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Our Schedules, Our Selves

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A. Read the essay by Jay Walljasper on pages 260 to 263 in your textbook. Answer the three questions at the bottom of page 263 under the heading “Main Ideas”. Copy each question before you answer it.

1. According to Walljasper, what are the major factors contributing to people’s increasingly hectic lifestyles? The timetable of duties, commitments, demand, and options. The acceleration of the globalized economic and the onslaught of new technology.

2. What are the results of the fast-paced life that Walljasper mention? What kind of activities and experiences do people miss out on? Give at least two examples.

The result of the fast-paced life are we miss out a lot of activities, experiences such as learning new languages, join the volleyball team, school events, etc. 3. What is the main point Walljasper makes in the essay? Summarize his central idea in one or two sentences.

In his essay “Our Schedules, Our Selves”, Jay Walljasper argues that how humans have managed to become slaves of their schedule. The majority of us have our day planned out before even getting out of control, some rather important and some not so important but we do them anyways.

B. Write a short paragraph that expresses your own opinion on the following topics.

1. What are your priorities in time management? In other words, how do you manage your time? Which of your daily activities are the most important?

I usually manage my time by the weekly schedule. Going to school and working are my daily activities most important now.

2. What is the concept of time in your culture? Compare the schedule of an average adult in your country with the schedule of an adult in North America.

The concept of time in Vietnam free and slow. An average adult in Vietnam has more time free than the schedule of an adult in North America.

3. In your opinion, has the advancement of technology with its cell phones, e mails etc made people’s lives easier or harder? Give examples. In my opinion, the advancement of technology with its cell phones, e mails made people’s lives easier. For example, we can contact with friends in another place without move easily.

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