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Personal Reflection – Design Phase

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            Skills in project management are necessary not only for the project managers but also for the members of the group. These skills are needed mostly in any activities, tasks, and projects. No matter how big or small the project is project management is needed by the whole group in order for it to achieve the goal.

            In order for the group to achieve the goal, they must follow some small procedures: (1) they should always agree on the requirement and conditions agreed upon by the whole group; (2) the project should always be planned including all the aspects such as the resources, time and the finances; (3) communication must always be observed in the members of the group; (4) actions of the group regarding the project should not only be doe by one person only – actions for the work should always be dispersed to the members of the group; (5) motivation and encouragement are also needed be the group for it to be focused on the goal; (6) a random checking of the outcomes of the individual works should always be done in order to bet deadlines, and; (7) after completion of the project, it should always reviewed and the members of the group should be thankful to one another for accomplishing the task.

            Regarding the six-week activity of the group, I would like to document my personal reflection on the how I am as a member, how the group did during the activity time and how the group works as a whole. In this personal reflection, I am incorporating the ideas and procedures that a group should follow for it to achieve its goal.

Week One

            The first week was comprised mainly of knowing the members of the group. As the members of the group introduced him to each of the other members, it was observed that the group is opening itself to one another. And as one of the members comprising the team, I think it is a good way letting ourselves adjust to one another and be comfortable with each other’s presence. Being comfortable with each other’s presence is one of the things that may help the group in performing the task. After the introduction, the group decided on what project to do and what should each member accomplish by the end of the week so as to be presented in the nest meeting.

Week Two

            The group decided on putting up a sort of Network Diagram. The group settled on the idea that this diagram will be of great help to the group in the proper illustration of what the group will do for the rest of the semester. As a member I felt that having planned for making this diagram will help the group in further organization of the plan and of the activities that the group must do. I believe that without the formulation of this diagram the group will not have the idea of how long will the project take.

Week Three

            Our first client meeting was held during the third week in compliance to the work plan tat we have made. In the process we also researched the project site in order for us to really set our hands on what project are they really looking for. After the meeting, the group had decided to research about the ideas and after that the group has agreed that what the client really wants are activities that would be appealing to all ages and types of audiences.

Week Four

During the fourth week, as part of the diagram that the group has decided upon, the members of the group simulated on a few more ideas regarding the process of achieving the group’s goal. The group brainstormed about how the navigation structure should go and how the group could apply all the ideas and views given by the group’s client.

            During the discussion, as a member, I asked the group for the start of the making of the project prototype for everyone to have a copy at the end of the week. And also , since our other three members were not able to attend the discussion, I suggested that the ones who are absent during the discussions should be the one to give comments, reactions and further suggestions about the meeting. As for me, I have felt that without me doing all the chasing and the deciding for the group regarding the meeting place and the other things to be done, all the things would not be done unless i will be the one volunteering or I will initiate the activity.

Week Five

            During the fifth week, the group discussed the Social Network idea that I initially suggested, however, the rest of the group has the idea of suggesting the implementation of Google adsense is not a very interesting idea, therefore, I suggested that maybe we could implement fund raising activities such as fossil picking and charity walks. After that, the group decided to check upon the obligations given to each of the members. After that, again I was assigned to do the frame work for the Social Network design as well as the prototype given the nest meeting as the deadline.

Week Six

            After finishing all the work that has been assigned to me, I gave everyone a copy of the prototype and the Social Network Design. However, nobody gave me comments and even reactions about the works that i have done. I totally feel that the group is getting nowhere. This weekend, I sent everyone a copy of the works that i have finished. I really do not think that the leader of our group was unable of the duties being presented to him as a leader. Moreover, I am not sure if he even  knows how to divide and delegate the works to each of the members. Because of this I really feel that I am not made for group work as I would do the work just by myself.

            I think what the group really needs is communication between members, qualities of a good leader and initiative of the members.


Chapman, A. (2007). Project management. Retrieved November 30, 2007, from http://www.businessballs.com/project.htm.

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