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Japan-UK 150 is a series of events in celebration of 150 years of friendship between the two countries being conducted in the UK. The events start from autumn 2008 all the way through the end of 2009. The events include an exchange of culture, sports, arts, education as well as science. One of the current events presently happening is the “Passage to the Future-Art from a New Generation in Japan” started from 1 March 2008 until the 26 April 2008 at Wolverhampton. It is an exhibition that showcases sculptures, paintings, installations, videos and photographs which have been produced from the 21st century by eleven young and marvelous Japanese artists. The work of artists is very contemporary reflecting the personality of the artists themselves.

Extrageographic Online (2008) describes the art work as worth more than a visit. Such exhibitions give us as an understanding of Japan and its greatness. It displays to all generations what Japan is all about and how great its history is. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn about the two cultures and to gain an absorbing insight into traditions and cultures of the two worlds.

These presentations bring out the pride of Japan in all spectrums of color. Such cultural exchanges help young and old to understand the conventions and society of another country. Not many are even aware of how grand another country’s life style is it is therefore very important that we understand and appreciate their uniqueness. This distinction brings nations closer in acceptance and recognition, a quality that in the long run brings people together. UK and Japan is a contrast of sorts, both have royal heritage, illustrious personalities, enthralling civilizations. It would be a splendid opportunity for me if I can get to see the Japanese sophistication. Japan is known for not only its beautiful culture but also its world class advancements in technology. The hospitality of the Japanese people is very welcoming and hopefully, I can have the good fortune to experience their way of life and to meet them.


Japan-UK 150. http://www.japanuk150.org/

Extrageographic Online (2008). Passage to the Future. February 2008.


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