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People can learn lessons from unexpected sources

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Learning is a permanent change in behavior and thought caused by experience. Yet, we do not necessarily need to have the experience, we also learn from observing others. School and media are the most common sources we learn from since they are meant to have a positive impact on us. However, sometimes people can learn lessons from unexpected sources and this can be seen through how I got injured in table tennis, how watching a mosh pit has inspired me and how the habit of gaming has changed me.

Whether sports injuries heal or not, they often teach us a meaningful life lesson. Sometimes people view the injuries as their worst disaster but in my personal opinion, they can sometimes have a positive effect. Last year, I accidentally stretched my leg ligament during table tennis practice and I ended up being in a wheel chair for two months. Sports injuries are caqused by poor training practices, improper gear, not being in proper condition or not warming up or stretching enough. The consequences of a stretched ligament are permanent as I can only exercise for a certain amount of time and I can easily get injured again. I have learned from this accident that people should think about sports injury prevention and be more aware of the potential risks. During those two months, there were a lot of inconveniences, including my friends having to carry me in stairways and being late for classes. The experience taught me the importance of staying fit and how vulnerable we are. It made me realize how lucky we are to be able to walk using our own feet. Sport injuries can sometimes result in trauma and we should all appreciate what we have.

People often relate a mosh pit with injuries and view it as a preposterous activity. This is because people don’t really understand what it is all about. A mosh pit is typically thought of as dangerous and ridiculous, for it involves shoving and pushing furiously. However, this is only looking at it in a superficcial way. In general, at nearly every rock concert that contains teen audiences, a mosh pit happens. Those people who are right in front of stage usually are the ones engaged in a mosh pit. It’s not just about pushing and jumping around to loud the music. Think of it as a form of dance, but in a less passive way. By watching the mosh pits in several concerts, I have realized they are just craving for a way to express the music, rather than intending to cause harm to anyone. A mosh pit truly is a collective and intensive activity. People feel compelled to engage in a mosh pit anyway, and I’d say I will join in next time if I ever get an opportunity. After all, the need for participating in such an outburst is incredibly difficult to articulate.

Another thing that is widely discussed is that gaming can sometimes kill us unconsciously. Aside from the fact that it can cause eye damage, gaming can also harm psychologically. The term, addiction, is not only applicable to alcohol or drugs. It is a chronic pattern of behavior, and gaming can be addivtive as well. I used to do constant gaming despite the hours it takes to finish my homewor. Because of being engaged in gaming, I became isolated from friends and family. At its worst, it even caused anorexia. Having heard of a South Korean man died of apparent heart failure after playing an online computer game for 50 hours non-stop, I decided to quit. I realized how the addiction for gaming can cause “spiritual pollution” and how we should learn to manage our time well. Though it cost me a lot, I surely did learn something valuable that I’ll always keep in mind.

Overall, people can learn lessons from unexpected sources as learning is a ongoing process. It is evident that what we learn from unexpected sources are often more influencing and convincing. After all, our knowledge is continually being revised as we are exposed to stimuli and receiving feedback that allows us to modify our behaviour when we find ourselves in a similar position.

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