carefully the equipment by following the manufacturer’s instructions. Bottle openers, corkscrews A bottle opener and a corkscrew is a waiter’s friend, it must be well cleaned in order to avoid difficult use and cross-contamination. Optics, measures, pourers Optics, measures and pourers must be clean in an appropriate solution, to avoid drips and wastage, and failure to operate and to avoid any hazard. Drip trays, drip mats, coasters Drip trays, drip mats and coasters must be clean and free of stale spillages to avoid contamination and stale odors. It is best to check if any cracks or damage, in order to avoid it becoming sticky under the counters. Ice buckets and tongsKnives and chopping boards Ice buckets must be cleaned and full of ice before preparing for service. Tongs and knives must be washed and sanitized before being placed in their rightful place.

Chopping boards must match with the color codes when cutting and being used. Service areas Back of the house/ Front of the house In order to maintain the back of the house, the kitchen must be organized by the kitchen staff and head chef. For the front of the house, waiters must prepare the table setting of the tables, the preparation of side boards, the cleanliness of the service areas, the preparation of reservations at the reception desk or close to the entrance door. For the front and back of the house, it includes no running or horsing around. Both must have their personal hygiene such as washing hands is the first priority then correct uniform and headwear for the kitchen. Commonly the kitchen, must watch their Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) b wearing gloves, safety glasses, the correct shoes and face masks. Bar areas, bar counters and shelves Bar areas, bar counters and shelves must be cleaned, free from dust and glasses must be placed on top of appropriate mats when sanitized and dried. Prepared cutleries such as bar spoon, tongs, ice bucket and knives must be clean and placed appropriately in bar shelves. Still room The still room must be tidy and clean as well as storing utensils, and all equipment must be fully stocked and washed.

B. Description of procedures for maintaining food service items and equipment (1.2) Commonly for food service items, the correct procedures would be firstly cleaning, polishing, burnishing and lastly place it in storage.

1. Crockery Crockeries are the same procedures such as the cutleries, silverware and glassware but then it is stored in the kitchen stacked with the cleaned plates. 2. Cutlery Cutleries must be washed and let it air-dry, when it is dried, polish them with a cloth. After store them in cutlery drawers or in the side boards. 3. Silverware Silverware such as salvers etc. is washed to clean the dirt out, then air-dry or wipe with a cloth. Lastly, store them in the side boards. 4. Glassware Glassware must be washed in the dish washing machine, then when it is cleaned, air-dry after wipe it with a glass cloth and store them in the bar area or in a glassware cabinet. 5. Menu folders Menu folders must be organized correctly and check if any dirt is stuck.

Menu folders must be cleaned thoroughly and no ripped paper have been observed by the customer. 6. Table decorations Table decorations such as vases and flowers which are placed in the middle of the table setting, must be cleaned and flower stems trimmed for appearance and display. 7. Condiments Condiments such as ketchup, hot sauce, seasoning sauces etc. must be filled and the pouring lid and cap must be cleaned. If it is half, then it is necessary to re-fill them. 8. Accompaniments Accompaniments such as the side dishes must appeal to the customers and must be served fresh as well as not cold. 9. Napkins Make sure napkins have been properly stored in the cabinet in order to have enough napkins for customers. 10. Table coverings Table covers must be checked for stains. When cleaned, then place it for the table setting.

C. Description of the procedures for maintaining drink service items and equipment (1.3)

1. Salvers/Cocktail shakers For salvers and cocktail shakers, they are silverware; it must be cleaned and polished to avoid dirt and cross-contamination between certain other objects. 2. Glassware Glassware must be thoroughly disinfected in the washing process to prevent from any risk of saliva or diseases. Glasses must be visual bright and sanitized. 3. Accompaniments The accompaniments must be appropriate for the dishes which could maintain the drink service items and equipment. It is necessary to keep it in simplicity. 4. Refrigerated units/ice machines/Glass washers Refrigerated units, ice machines and glass washers must be properly operated and set to its correct temperature. 5. Drip trays/drip mats/coasters Drip trays/drip mats/coasters must be washed and scrubbed to remove dirt so that the glasses such as the goblet would not be dirty. 6. Kettle/urn/coffee equipment Kettle/urn/coffee equipment must be operated correctly and the top pourers of the kettle and urn are to be cleaned to prevent from cross-contamination. 7. Optic/measure/pourers Optic/measure/pourers must be washed, wiped thoroughly to prevent from cross-contamination of other drinks because different drinks have been used for the optics, measure and pourers and might mix the taste of certain drinks.

D. Statement of the importance of correct handling and disposal of waste (1.4) There are certain types of waste such as food waste, hazardous or non-hazardous in order to handle a safe disposal. The importance of correct procedures is to reduce accidents, reduce the contamination of food and drink and to reduce the environmental damage.

Scenarios/Situations Response/Action
1. The server accidentally spills ketchup in the dining area, causing the carpet to be stained and the bottles to be broken. It is best to clean the spilled ketchup with a wet cloth in the dining area and place the broken bottles to the glass bin and sweeping other small cracks of bottle on the floor. 2. While preparing the restaurant for service, there is a noticeable cockroach infestation on the floor. It is necessary to remove all sources of food and water from the cockroach’s environment. Steaming and vacuuming can be a valuable means of sanitation, in addition to killing and physically removing cockroach from a structure and it is vital to contact an insect control.

3. The receptionist notices while cleaning the menu that the price for the mushroom soup is at PHP500 when it actually costs PHP70. The receptionist must inform the manager about the cost so that the manager can say to the customers. “Excuse me, sir. There has been a mistake on the menu. Actually the mushroom soup costs PHP70. I am deeply sorry about the confusion.” 4. At around 9:30am, a party of six walks in the entrance of the restaurant. The restaurant opens at 10am. Place the party of six on a sitting bench and give them complimentary drinks and forward them the menus. Once the restaurant is opened, then it is necessary to seat them.

E. Description of how to respond to types of unexpected situations that may occur during preparation of service areas (1.5) Unexpected situations such as spillages, breakages, unexpected customers or visitors, unfamiliar and unusual drinks may often place extra time to provide service.

1. Restaurant Two tables are broken. Immediately contact the manager and inform him/her about the situation. The solution could be removing the broken tables and reset by organizing the tables again. 2. Bar The fridge of the bar is not functioning properly, inform the manager and call a technician to fix it. 3. Garden area A picnic party is being held in the garden area and rubbishes are around the area. Call the manager to fix the problem. Get someone to clean and pick up the rubbishes. 4. Patio A birthday party is being held at the patio and the floors are wet and slippery. It is necessary to call the manager and find a solution by calling someone to mop and dry the floors. Place a caution sign to prevent accidents. 5. Marquees A wedding party is being organized and the tent has a big hole. Immediately call the manager and find a solution to find a way to cover the hole up.

Know how to prepare customer areas for food and drink service F. Description of safe and hygienic working practices when preparing customer dining areas for table service It is vital checking the environmental controls around the area to reduce customer complaints. The benefits of checking are to give comfort to the customers.

1. Heating If the heater is not working properly, then it is common to inform the manager and contact a technician to fix the problem. 2. Lighting For instance, if one or two of the light bulbs are not functioning properly or broken then it is necessary to inform the manager and replace the old with new ones. 3. Ventilation The air-con is not functioning properly or it is broken, contact the manager immediately and call out a technician to fix it.

G. Statement of the importance of checking customer areas before service
The reason of checking equipment such as chairs, tables, linen, lay-up, stock, table decorations, glassware, cutleries, crockeries, menus, condiments and accompaniments are to reduce customer complaints, increase customer satisfaction, improve work efficiency and keep a good on-going organized departmental procedure.

Scenario/Situation Response/Action
1. The server accidentally spills soy sauce on the table cloth, causing it to be stained and the container to be broken. The server must remove the table cloth and place a new one and for the broken soy sauce container, it must be disposed in the bin then document it in the breakage form. 2. 10 minutes prior to the start of the function the server noticed two tables were broken. Check if there are any available tables, place chairs in order for the customers to fit. Apologize to the customers. “I apologize; we noticed that we have 2 tables that were broken. May I assist you to the available tables?” 3. The Office on Muslim Affairs is having a function. The menu card mentions pork as one of the items in the main course. When there is incorrect menu information, then it is best to contact the manager, provide alternative solution, inform and update about the situation.

H. Statement of the importance of checking environmental controls before service

1. Back of the house hot plates For the back of the house where the hot plates are stacked, it is important that the lighting area is well-lit in order staff would not trip or cause a hazard. 2. Front of the house Be assured the quality of heating and lighting around the area if customers are bothered by it. 3. Front of the house

4. Side boards/side tables When checking side boards/side tables around the environmental control, it is vital to check the quality of lighting is bothered by the customers/guests.

I. Description of how to respond to types of unexpected situations that may occur when preparing customer dining areas The importance of procedures that may occur when preparing customer dining area of types of unexpected situations are to reduce accidents, reduce risk of pests and vermin, reduce the costs and improve work efficiency.

1. Arranging areas and equipment for cleaning If the tables are not arranged properly and is crowded then reset the arranging areas with spacious areas. 2. Storing food items When storing food items, they must be stored in the correct temperature and write what day it has been stored. If pests and vermin occur, contact the manager immediately and call pest control. 3. Disposing rubbish and waste It could be inside or outside of the restaurant. When rubbishes are around the area, commonly dispose them into a bin. 4. Dispatching linen When linen has a hole, replace it with new linen and inform the manager. Write damaged linen in the breakage form. 5. Leaving areas clean and tidy The importance of leaving areas clean and tidy is to reduce accidents, for example wires, boxes and other unexpected objects must not be around. 6. Turning off equipment When heater or air-con has been turned on for a long time, it increases the costs of the business. Contact the manager and assure it is turned on when it needs to.

Know how to clear food and drink service areas after service

J. Description of safe and hygienic working practices when clearing service areas

Scenario/Situations Response/Action
1. While clearing a table, the server notices an iPhone that was left behind by a guest. The server must rush to where the customer is and give it back to him/her. “Excuse me Sir/madam! You have left your phone.” 2. A guest in a wheelchair accidentally bumps a table causing the centerpiece to fall and break. Pick up the broken centerpiece and assist the guest. It was not his fault, it was an accident. It could be that the way was not so wide. 3. While settling the bill, the guest notices that her handbag just disappeared from the table. Once this incident occurs, it is best to contact the manager and the police and investigate. It is necessary to update it in a form.

K. Statement of the importance of procedures to be followed after service

1. Glasses/water jugs After service, the used glasses and water jugs must be placed in the glass washing machine area in order to clean and sanitized thoroughly. 2. Glass washing machine Glass washing machines should be set to a correct temperature of water in order to kill the bacteria which are on the glasses. Also, it must operate properly. 3. Cloth For the cloths, cloths are used by its color code or fabric of the cloth. For example, goblets are cleaned with the glass cloth (soft and smooth). 4. Sink Sinks must be unclogged and food source must not be stuck in. Sinks are useful to rinse out food that is hard to remove from the dish. 5. Chemical cleaning agents Chemical cleaning agents is a priority to have a clean and hygienic establishment. It can be cleaned mostly in the kitchen and certain areas to prevent bacteria and cross-contamination.

L. Description of how to respond to types of unexpected situations that may occur when clearing service areas

Scenario/Situation Response/Action
1. While getting the drink orders from the bar, the server notices that one of the glasses has a chip on the rim. It is best for the server to give back the glass and tell the bartender to prepare a new one. For the chipped glass, the server must document it in the breakage form. “Excuse me, I could see that there is a chip on the rim of the glass, would you mind making a new one?” 2. A crate of glasses was accidentally dropped by one of the students in training in the restaurant. Quickly sweep them all in the glass bin or wrapped in paper then document it through the breakages/spillage form. Contact the manager and inform him about the incident. 3. A delivery of brand new white wine glasses was discovered to be damaged while in the box. When this happens, it is necessary to return to its supplier to show the evidence of damaged products. “Excuse me sir, I would like to return the box of white wine glasses that I ordered due to the damages that have been discovered.”

Know how to clean and store glassware

M. Description of safe and hygienic working practices when handling glassware, cleaning equipment and materials Commonly the glassware would be glasses such as goblets, water jugs, or hi-ball etc. Washing hands is vital, correct clean uniform and PPE. For the cleaning equipment, glass washing machine is the main source that washes the glasses thoroughly. There are also certain cloths that are color coded in order to which appropriate glass to use for it. Sinks are also useful and chemical cleaning agents as well for the cleanliness of the area. The importance of handling glassware is to avoid accidents, reduce damage, reduce the spread of bacteria, maintaining the standards and reducing the costs of the business. It is also best to report by documenting the breakages of glasses in a form for a proper recording procedure. For the glass washing machine the water temperature must be set correctly to kill the bacteria.

N. Description of the procedure for disposing of broken glass The procedure for disposing of broken glass is to avoid staff and customers of getting hurt. It is mandatory to dispose glasses in a certain glass bin and as well as wrapped in paper. In order for picking up a broken glass is to use a duster and a broom by sweeping it and carrying it and disposing it to the bin.

O. Description of how to respond to types of unexpected situations that may occur when handling and cleaning glassware Unexpected situations could be a glass that is chipped, the breakages of glasses, smears or damages. Customers might complain so in order for a customer to calm down, it is best to reply calmly by using the appropriate tone of voice and body language. There is a limit of authority which the server can provide alternative solutions. If the customer still complains, then it is necessary to request assistance and contact the line manager. When contacting the manager, explain the situation clearly. When an unexpected situation happens then it is necessary to inform and update by documenting in case of this happens again.

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