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Outline of IT Solution and Next Steps for UMUC Haircuts

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I. Project Description:
A. Introduction
1.Strategy for competitive advantage: Operational Effectiveness
2.Business process to be improved: Customer Appointment B. Proposed solution and IT components needed to implement the project 1. Selected system
a) NIT4 Business Software will be used because of the on-premise and cloud-based deployment capabilities. This system can be costumed designed to meet the requirements of usability, reliability/ availability, and cloud computing, which are all a high priority of the IT requirements for the system. This system can also be designed to meet the requirements to achieved an adequate appointment system. This system would be more cost effective than hire an expert to design a custom system from scratch. 2. Major hardware needed –

UMUC Haircuts will need a data connection to the Internet.
UMUC Haircuts will need a router.
UMUC Haircuts will need a computer.

C. Business resources needed to complete the project. 1. It Skills & Services –
Employees at UMUC Haircuts will need to be familiar with basic computer usage to access and input information into the appointment scheduling system software. The owner should instal the system to insure it is functioning properly and to work out with the software company any problems or complaints. All UMUC Employees should be able to use the system to input customer information.

2. Cost of proposed solution –
Since UNIT4 Business Software is already designed it can save money from design software that can do the same task as this program. This software can also be used on any type of computer system, which will be cost effective as certain brands of computers is more expensive. Since this software is made by a company instead of a contractor, they do automatic updates of the soft ware and scheduled maintenance under the membership. This software will be more cost effective due to all features mentioned above is incorporated. II. Project Management – the system implementation is a small scale project, but it still requires project management, especially in the areas listed below. A. Triple constraints –

Myra can control the scoop by being realistic about her goals and what can be implemented. Myra can control scheduling by making sure that scoop incorporates all necessary requirements of her system and by not making any unnecessary changes. Myra can control the cost of the system by using software that is already develop, instead of hire someone to build a new program. B. Human resource management –

1.The project team will consist of
a. Myra, who is the store manager, will be head of the project team and control all administrative functions of the system.. b. Employees would be users of the system and will input customer data into the system. C. Risk management –

Business risk associated with implementing the appointment system would be customers may feel it is an inconvenience. To elevate any inconvenience customers should be informed that the system is in place for them to have a fast and custom experience. Security risk involved is customer data being stolen.

Encryption software should be added to the system to ensure customers that there data is being collected. Also sensitive information, like social security numbers, should not be collected, to lower any damage done if there is a breach in the system. Implementation risk include employees not learning to use the software fast enough, cause customers to wait, which could have an adverse affect on customer acceptance of the system.

III. System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) –
A. System Investigation
1. The system should be inspected to ensure it meets all the requirements of the desired appointment system. 2. The system should be tested to ensure it meets all of Myra’s requirements of the business process and IT requirements. B. System Analysis

1. A detailed user guide of the system use will be develop for the appointment system. 2. The goals of the appointment system will be put into the functions and operations of the appointment system. 3. A completed Requirements Document including explanation of function and operations will be approved by the project manager. C. System Design

1. The system design will incorporate business process requirements for the appointments system and IT concerns. 2. The team will develop screen layout and design.
3. The Administrative users will develop business rules, like cost of service for hairstyles. 4. The Administrator will develop process diagrams.
5. The Administrator will design security plan.
6. The test team will develop a detailed test plan.
7. The complete Detailed Design Document including all of the above will be approved by the project manager. D. Programming or System Configuration
1. The Programmers will modify the Detailed Design Document into the appointment system. 2. The document writers will create detail documentation of work performed to meet the Design Document requirements; these will be approved by Myra. E. Testing

1. The programming team will combine all aspects the appointment system together in a testing environment and test for errors, bugs, usability, maintainability, and reliability. 2. The testing team will verify that all of the requirements and goals stated in the Requirements Document are met.
3. Documentation of the completed Test Plan will be approved by Myra.

F. Implementation
1. The appointment system will be implemented at the front counter of UMUC Barbershop. 2. Myra will sign off that the system meets the requirements. 3. UMUC Haircuts will begin recognizing the benefits.

G. Operations and Maintenance
1. Ongoing support will be provided to allow for changes, corrections, additions and upgrades to ensure that the appointment system continues to meet the business process and It requirements of UMUC Haircuts. 2. The system will be operated effectively.

IV. Business Process Changes – explain how the business process(es) will need to change once your technology solution is implemented (what will be done differently). Employees will check customers in and out through the appointment system. Employee schedules will be manage through the appointment system. V. Employee Training –

Detailed training manual will be used for business operations using the appointment system. All employees will receive training on the new appointment system. Part of the training will be how employes enter data into the system. The second part of training will be how to deal with error within the system. The third part of training will be learning operational security for the system. Training on the appointment system will conducted the next business day upon receiving and setting up the system. VI. Defining Success –

Reviewing customer feedback from the appointment system will help Myra see how customers accept the appointment system. Viewing customer return rate will also help Myra see If the appointment system has solved her business goals. Looking at new customer retention will help Myra see if her IT solution is working. 1. Facility requirements –

The hardware should be placed at the front of the store where customers
enter. This will allow faster customer interaction to have customers in and out. 2. Telecommunication needs –
UMUC Haircuts will need a router.
UMUC Haircuts will need private Internet connection to communicate with the cloud and get information from customers online.

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