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Philippines Endangered Animals

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The Philippines, a Southeast Asian country with more than 700 islands, is in dire straits. Mainly because of urban planning, corporate progress and human greed, some of its animals are soon to be extinct. The sad thing about this is – regardless of the help from various local and international help – government support on animal conservation is little to none. Here are some traits of these endangered species, to give you an idea on why they need to be saved: Philippine Eagle

The Philippine Eagle (Pithecophaga jefferyi), also known as Monkey-eating eagle or Haribon, is one of the most largest birds in the whole world. It is also the Philippines’ national bird. Deforestation projects in the country dwindled this eagle’s population numbers down. Efforts to breed the Philippine Eagle were mostly null, until the birth of Pag-Asa (Hope in Filipino) proved the possibility of captive breeding and guidance. The chances of captive breeding are actually slim, and with the countless crimes done by locals (a recent report of a hunter killing a wild Philippine Eagle, and men eating Philippine Eagle meat), attention in saving this wonderful bird needs to be placed on high priority. Hawksbill Sea Turtle

The Philippine Seas are also home to endangered animals. One such animal is the Hawksbill Sea Turtle, known for its sharp, curved beak. These large gentle creatures migrate all over the world, only going back to its home to lay their eggs. Problems encountered in saving these animals are aplenty. Hawksbill Sea Turtles are hunted for its shells, prized for decorative purposes. Also, some of their nesting grounds have been commercialized – a recent report stated a Hawksbill Sea Turtle was found in dirty Manila Bay, wanting to lay her eggs. Because of the crude ground and polluted waters, the turtle held on to her eggs, amidst the taunts and cheers of locals. The turtle died without laying a single egg. There is hope, though. Efforts have been pushed to preserve nesting grounds. A nesting site can even be found in tourist-friendly Boracay. Tamaraw

The Philippines’ largest and only bovine native animal, the powerful Tamaraw used to roam freely in the Mindoro region. Even with its strength and will to live, the Tamaraw faced a surmountable loss against man. The Tamaraw was hunted for its meat and large horns. These are just some of the many endangered Filipino animals that need a chance in life. Future generations may never get the chance to see these wonderful animals again. Help and advocacy is needed to give them a fighting chance.

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