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Observing a Stranger

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Who: Description of the Person

            I have observed a lady who is approximately five feet tall and about one hundred fifteen pounds. By looking at her eyes, I have a good reason to believe that she is Asian. This fair skin individual was wearing a black skirt suit which is neither too lengthy nor too short, a cotton blouse with a simple collar that goes extremely well with the square silk scarf which does not have too much patterns. She was also wearing a stocking that is exceedingly light in color and a newly polished black leather shoes with one and a half inch heel. She had a ring and a bracelet as well.

            In terms of mood, she seemed to be in an excellent frame of mind as she was always smiling. She was so polite even with the waiters of the restaurant or any of the individuals in the place.

Where: Location

            I went to observe in the lobby of one of the best hotels in Manhattan. I observed the person in the restaurant of the hotel just adjacent to where I am situated.

Why: Reason for the Individual’s Presence in the Location

            I believe that she has a meeting with a client since the man who arrived shortly after she did was also wearing casual business attire (Ramsey, 2007). He looks extremely professional as his shirt has the typical collars/sleeves and it obviously has no wrinkles (Ramsey, 2007). Although he has a mustache and sideburns, he still looks perfect because he is well-groomed (Virginia Tech, 2006). Just like her, it is obvious that he paid extreme attention to the fit of his attire (Virginia Tech, 2006).

What: Description of What the Individual’s Doing

            She waited for him for approximately three minutes. When he arrived, they unfolded their napkins then positioned them carefully on to their laps. When the server went over at their table, they placed their orders immediately. After that they were served with the main course, they had dessert, after that they had coffee. While enjoying their coffee, the lady showed a few things to the man. Several sheets of paper were taken out which seemed to be sketches of interior designs.

            She was talking, she was probably discussing about those designs. Maybe, she was also asking what the man thinks about it since the latter either nods or smiles and points at some of the sheets being shown by the lady. However, a few minutes after what seemed to be a presentation of interior designs, it was the man’s turn to say something lengthy. While he was doing that, the lady politely accepts what seems to be suggestions, questions, reactions, etc of the man by taking down notes or simply nodding.

Discussion and Assessment of the Individual’s Behavior

            The lady that I have observed seemed to be a very nice person. She is not only professional; she also acts as if she is very well-bred. “The amount and intensity of interpersonal interactions” that the lady engaged in or exhibited shows that she is an “extrovert” (Meyers, 2004). This is probably why she appears to be exceedingly sociable, high-spirited, conversational, etc. (Meyers, 2004).

Furthermore, she is quite “agreeable” because of the fact that she exhibited the following characteristics: “being cooperative, determined, gentle, helpful, etc” (Meyers, 2004). In addition to that, she appears to have the ability to “connect with others compassionately” (Meyers, 2004).

Moreover, I have observed that she is “careful, driven, hardworking, self-disciplined, precise, responsible, well-organized, etc” which says much about “conscientiousness” or the “greatness of organization, self-control, and persistence that an individual exhibits in reaching one’s objectives” (Meyers, 2004).

In addition to the aforementioned, I have seen how adjusted and calm/composed she was even though the man disagreed to some of her statements when she was showing her designs (Meyers, 2004). It just show how emotionally stable this person is.

Last but not least, I saw how down-to-earth she is because of her ability to accept suggestions, corrections, etc; intelligent and how imaginative she is because of her designs (Meyers, 2004). Her openness is just so admirable.

Other Individuals’ Reactions on the Individual’s Presence/Behavior

            She is polite, neat, and very attractive; maybe that was why I did not notice any negative reactions toward her presence/behavior. The others who also ate there took glances over at their table and in case she’s also looking she would give out a simple smile.

Individual’s Appropriateness of Behavior

            I believe that her “openness, emotional stability, conscientiousness, agreeableness, etc” contributed greatly to my assessment that her behavior is really exceedingly appropriate (Ticao, 2001).

Rationale for My Assessment

            Openness, I said, because even if the man disagreed to some of her statements, she did not react violently, instead she accepted those; second, emotional stability, I said, because she was able to stay calm/composed in spite of the negative feedback coming from the man; third, conscientious because she worked very hard and appeared to be very determined in completing her task and attaining her goals; etc. (Ticao, 2001).

How: Description of Effort I Made to Fully Observe the Stranger

            At first, I was only sitting adjacent to the restaurant where the one I wanted to observe was seated, however, when my interest on the subject got deeper, I went in the restaurant myself and ordered for something just to be able to observe more. For me, this is quite an effort since I spent my two-week allowance in that hotel just for this assignment.


            The pitfall or what I did not really expect is that I will be able to get anything from that observation exercise. I seemed to have been trapped in the part where I did not even know what things to focus on to or pay attention to in the first place.


            Through this exercise, I have learned how important it is to observe and look into detailed aspects of things. The appropriateness of behavior is quite a learning experience on my part since it is something that I can carry and apply to run  my life smoothly.


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