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Pantaloons Customer Service Analysis

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Pantaloon provides a host of value-added services to enhance customer experience and to garner the loyalty of their customers. Through these value-added services, the customer experiences a whole new level of standard in price, convenience, comfort, quality and store service levels. Following is the lisft of value-added services provided by Pantaloons, S.B. Road:- 1. Gift vouchers: Pantaloons provides Gift vouchers in convenient denominations of Rs. 100. 250, 500 and 1000, which are redeemable at all Pantaloon Fresh Fashion stores across India. This provides the customers the option of letting their loved ones buy whatever they like and saves them from having to choose the “ideal” gift.

2. T24 program: This program, brought in with collaboration with Tata Teleservices Limited provides customers with the dual advantage of shopping and talking. In this program, customers get shopping benefits for talking and talk-time benefits each time they shop. For example, a T24 customer buying products worth Rs 2,501 at Pantaloons or EZone will stand to gain 50 minutes of free talk-time.

3. Yes Bank ATM: Pantaloons has an ATM of Yes bank inside the store itself for the convenience of its customers. It is located just next to the store entrance gate and is a boon for customers who want to withdraw money but don’t want to go too far in search of an ATM.

4. Drinking water coolers: Shopping can be a very tiring process and customers while shopping may get thirsty. Pantaloons store has watercoolers located next to the escalator to provide drinking water to the customers as well as the employees.

5. Sofas for relaxing: For the husbands and boyfriends or anybody else who are not that interested in shopping or for customers who have been walking around the store for a long time and are dead on their feet, the store has placed sofas for relaxation at both ground level and first floor.

6. Cafe: Pantaloons has a small cafe called Java Green on the first floor, in case its customers want to refresh or reenergize themselves.

7. Pantaloons Greencard: To enhance customer experience and to increase customer loyalty, Pantaloon offers Greencard to its customers. Every time a customer shops at Pantaloons, he earns Payback points on spending a certain amount of money. The points keep accumulating and later can be reimbursed for instant discounts. Also, Grrencard holders are eligible for varying percentage of discounts depending on the card they hold.

8. Home drops: In case any alteration is to be done an any apparel bought by the customer and if the customer doesn’t have enough time to wait for the alteration to be done, Pantaloons provides a Home drop service wherein it delivers the altered purchases to the home address of its customers free of charge.

9. Billing counters: There are 4 billing counters at the store which are fully operational at all times and there are usually around 5-6 employees behind the counter to help with speedy billing and packing.

10. Employees: The employees and staff of Pantaloons are well-dressed in standard uniforms for male and female staff. Employees are constantly manning the clothing aisles to help customers in need. There is a Customer help desk situated on the ground floor where customers can report their grievances.

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